North american aviation system
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North American Aviation System. Part 2 Standard 3 Objective 1. How many airports are there?. There are 17,000 airports in the United States 700 airports actually have facilities to handle passenger planes. Airports. Airports have two names: - Name of Airport - 3-Letter Airport Code.

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North american aviation system

North American Aviation System

Part 2

Standard 3 Objective 1

How many airports are there
How many airports are there?

  • There are 17,000 airports in the United States

  • 700 airports actually have facilities to handle passenger planes


Airports have two names:

- Name of Airport

- 3-Letter Airport Code

Busy airports
Busy Airports

  • The United States accounts for more than 1/3 of the world’s aircraft activity.

  • Of the world’s 25 busiest airports, 16 are in the United States.

  • Busiest Airports:

    • Hartsfield (ATL) ― O’Hare (ORD)

    • Los Angeles Int’l (LAX) ― Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)

    • Denver Int’l (DEN ― John F. Kennedy Int’l (JFK)

    • Miami Int’l (MIA) ― San Francisco Int’l (SFO)

    • La Guardia (LGA)

World’s Busiest Airports


  • The buildings used by passengers in their procession from ground to air

Airport facts
Airport Facts

  • What airport is within a 90-minute flight of more than 50% of the U.S. and Canadian populations?

    • Pittsburgh (PIT)

  • What is North America’s largest-in-area airport?

    • Denver (DEN)

  • What airport is designed to handle as many as 3,200 arriving passengers an hour?

    • New York – Kennedy (JFK)

Airport information
Airport Information

  • Airways are numbered just like highways on the ground.

  • The FAA are airway patrollers to keep things running smoothly in the air and in the airports.

  • The control tower is the nerve center of the airport.

  • The top of the tower is the cab.

Airport revenue
Airport Revenue

  • Traffic Operations

  • Airport Concessions

  • Parking Lots

Airline executive clubs
Airline Executive Clubs

  • Advantages of being a member of an Airline Executive Club:

    • Check-in services

    • Stow luggage

    • Local calls

    • Bathrooms

    • TVs

    • Newspapers

    • Drinks

    • Snacks

    • Meeting rooms

Airline executive clubs1
Airline Executive Clubs

  • American Airlines – Admirals Club

  • Delta Airlines – Crown Club

  • United Airlines – Red Carpet Club

What do you mean it is overbooked
“What do you mean it is Overbooked?”

  • How do no-shows affect an airline?

    • Empty seats

    • Lost income

  • Airlines overbook to keep all planes full at the time of flight

  • Voluntary Denied Boarding Compensation

    • People give up their seats in return for a seat on the next available flight and some financial compensation

Airplane information
Airplane Information

  • Pitch is the distance from the front of one seat to the front of the seat behind.

  • Bulkhead seats are seats immediately behind the wall that separates coach from first class.

  • All U.S. flights are non-smoking.

Airport manager
Airport Manager

  • The duties of an airport manager:

    • Enforcing aviation rules and regulations

    • Planning and supervising maintenance and safety programs

    • Negotiating leases

    • Administering the budget

    • Promoting the airport’s use

    • Training and supervising employees

    • Maintaining good community relations


  • Skycaps do curbside check-in

  • They also process your luggage

  • Can people use a Skycap when flying international?

    • No, they must pass through customs

Airplane ground services
Airplane Ground Services

  • Cleaning the cabin

  • Putting food and beverages from the flight kitchen on to the plane

  • Pumping drinking water aboard

  • Unloading and reloading baggage, cargo, and mail

  • Making a mechanical check

  • Fueling the plane

  • Boarding the passengers

Pilots and crew
Pilots and Crew

  • Pilots have a daily flight limitation of 10 hours for a two-person crew. Flight crews may not exceed a maximum of 40 flight hours during any seven consecutive days. Each must have a 24-hour rest period during any seven consecutive day period.

Flight attendants
Flight Attendants

  • Preflight – Weather conditions and potential passenger problems at briefings. Checking supplies and equipment on board, greeting passengers, assisting passengers, seat belts, and safety briefings.

  • In-flight – Distribute pillows and blankets, serve drinks and meals, assist passengers, secure cabin, and handle medical emergencies

Flight attendants1
Flight Attendants

  • Post-flight – Writing reports, reporting money, lost and found articles, medical emergencies, equipment needing attention

  • Flight attendants fly from 75 to 85 hours a month, plus they have about 50 hours a month duty time between flights.

Air traffic controller
Air Traffic Controller

  • Job duties of an air traffic controller

    • To keep airplanes flying safe in the sky

    • To keep airplanes away from each other

  • A stressful job

  • High paying