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Is IP Centrex Right for Your Business? Internet Telephony Conference and Expo February 2004, Miami, Florida PowerPoint Presentation
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Is IP Centrex Right for Your Business? Internet Telephony Conference and Expo February 2004, Miami, Florida

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Is IP Centrex Right for Your Business? Internet Telephony Conference and Expo February 2004, Miami, Florida - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Is IP Centrex Right for Your Business? Internet Telephony Conference and Expo February 2004, Miami, Florida. Frank Petkovich, Director, Product Marketing (408) 626-2300. What is IP-Centrex?. A Fully Hosted, Telecom Provider, Network-based Solution Developed to:

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Presentation Transcript

Is IP Centrex Right for Your Business?

Internet Telephony Conference and Expo

February 2004, Miami, Florida

Frank Petkovich, Director, Product Marketing

(408) 626-2300

what is ip centrex
What is IP-Centrex?
  • A Fully Hosted, Telecom Provider, Network-based Solution Developed to:
    • Replace Premise-based PBX and IP-PBX Solutions
    • Compete with IP-PBX Solutions, with
      • A robust, competitive user feature set
      • And full manageability by enterprise telecom/IT management
    • Provide high-value, high-margin telephony applications
      • Utilizing Standards-based technologies
      • Integrating web-based, wireline and wireless applications
what is ip centrex1
What is IP-Centrex?
  • Serve Small, Medium and Large Enterprise Businesses
  • Integrate with either Premise Based or Network based Applications
  • Utilize a managed broadband network to provide 5-9’s reliability, security and voice quality
  • Interface with the PSTN through Media Gateways and Trunking Softswitches to deliver ubiquitous service
enterprise drivers for ip centrex
Enterprise Drivers for IP-Centrex
  • Capital is still hard to come by, IP-Centrex offers:
    • Improve productivity through collaborative & personal features
    • ROI <90 days
  • Multi-site, migration strategy difficult with IP-PBX
    • Remote Workers & Teleworkers
    • Centralized Management, Cost Reduction
    • More demands of IT/Telecom Groups, fewer people
  • Over 90% of all businesses are in some phase of integrating voice and data networks
    • Leverage investments in broadband and infrastructure
    • Voice VPN and Collaborative applications
why implement ip centrex
Why Implement IP-Centrex?
  • Low capital expenses
  • Operating expenses 10%-50% lower than PBX, IP PBX
  • Ease of use
    • High level of customization by IT/Telecom or User
    • Delegated access for job-function management
    • Multi-access, multi-feature ability (desktop, phone, mobile)
    • Features increase productivity and enhance collaboration
  • Business Advantages
    • Incorporate multiple locations into single plan
    • Scales up and down without additional investment
    • Immediate relocation
network topology

E800,LNP, etc.

Network Topology

Customer Premise

Service Provider Network

Sylantro Applications Server

PSTN/3rd party IP Network Access



Administrative,control,announcementand conference servers

IP Phones


PRI Trunking Softswitch

Managed IPNetwork

IP-enableddigital phones






Cisco 5300/36XX


IP-enabledanalog phones




Legacy voice mail system

sylantro s managed telephony suite


Web-based portal

Self administration and access to services


Call HoldCall ForwardingCall WaitingRedialBridged LinesCall TransferSpeed DialConferencing


Full Outlook


Access to enduser services


Call center

Display POP



Desktop Applications in the palm of your hand


Soft-client attendantconsole

Full presence and data directory




Visiting sites

Remote employees

  • Advanced find-me follow-me
  • Single Mailbox
  • Superior management of incoming callers
Sylantro’s Managed Telephony Suite


Hosted PBX/

IP Centrex



Mobility Options


customizable secure fully manageable
Customizable, Secure, Fully Manageable
  • Compliments Use of Phones
    • Use phones without need for PC
  • End-User Portal
    • Users access and personalize services & add some features
  • Office Manager Portal
    • Designed for office manager, not IT
    • OA controls Moves. Adds, Changes

Choice of Endpoints for feature and price maximization

integration with outlook
Full Functionality Integrated at Toolbar

Call Logs

Missed, Incoming and Outgoing

Click to Call Directory Access

Fully synchronized with Outlook

Enter name or number to click-to-call…

Integration with Outlook
case studies real world implementations
Case Studies: Real-World Implementations
  • Law Firm
  • Advertising Agency
  • Consulting Firm
  • Travel Agency
case study law firm
Case Study: Law Firm
  • 75% reduction in operational costs, 15% reduction in cell phone costs, reduced admin time – more time for attorney and client support. $25,000 CapEx avoidance
  • In-house PBX out of capacity. Didn’t support the firm’s organization
  • Applications included Find Me/Follow Me, detailed billing and tracking and web basedmanagement
case study advertising agency
Case Study: Advertising Agency
  • 20% increase in client billings. Save over $200 and one week wait per MAC
  • Previous Centrex solution didn’t support distributed environment
  • Applications include Find Me/Follow Me, unified company image for remote employees, integrated Instant Messaging, real time customer/project bill tracking
  • 40% Cost savings to Serve Home Office Employees
case study consulting firm
Case Study: Consulting Firm
  • Over $75,000 capital cost avoidance
  • Significant reduction in monthly usage charges, administrative call handling, rolodex searches reduced 70%
  • $10K per year reduction in costs for MACs
  • Previous Centrex solution dissatisfied clients, staff and partners.
  • Single number with Find Me/Follow Me and single voice mailbox, online directory, ease of billing
case study travel agency
Case Study: Travel Agency
  • $75K min. CapEx avoidance, reduced operating expenses, $1,000’s saved in MAC charges
  • Current PBX did not support growth in home and remote offices
  • Call center queuing and routing, peak demand support, find me/follow me, web based portal
current market comparison
Current Market Comparison
  • Assumptions:
  • 1000 Users
  • 4 Locations
  • 20% Teleworkers
  • 50% All (Premium) Features
  • 3 IP-Phone Price Points
  • 3 Attendant Consoles
  • Unified Messaging
  • Meet-Me Conferencing
  • Unlimited Flat-Rate Minutes
  • Financials:
  • $400k Y1, $100K Y2-Y5
  • Yr 1 NPV - $576k
  • 5 Yr NPv - $1.67M
  • Per Station Costs:
    • Y1 - $811
    • Y2-5 - $606

It’s Not too good to be true, it’s REAL!

summary of ip centrex today
Summary of IP Centrex Today
  • Available in every metro market in the U.S.
  • 20% - 30% savings in direct operating expenses vs. old phone system
  • Hosted applications add productivity savings of 10%-20% depending on job function
  • CapEx savings of 30%+ in Year 1 alone!
sylantro at a glance
Sylantro at a Glance
  • Fully funded, backed by top-tier investors
    • BCE Capital, Mayfield, Accel, Vanguard, Bank of America
  • Experienced management team
    • Backgrounds in carrier and enterprise communication
    • Extensive experience in Enterprise Software
  • Founded 1998, Based in Campbell, CA (Silicon Valley)
  • Delivering IP-based software for hosted:
    • IP-Centrex/Hosted PBX
    • Voice IP-VPN / PBX Enhancement
    • Consumer/Residential VoIP
  • Over 20 service providers delivering services today
    • Direct and wholesale
    • Deployed in North America, Asia, Europe