„ Centrex, Situation on Exhibition Markets in the CEE with a Special Emphasis on the Czech Republic “ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

centrex situation on exhibition markets in the cee with a special emphasis on the czech republic n.
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„ Centrex, Situation on Exhibition Markets in the CEE with a Special Emphasis on the Czech Republic “ PowerPoint Presentation
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„ Centrex, Situation on Exhibition Markets in the CEE with a Special Emphasis on the Czech Republic “

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„ Centrex, Situation on Exhibition Markets in the CEE with a Special Emphasis on the Czech Republic “
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„ Centrex, Situation on Exhibition Markets in the CEE with a Special Emphasis on the Czech Republic “

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  1. „ Centrex,Situation on Exhibition Markets in the CEE with a Special Emphasis on the Czech Republic “ Budapest, 19.11.2001 Lucie Zumrová, Ph.D., Trade Fairs Brno

  2. CENTREXInternational Exhibition Statistics Union • Key Co-operation Body of the FairIndustry in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) • An open organization of fair administrations in CEE that are prepared to adopt our approved methodology for reporting statistical data on their trade shows, and to actively participate in the development of further Centrex activities • Founded on 22. Oct. 1997

  3. CENTREX =4 countries = 9 companies + 2 candidates; open to all concerned Euroindex Limited Kiev Poland MTP Miedzynarodowe Targi Poznanskie sp. zo.o. CTK Centrum Targowe Kielce Sp. z.o.o. INCHEBA a.s. Bratislava Agrokomplex Výstavníctvo Nitra Czech Republic Veletrhy Brno (Trade Fairs Brno) Incheba Praha a.s. Výstaviště České Budějovice Slovakia Hungexpo Co. Ltd.Budapest V-Trade Exhibitions Ltd. Debrecen Szeged International Fair Hungary

  4. The essence of CENTREX • reliable exhibition statistics in the European sense • transparency, • reliability, • credibility • comparability • to justify the investments the exhibitors and visitors (added value)- in terms of money, time and efforts that they spent it on the right trade show • statistics are the indicator of the business value of trade shows - like other media

  5. CENTREX - promoting its members (1) CENTREX • has created the methodology and keeps an eye whether it is properly maintained • maintains the international positive feedback on this activity • publishes an annual bulletin on reliable exhibition statistics in CEE • cares for the events to be included as integral part of the All European exhibition industry reports, annual statistics publication

  6. CENTREX - promoting its members (2) • In co-operation with other European and international organizations started to elaborate and launched a joint promotion idea • This is to spread the information what exhibitions are good for • how to best use them for making big business for the exhibitors • how to value exhibitions vis-a-vis to other marketing communication tools • highlighting through encouraging experiences of exhibitors - what is their opinions, and how they use it for making profit • Over the different forums so far we launched special web-sites on • presenting the business usefulness of exhibition (findings of different surveys) at www.centrexstat.org/trend-index.html • displaying exhibitor testimonials - how exhibitors value and why have they found exhibitions profitable for them at www.centrexstat.org/ref-index.html

  7. Position of Trade Shows in Corporate Communication Mix „In an assessment of 11 types of marketing tools from the point of view of their importance for the company, Trade Fairs and Exhibitions ranked second.“ (ESA MU, Marketing Survey of Styl/Kabo II 2001 Exhibitors)

  8. CENTREX is now more than statistics - though statistics provide basis for marketing real values • decided to collaborate in exhibition marketing - fight for objective and real assessment of exhibitions as marketing tools • organizes special forums, conferences on exchange of experience not only between the members but also in the open - for all exhibition industry participants - including exhibitors, visitors, trade associations, trade press

  9. Situation at the Exhibition Market in the CEE

  10. Trade Fair Market in Central and Eastern Europe and in Germany in 2000 Poland Germany Rented area: 771.029 Exhibitors: 34.976 Visitors: 1.180.762 Includes only audited events in Bratislava and Nitra, and the unaudited event in Trenčín Rented area: 7,195.556 Exhibitors: 174.612 Visitors: 10,260.800 Rented area: 889.192 Exhibitors: 39.088 Visitors: 2,656.636 Rented area: 198.046* Exhibitors: 9.357* Visitors: 756.599* Czech Republic Slovakia Austria Rented area: 721.469 Exhibitors: 23.741 Visitors: 1,864.930 Rented area: 455.000* Exhibitors: 19.000* Visitors: 2,130.000* Hungary FKM, AUMA AHEFO estimate AUMA, FKM, Amasia Expo, Polska Korporacja Targova, Centrex, AHEFO

  11. TrendsThe Situation in the World doesn´t favour the Exhibition Industry in general • the exhibition industry reflects the state-of-economy as well as the changing policy of market players: • the extensive development is over - most foreign companies who wanted to come - they have come • exhibitions have already served some purposes like of assisting their market entry • influx of foreign companies meant collaboration and export growth opportunities as well - not one-way-street • the zenith of the sheer figures is over, stagnation and slight setback is observed • now intensive development is needed - hindered partly by the unfair competition of other marketing communication tools • this is why we find it important to jointly emphasise the values of face-to-face communication opportunities

  12. Situation at the Czech Exhibition Market

  13. Trade Fair Market in the Czech Republic: Development between 1997 and 2000 The year 2000 marks a slight recovery following the 1999 slump.

