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TRANSPORTATION TUESDAY. VEHICLE CARE BE AWARE !!. Reliable vehicle care = Safety and Dependability. WARNING LIGHTS/SIGNALS. 1. Oil Pressure Light/Gauge: Warning light or oil pressure below 10 p.s.i. 2. Temperature Light/Gauge: Overheating - coolant

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transportation tuesday




Reliable vehicle care = Safety and Dependability

warning lights signals


1. Oil Pressure Light/Gauge: Warning light or oil

pressure below 10 p.s.i.

2. Temperature Light/Gauge: Overheating - coolant

low, a leak, broken hose/belt, blocked air flow

to radiator.

3. Brake light: Parking brake engaged/brake fluid


4. Battery/Generator Light: Electrical problem -

you could end up with a dead battery.

Do not drive with above warnings!

A Certified Technician should check before serious damage results.

warning signs


Squeaking/Grinding Brakes: Chirping noise while

driving, that lessen while braking, vehicle may

need new brake pads or linings.

Burning Oil Smell: Possible oil leak, which could

result in engine damage or even a fire.

Vehicle Feels Unstable: Low tire pressure – leak

or under inflation.

Steering Shudders While Braking: A hint – the

front end is possibly out of alignment.

Leaks Under Car: May not cause immediate

failure, but could prove costly later.

vehicle maintenance oil fluids
Vehicle Maintenance – Oil/Fluids
  • Engine Oil/Filter: 5000 kms./3000 miles/3mths.

Also depends on kms. driven, climate & the car

itself! Recommend Oil filter with oil change.

  • Engine Coolant: Make sure to add coolant to

the reservoir - not the radiator cap!

  • Brake Fluid: Check for the kind of brake fluid

recommended for your vehicle. Usually the

level drops with increased mileage.

Consult the Owner’s Manual for Correct Vehicle Maintenance

vehicle maintenance oil fluids1
Vehicle Maintenance – Oil/Fluids
  • Windshield Wiper Fluid: Is used faster than you think – good idea to keep some in your car.
  • Transmission Fluid: If your car has an automatic transmission, check after driving for about a half

hour to warm it up, then:

A- make sure the car is on a level surface

B- locate transmission dipstick, check level, add

only if level is low. Too much fluid could cause

leaks or shifting problems.

  • Power Steering Fluid: Do not overfill - Check level as for Transmission Fluid.
maintenance checks
Maintenance Checks
  • Belts: With the engine off, check belts for deep cracks or missing chunks.
  • Hoses: Check connections & hoses for loose

contacts/leaks - replace distorted hoses.

  • Battery: Make sure battery terminals are snug and free of corrosion, clean these with baking soda and water. Batteries wear out with age.
  • Spark Plugs: Plugs should be replaced at

intervals - as per the Owner’s manual.

maintenance checks tyres
Maintenance Checks - Tyres

Tyres are the contact between your vehicle and

the road.

  • Check cold tyre pressure frequently (at least every two weeks) and always before journeys, not forgetting the spare tyre!
  • The correct pressure value given by the vehicle manufacturer, can be found in the log book.
  • Both under-inflation and over-inflation can negatively affect your tyre performance.
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