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Orientation What to Know Before You Go PowerPoint Presentation
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Orientation What to Know Before You Go

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Orientation What to Know Before You Go - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Orientation What to Know Before You Go. Basic Safety Issues. Remember that you’re operating in new circumstances. Use your common sense. Pay attention to your surroundings. Lock your room. Don’t leave valuables out when you’re away . Keep up with your belongings. Especially your PASSPORT.

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your passport
Your Passport
  • Make a two copies of the identification page of your passport (the one with your picture and passport number.)
Leave one copy at home, and tell a parent or friend where to find it.
  • Give the second copy to your faculty leader.
be prepared
Be prepared.
  • Know the name of address of your hotel/dorm in case you become separated from your group.
  • Know your itinerary.
  • In the big city, carry enough money for a taxi.
travel insurance is required for tsu students
Travel insurance is required for TSU students.
  • Register for insurance with the study abroad office. Pay the fee or ask if it’s included in your program costs.


phone home
Phone Home
  • International Calling Card
  • Some cell phones have international roaming. Check with your company.
text email

Check with your provider to see if you have international data usage and know the rates! They can be expensive

To call the USdial the international access code (00), then the US access code (1), and then the area code and phone number.
  • Baggage allowance is very strict.
checked bags
Checked Bags
  • Check your airline for the most current details. Rules change frequently.
good items to remembe r
Good items to remember
  • Battery Operated Alarm Clock
  • Moleskin/band aids
  • Journal
  • Camera
  • Rain gear
airport security
Airport Security
  • Be organized: Passport, Picture I.D.

Boarding Pass

  • No Jokes
  • You will have to remove your shoes.
avoid packing items banned by the airlines

Automatic weapons


Baseball bats

BB guns

Billy clubs


Blasting caps

Bows and arrows

Box cutters

Brass knuckles

Bull whips

Cattle prods

Compressed air guns


Cricket bats

Crow bars

Avoid Packing Items Banned by the Airlines
  • Disabling chemicals or gases
  • Dog repellent spray
  • Dynamite
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Flare pistols
  • Golf clubs
  • Gun lighters
  • Gunpowder
  • Hammers
  • If you are on medication, do not pack your medicine in your checked bag.
  • Always carry your medicine in its prescription bottle.

Money Issues - ATMS

  • Debit cards work best. ATM machines are available in most big cities. Tell your bank that you’ll be out of the country.
credit cards
Credit Cards
  • If you take a credit card, record the account number and contact phone number, and leave the information at home with someone you trust.
be on time
Be on Time
  • International travel requires that you check in two hours before your flight departs.
don t be tempted
Don’t be tempted.

Public drunkenness is frowned upon wherever you are.

Excessive consumption of alcohol has been identified as the single greatest risk fact for study abroad participants.


Be aware of what you are drinking and how much you are drinking. Never leave your drink unattended

stranger danger
Stranger Danger

Do not go off alone with someone you’ve just met.

note the time change
Note the time change.

Quebec is one hour ahead of Texas.