  14. Net rented area

  15. Number of exhibiting companies

  16. Number of paying visitors

  17. Statistics for 1997 - 2000 (%)

  18. Structure of Trade Fair Market in the Czech Republic - year 2000

  19. The TOP 5 Exhibition Organizers of the Czech Trade Fair Market in 2000(net rented area) • Veletrhy Brno, a.s. 48,1% • ABF Praha 6,7% • Výstaviště České Budějovice 6,7% • Terinvest Praha 5,3% • Incheba Praha 5,2% The share of Centrex members in the Czech trade fair market:60%

  20. BVVPartner for Business

  21. New ownership structure • November 1st, 2001 - merger BVV  TRADE FAIRS BRNO • Ownership structure of Trade Fairs Brno • Messe Düsseldorf 64% • The City of Brno 34% • Minority shareholders 2%

  22. Benefits of the new ownership structurevalue added for the trade fairs participants Due the competence to the Messe Düsseldorf group the Trade Fairs Brno • Facilitates the entry of companies onto new markets - we offer advantageous conditions to participate in trade fairs f.e. in Düsseldorf, Moscow, Singapore, Kiev, Chicago,… • Transfers the know-how from Messe Düsseldorf group to Brno

  23. SynergyCo-operation with Messe Düsseldorf 1999 – – – – – K – Plastics MSV Sanitation, Heating, Airconditioning and Building Automation Since 2000 IBF INTERKAMA Automation MSV 2000 Footwear Since 1998 KABO Printing and Packaging 2001

  24. Responding to our clients needs • While the display area rented to the Brno Exhibition Centre clients in 1997 was about 540,000 m2, it is expected that the area rented this year will be 360,000 m2. • Specialization of trade fairs • Exclusiveness if exhibition themes • Veletrhy Brno still retains about 50% share of the Czech exhibition market • Based on an analysis of the structure of our exhibition calendar: • we fook for new themes • we re-assess the frequency of individual trade shows • we put trade shows together into logically coherent combinations according to technologies

  25. BVV share in the Czech trade fair and exhibition market in 2000 48,1 % of rented area 88 %of rented area of trade exhibitions classified as international events according to UFI criteria (UFI criteria of international events: 20% of foreign exhibitors, or 20% of rented area taken by foreign exhibitors, or 4% of visitors from other countries)

  26. BVV 2000: Facts and Figures 42 projects in Brno + 2 projects in Prague 428.367 m2 of net rented area 13.623exhibiting companies, 24,1% of them from abroad (60 countries) 792.448 paying visitors, 5 % of them from abroad (89 countries) almost 222.000 registered visitors (the trade and international) Source: BVV

  27. Top Projects of Veletrhy Brno MSV AUTOTEC / AUTOSALON INVEX IBF MGV

  28. MSV + IMTInternational Engineering Fair + International Machine Tools Exhibition 2001 Total net display area in m2 73.257 Number of exhibitors 2.020 Number of other represented firms 450 Number of paying visitors more than 100.000 Date of the next MSV + IMT 16.-20.09.2002 No. 1in Central and East Europe

  29. MSV + IMT 2002

  30. AUTOTECInternational Motor Show of Utility Vehicles, Parts, Accessories and Garage Equipment 2000 Total exhibition area in m2 73052 Number of exhibitors 547 Number of other represented firms 34 Number of paying visitors 68.905 Date of next event 08.-13. 06 2002 (07.06 –press day) No. 1in CEE

  31. AUTOSALONInternational Motor Show 2001 Total exhibition area in m2 47457 Number of exhibitors 339 Number of other represented firms 31 Number of paying visitors 127.751 Date of next eventJune 2003 No. 1in CEE

  32. INVEXInternational Fair of Information and Communication Technology 2001 Total exhibition area in m238150 Number of exhibitors 641 Number of other represented firms 201 Number of paying visitors 142.389 Date of next event 07.–11.10.2002 No. 1in CEE

  33. Building Fairs in Brno IBF(International Building Fair) SHK (Sanitary, Heating and Air Conditioning Technology) URBIS (Investment Opportunity Forum Technology and Equipment for Towns and Communities) EDEN 3000 (Permanent exhibition of one-family houses)BUILDING CENTRE 2001 Total exhibition area in m2 55 036 Number of exhibitors 1 146 Number of other represented firms 113 Number of paying visitors 86.182 Date of next event 23.-27.04 2002 No. 1in CEE

  34. Gastronomic Trade Fairs 2002 No. 1in CEE SALIMA, MBK, INTECO, VINEX, PIVEX SALIMAInternational Food Fair MBK International Milling Industry, Bakery and Confectionery Fair INTECO International Fair of Equipment for Retail Trade, Hotels and Catering Facilities VINEX International Wine Fair PIVEX International Brewing and Malting Fair 5 – 8 March 2002

  35. Further Information E-mail: info@bvv.cz www.bvv.cz wap.bvv.cz Tel.: +420 5 4115 1111 Fax: +420 5 4115 3070

  36. BVVPartner for Business