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5 th Grade CRCT Overview

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5 th Grade CRCT Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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5 th Grade CRCT Overview. Presented By: Dr. Glenda Boyles and Dr. Eve Sauer. What do the questions on the CRCT look like?. 5 th Grade Sample Reading Passage. Olga Korbut

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5 th grade crct overview

5th Grade CRCT Overview

Presented By: Dr. Glenda Boyles and Dr. Eve Sauer

5 th grade sample reading passage
5th Grade Sample Reading Passage

Olga Korbut

Olga Korbut was a Russian gymnast. She was a teenager when she competed in the 1972 Olympic Games. She charmed the audience with her smile and daring performance. Olga was the first person to do a backward somersault on the uneven parallel bars in competition. This move is very difficult. She had practiced it for many years.

In her final performance, Olga lost her grip and fell to the floor. She immediately jumped up and finished with a smile. She walked to the sidelines with her head held high. When her coach put his arms around her, she burst into sobs.

Olga did not win an award for the bars. She did win one silver and two gold medals for other events. Her bravery won the hearts and respect of people all over the world.

Before Olga's performance in these games, women's gymnastics did not get much attention. Because of Olga, many people are now interested in this sport.

5 th grade sample questions
5th Grade Sample Questions

1. How many gold medals did Olga Korbut win at the 1972 Olympic games?

  • one
  • two
  • three
  • four

2. The MAIN idea of this passage is that Olga Korbut

  • won one silver and two gold medals.
  • was a teenager when she competed in the Olympics.
  • won the hearts of many people.
  • was the first person to do a backward somersault.

3. Which sentence below BEST describes Olga?

  • She always cries easily.
  • She is not sure of herself.
  • She is not easily defeated by failure.
  • She looks for the easy way to do things.
5 th grade sample math question
5th Grade Sample Math Question

Route 16 is 100 miles long with a gas station every 7 miles and a snack store every 5 miles. If you start at the beginning of Route 16, where there is a snack store and a gas station, at which mile can you stop for both gas and snacks?

  • mile 35
  • mile 12
  • mile 7
  • mile 5
visit some practice websites
Visit some practice Websites!
  • http://www.rabun.k12.ga.us/staff/rhenson/CRCTPractice.html
  • www.georgiaoas.org (more info about this in computer lab)
  • www.studyisland.com