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Mongoose. By Tulika Singhal. Physical Description. A mongoose can have multiple weights like it could be 12oz 11lb 340gm 5kg. So can a mongoose height 7inch 25inch 2feet 18cm 60cm.

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By TulikaSinghal

physical description
Physical Description
  • A mongoose can have multiple weights like it could be 12oz 11lb 340gm 5kg.
  • So can a mongoose height 7inch 25inch 2feet 18cm 60cm.
  • Colors and patterns they can have brown or gray sport striped coats. Also ringed tails. Or they can have grizzled fur.
  • Sloped foreheads
  • Pointed upright ears
  • Small rounded ears
  • Non retractile claws that pull back in there paws for digging.
  • Sharp teeth they have 56 teeth.
  • Tapered snouts
  • Tail uptil 3 quarters
  • Bushy tails
  • Short legs
  • Sleek long bodies
  • Tail size uptil 6 to 21 inches 15 to 53cm
  • Continents Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe
  • Countries India, Southern Australia, Southern Europe, Caribbean, Liberien, Pennsol
  • Preferred climate dry, hot, cool , moist ,misty areas
  • Biome forest, savannah, dessert, seri
  • Likes to be near water, thorny bushland, termite mards.
  • Diet it eats snakes, crabs, fruits, seeds, nuts, cobras, pythons, leaves, birds, pollen, flowers, insects, worms, chicken, rodents, reptiles, small mammals
  • It hunts
  • Lives in groups called mongeese or mongaggle
  • Breaks bird eggs and throws it around
  • Sleeps at night in there burrows
reproduction babies
Reproduction Babies
  • A mother mongoose has 6 babies at a time. Not always also they do not have it in eggs.
  • Their young is called a pup or a mongpoe fact a pup is older than a mongpoe
  • Mongoose are fed from their mothers milk.
  • Mongoose grow in the mothers tummy.
  • They develop in the mothers tummy for 60 days
  • The mother takes care of the young.
  • The weight of a baby mongoose is 12oz
my animal and humans
My Animal and Humans
  • The mongoose are threatened.
  • The mongoose lives in captivity, zoozs, preserves and homes.
  • The mongoose makes contact with humans with actions.
interesting facts
Interesting Facts
  • The word mongoose comes from the ancient Dravidian language of south India
  • The mongoose has many different type of names like Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Mammalia, Order Carnivore, Suborder Felformia, Family Hepestidae
  • Species over 30
  • Age 20 years
what i think of my animal
What I Think of my Animal

I think my animal is very cunning, cute, smart and independent. Also they are very fast runners. I love the mongoose.