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ASO Quapaw String Quartet PowerPoint Presentation
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ASO Quapaw String Quartet

ASO Quapaw String Quartet

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ASO Quapaw String Quartet

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  1. ASO Quapaw String Quartet presents Music of the People Arkansas Learning through the Arts

  2. Map of World

  3. Chinese Calligraphy Chinese use characters for their language. They had over 3300 characters to use in writing. Writing with these characters became a form of art called calligraphy. Chinese art often includes calligraphy. What do you think these characters might mean?

  4. Han Dynasty Clothing

  5. Brazilian traditional costume This lady is wearing a Baian skirt. What makes it so fancy? What else does she wear that makes it fancy?

  6. Hungarian Folk Art Notice that the woman is painting a pattern like the one she is wearing. Many decorate eggs in various designs to use in family celebrations.

  7. Colorful Hungarian Dresses Compare and contrast these dresses to the Brazilian dress?

  8. Hungarian Hurdy-Gurdy The hurdy gurdy is played by turning the crank at the left end. The sound is like a violin. When you press the black keys, the pitch is changed.

  9. Map of Native America Indian tribes lived all over America. How many names do you recognize?

  10. Native American Tribal Art Cochiti Tribe Navajo Tribe Each tribe had a different style of making pottery. Santa Clara Tribe

  11. Native American Flute What material is the flute? What other instruments are made of that material?

  12. Native American Foods Hunting buffalo and deer for food and clothing Indian settlement growing their food

  13. Map of North America The Appalachian culture (in purple circle) is found in the southern part of the Appalachian Mountains. What states does Appalachia include? Where are the Ozark Mountains?

  14. Appalachian Quilt The purple square has how many smaller squares in it? What other geometric shapes do you see?

  15. Appalachian Clothing Why did the Appalachians make simple, comfortable clothing?

  16. Appalachian Music The banjo is an Appalachian instrument. Other instruments are also common in Bluegrass music. What are other instruments on the right?

  17. Map of West Africa Many Americans came from West Africa.

  18. African American Clothing These are modern fashions based on African clothing.

  19. African Masks Compare and contrast these masks.

  20. Gospel Music Singers Singers are expressing the joy of their beliefs.

  21. What Traditions Have Been Handed Down in Your Family? • Arts or crafts • Music or songs • Food • Clothing