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CITRIS Building Startup Space Committees

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CITRIS Building Startup Space Committees - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CITRIS Building Startup Space Committees. Overview and Guidelines December 14, 2005. Gary Baldwin, Keat Saw, Carlo Sequin, Scott Shackleton. NanoFab Suite (fifth floor) Bill Flounders, Costas Spanos, Arun Majumdar, Luke Lee, Eicke Weber, Per Peterson, Gary Baldwin (chair)

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citris building startup space committees

CITRIS Building Startup Space Committees

Overview and GuidelinesDecember 14, 2005

Gary Baldwin, Keat Saw, Carlo Sequin, Scott Shackleton

committee members
NanoFab Suite (fifth floor)

Bill Flounders, Costas Spanos, Arun Majumdar, Luke Lee, Eicke Weber, Per Peterson, Gary Baldwin (chair)

Macrolab Suite (Rooms 200, 201, 244 and portions of 140, 145, 148)

Alice Agogino (chair), John Canny, Kara Nelson, Ruzena Bajcsy, Karl Hedrick

Basement Laboratory (Room 145)

Kathy Yelick, Eric Brewer, Stephen Brenner, Andrew Packard, Mark Hansen, Gary Baldwin (chair)

Technology Museum

Kris Pister, Homayoun Kazerooni, Stephen Connolly, Yuri Suzuki, Jasmina Vujic, Ken Goldberg, Gary Baldwin (chair)

Classrooms 240, 250, 254 and Auditorium-related (301, 310, 306, 311, 312)

Anthony St. George, Pam Atkinson (chair), Lisa Pruitt, Dan Garcia, Paul Wright, Raja Sengupta

Computer Server Room (131)

Eric Brewer, Kathy Yelick, Jasmina Vujic, Hua Pei Chen, Gary Baldwin (chair)

Cyber Café

Dan Garcia, Alex Bayen, Kimmen Sjolander, Jose Carmena, Roberto Horowitz, Ellen Zeng (HKN), James Li (TBP), May Chu (SWE)

Members-at-large: Richard Newton, Gary Baldwin, Carlo Sequin, Scott Shakleton, Keat Saw

Committee Members
a few typical spaces
A few typical spaces

Signature conference room

(sixth floor)

Small conference room

Entrance to main auditorium

Entrance corridor

expected outcome from committees
Help us think through what should comprise the basic infrastructure

Make sure we didn’t miss anything in the infrastructure design

Help develop usage guidelines for open, collaborative research spaces

Fit-out of open office spaces for cubicle furniture

Furniture plan for key conference rooms

Specify needs for facilities fit-out for computer rooms and collaboratories

Specify needs for Distance Learning Center

Help with security guidelines (e.g., space accessibility to students after 5 PM )

Define A/V, networking, broadcasting, and other infrastructure

Define oversight structure for MacroLab and Computer spaces

Content for open spaces: entrance, café, tech “museum”

Expected outcome from committees
a few guidelines
Successful functioning of the building heavily depends on works of these committees

CITRIS goals and mission embrace highly multi-disciplinary, collaborative research

CITRIS Headquarters serves many colleges, departments, and four UC campuses

Plan for general occupancy model of temporary space - - for the life of projects/programs only

The basic structure, both interior and exterior, is designed and fixed. We want to minimize any changes: they’re costly.

Generally, throughout the building, design for consistency in every aspect: cubicles, furniture, networking, telephony, displays, amenities, etc.

Specific goals and objectives for each committee will be distributed during the first meeting of each committee (after 1/1/06).

Meet monthly, for the first few months (approximately through Spring ’06 term). Following that, probably quarterly update.

Report quarterly

Plenary session twice each semester to review checkpoints

Dedicated webspace on for document sharing, diagrams, updates, etc. To obtain access and instructions, go to:

A few guidelines
approximate schedule
Jan 3 - Jan 31, 2006      Bid Period

Feb 27, 2006                 Contract Award

Mar 15, 2006                 Construction Start

Spring, 2008             Construction Completion

Summer, 2008 Move In

Approximate Schedule