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ArTe artentnu letiziajaccheri ITovation 27 th October 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ArTe ITovation 27 th October 2009. Vision. The vision of ArTe is disseminating IT issues to Norwegian and International teen-agers with focus on creativity , cooperation , and openness of processes and content. software. openness. New media art.

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ITovation 27th October 2009


The vision of ArTe is disseminating IT issues to Norwegian and International teen-agers with focus on creativity, cooperation, and openness of processes and content



New media art




Open source

New media art
New media art

In project ArTe, we use the term “new media art” to describe artworks involving digital images, animations, digital music, computer games, digital poetry and literature, computer based installations, and robots


Computers can be exploited as machine to create and share culture, as well as calculate. By culture we mean cultural objects like books, music, video, games, as well as the software itself. In ArTe, we focus on three important openness issues, namely licenses, formats, and tools

Why do we human beings need new technology
Why do we human beings need new technology?

to make our work more effective. Think about the plow, invented several millenniums B.C, or our beloved computer invented half century ago

to make our life go faster, think about the train, airplane, telephone, and internet

to make our life lighter and enjoyable. Think about cinema, radio, television, electronic games, and I-Pod

In arte
In ArTe

In the ArTe project we see technology as a possibility to introduce in our life more creativity, cooperation, and openness

The arte project is based on
The ArTe project is based on

scientific research documented in papers and books and

on spontaneous cooperation between researchers, artists, students, and audience. In ArTe we open up for the unfinished and we encourage conversations about the role of information technology in the society

Arduino code fragment
Arduino code fragment

//Here we read in the values from the accelerometer.

//If there is no acceleration, the reading will be about 512, so we

//subtract 512 from the value read to get a value from 0 to 512.

accelX = abs(analogRead(accelXPin)-512);

accelY = abs(analogRead(accelYPin)-512);

accelZ = abs(analogRead(accelZPin)-512);

Sewing another way of seeing arduino lilypad
Sewing: another way of seeingArduino LilyPad

links technology to textiles and our bodies opening up to a set of questions and possibilities around creativity, cooperation, and the role of the users with focus on children. We look beyond interactivity and beyond computers. What are we going to see? Which stories will be able to tell?

The lillac gown

The LED on the lillac gown displays a beautiful yellow color to symbolize day light. The LED switches to a deep blue night color and again to yellow. Day after day. By moving my arms, jumping, walking, falling down I alter this cycle. The more I stress the less I am able to observe the cycle of life. I cannot really observe myself. I need somebody else to tell what they see on my gown LED. Beautiful or less beautiful patterns can arise while I busy myself. These patterns do not always match the lilac color of my gown.

the lillac gown

The lillac gown cont
the lillac gown (cont.)

I understand more and more the programs that govern my gown but I do not fully understand the relationships between my movements and its effects. I needed the help of both my student Hallgeir to write the code and my friend, fashion design Urd, to find my unique lilac Lilypad gown, and I need Daniela who believes in science, to observe my gown and its program to find the motivation to change. I do not fully understand the details of acceleration but I am aware I will. I know that the beautiful cycle of yellow and deep blue will come again and again.

Arduino code fragment 2
Arduino code fragment (2)

accR += accelX;

accG += accelY;

accB += accelZ;

here we make the choice to bind Red to X, Green to Y, and Blue to Z

All of the axis X, Y and Z are simply directions of movement relative to the accelerometer. You can move the accelerometer three orthogonal directions (i.e. "up/down", "left/right", "forward/backwards").


The ArTe Project is supported by the Norwegian Research Council, IDI/NTNU, Friprogsenteret, Redpill Linpro, Bouvet, Wireless Trondheim Living Lab.

Seeing as a way of Sewing is supported by NCEI and NTNU.

Thanks to Urd Schjetne, Hallgeir Lien, Daniela Soares Cruzes