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NJEDge.Net Regional Meeting

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NJEDge.Net Regional Meeting. Jim Stankiewicz Network Operations October 20, 2006. Optical Network Core. Core Components Cisco 6500 Series with Redundant Processors Dual 4000 Watt Power Supplies 2 10GIGE Ports for North/South Connectivity 2 24 Port Line Cards

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Presentation Transcript
njedge net regional meeting

NJEDge.Net Regional Meeting

Jim Stankiewicz

Network Operations

October 20, 2006

Core Components
  • Cisco 6500 Series with Redundant Processors
    • Dual 4000 Watt Power Supplies
    • 2 10GIGE Ports for North/South Connectivity
    • 2 24 Port Line Cards
    • 2 SIP Modules for ATM an GIG Interfaces
  • MPLS

Support for Multiple VRF’s

1 for BGP Members 1 for EIGRP

Support for OSPF

  • Core will Run BGP using NJEDGE ASN 21976
  • Core IGP will run OSPF
Network Access Methods

ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode

For Members who cannot obtain SES

2 ATM OC-3’s In Newark

1 ATM OC-3 In Camden

SES Switched Ethernet Service

2 1 Gig Trunks in Newark

1 1 Gig Trunk In Camden

Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber Members will terminate on a dedicated


Ports will be rate Limited

Typical Member Ordering a SES connection

1 Physical Circuit

1 EVC (VLAN) SEGP Members

2 EVC’s (VLAN) for Direct I2 Members

Each EVC supportsMultiple Classes of Service

BE, PD, Real-Time

Multicast Support

Policy from Original draft document will be followed for

Members participating in Multicast.

Directly Connected Internet 2 members will peer directly

with MAGPI

Members with own ASN will need to use Glop Calculator

To determine Public Multicast address

Member Transition
    • Video Portal
        • Web Commander
        • Marratech
    • Member Issues
        • Scheduling of Downtime
        • Flexibility in Scheduling
        • DNS Changes
        • Edge Router Changes
    • Internet 2
    • Internet 1
Traffic Flows
    • Member to Internet 1
    • Member to Internet 2
    • Member to Member
    • Internet 1 to Member
    • Internet 2 to Member
    • No Flow to I2 for Direct I2 Members from SEGP connection
Video Portal
    • Will maintain a connection to both Networks

For MCU based Video Traffic

    • Continue to support the use of Web Commander
    • Polycom MCU will be maintained
    • Marratech is Web Collaboration Tool for K-20
    • New Number for Video issues only 973-497-9765
    • Gatekeeper Functionality is unchanged
Internet 2

Connection to MAGPI via Gig Trunk

Connection maintained thru Rutgers during

transitioning of Members to new network

Current Direct Internet 2 Members will connect via vlan

and Peer directly with MAGPI

Core Network will Peer with MAGPI for SEGP members

Internet 1
    • New Gigabit Connection to UUNET(Verizon)
    • Traffic will be policed based on contract
    • NJEDge may set policy allowing peak to exceed contract
    • Your Current Internet connection will be disconnected
    • Traffic will flow thru new network for internet
    • All routes will be advertised as allocated no summarization
    • Members who are already multi--homed can maintain both

connections but must take full table from Core

    • 240K Routes from I1 and 10K Routes from I2
    • Most Members will receive a Default Route
Member Items
    • Edge Router Configuration changes
        • Review Capacity of Router
        • Interfaces
        • Routing
    • Flexibility in Scheduling
        • Plan to allocate about 2 Hours
    • Hot Cut
        • This means we will disconnect from old connect to new

At the same time

    • Routing changes
        • BGP Configuration will change
    • Test Plan
        • Test access to common sites
        • Perform a Video Test Call
    • IP Addressing

Addresses allocated from

Will be re-assigned to your School


Record IP address from ATM sub-interface. The from the IP/VPN NJEDge connection will be the address from the space you will use this Ip address on you new connection.


Record the configuration from your BGP configuration

you will use a portion of this in the new configuration

Remove IP Address from ATM Sub-interfaces
  • Interface atm1/0.1 point-to-point <cr> (example)
  • no ip address
  • Interface atm1/0.2 point-to-point <cr> (example)
  • no ip address <cr>

Configure Ethernet Interface

  • Configure Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Sub-Interface
  • Interface fa0/0.1 or gige1/0.1 (example)
  • Description <Circuit ID>
  • Encapsulation dot1q xx (xx=evc/vlan will be assigned by Verizon)
  • Ip address 130.156.xxx.xxx

xxx.xxx= address recorded earlier

  • Duplex full
  • Speed 100
  • No shutdown
Re-Configure ATM Sub-Interface
  • Configure Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Sub-Interface
  • Interface atm0/0.1
    • Pvc 1/23 (example)
    • Vbr-nrt xxxx xxxxx (x value may change)
Router bgp 65202

neighbor remote-as 21976

bgp log-neighbor-change

address-family ipv4

redistribute connected

neighbor activate

no auto-summary

no synchronization

network mask

neighbor prefix-list advertise-out out

address-family ipv4 multicast

neighbor activate

no auto-summary

no synchronization