september 26 2013
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September 26, 2013

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September 26, 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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September 26, 2013. Electrical Safety- ( Including Lock, Tag & Try ) Independent Assessment Out-Brief Presentation. Agenda. Agenda. Welcome/Introductions Assessment Objective Results Questions. Welcome & Introductions. Team Members: Todd Kujawa, Team Lead [757-575-9862]

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september 26 2013

September 26, 2013

Electrical Safety-

(Including Lock, Tag & Try)

Independent Assessment






Assessment Objective



welcome introductions

Welcome & Introductions

Team Members:

Todd Kujawa, Team Lead [757-575-9862]

Paul Powers, Electrical Engineer, FM [757-876-1780]

Steve Neilson, Industrial Health & Safety, TJSO-DOE [757-768-9794]

* DOE-Oak Ridge (unable to attend)

Sheet

independent assessment objective

Independent Assessment Objective

Electrical Safety Program

The primary focus is geared toward compliance with the 10 CFR 851 standard.

Review of the over-site relationship towards safe electrical work practices for the lab’s service contractors.

Lab’s in-house staff work, planning, and control for electrical work.

Lock, Tag and Try (LTT)

The primary objective is to identify any potential weaknesses in the procedure, in employee training, or in enforcement of the requirements.

independent assessment results

Independent Assessment Results

Typical Lines of Inquiry (Objectives/CRAD-LOI)

Met (the specified criteria are substantially met)

Partially met (some but not substantially all of the specified criteria are met)

Not met

Classification of Results

Findings (non-compliance with a requirement)

Observations/Opportunities For Improvement (deviation from best practice or minor deviation from procedural requirements that can be considered a ‘quick fix’)

Noteworthy Practices(positive aspects of a program)

Recommendations (where appropriate)

Team Follow Ups

independent assessment results1

Independent Assessment Results


(1) Finding

(5) Opportunities for Improvement

(2) Noteworthy Practice

(3) Recommendations

(2) Team Follow Ups

independent assessment results2

Independent Assessment Results

Findings (Minor Non-Conformance):

1.) BOAs continuing to operate while in a state of flux; deliverables to the contractual requirements (i.e. electrical safety program, LOTO program….) are not all on record with the contracting officer/SOTR.

independent assessment results3

Independent Assessment Results

Opportunities For Improvement:

1.) Some panelboard schedules are still misrepresented of actual circuit identification and circuit breaker sizing. (This is a repeat OFI from the 2013 LTT review).

2.) Improvement on Work, Planning & Control (WPC) in the task involving non-electrical workers; when their work is in close proximity to the exposed magnet terminals in the tunnel/halls. This OFI is to include equipment specific LTT training when required.

independent assessment results4

Independent Assessment Results

Opportunities For Improvement:

3.) Follow up on the temporary wiring discrepancies discovered during the field visit portion of the assessment.

4.) Follow up on the unprotected (open closures) electrical discrepancies discovered during the field visit portion of the assessment.

5.) Improvement on the oversight of electrical work , on service type contracts (BOA), by SOTRs not having adequate electrical training/knowledge.

independent assessment results5

Independent Assessment Results

Noteworthy practices:

1.) SOTR monthly safety meeting is very informative and discusses current safety related incidents, lesson learned and OSHA related requirements. (this is considered a good training tool for SOTRs).

2.) The RF group uses a spreadsheet to track equipment specific trained LTT persons to play the role as a second person during off shift hours.

independent assessment results6

Independent Assessment Results


1.) All panel schedules be updated in FY14 with the newer style AutoCAD displays; during the annual panelboard maintenance check.

2.) The Electrical Safety Committee to revisit the changes, between the 2004 edition and 2012 edition of NFPA 70E, in electrical work ppe and make appropriate changes to the electrical safety program if deemed necessary.

3.) Track the work being done by Contracts, with the updating of the BOAs, in the lab’s issue management process (CATS).

independent assessment results7

Independent Assessment Results

Assessment Team Follow UPS:

1.) To provide feedback to Sam Holben (and lab wide) on the availability of newly developed technology regarding ARC rated face shields. The concern brought up during the field observation portion of the assessment was that it was difficult to read the multi-meter display while donning the ARC rated face shield.

2.) Follow up with DC power on the measurement device (meter) to be used on the new 12GeV magnets since the voltage levels will exceed current handheld multimeter capabilities.

post assessment schedule

Post Assessment Schedule

Draft IA report to Quality Assurance (QAS) [Target 10/17]

Submit IA report for factual accuracy check [Target 10/18]

Reconcile comments and transmit final report to QAS [Target 11/11]

Note: Dates may be extended due to some team members being away from the lab in the upcoming week (this will be worked through the QAS).