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T.A.P . By Mr. Fehlman & Mr. eisentrout. What is the transition and Access Program?.

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t a p


By Mr. Fehlman & Mr. eisentrout

what is the transition and access program
What is the transition and Access Program?
  • Well the Transition and Access Program, T.A.P for short is a program for young people with a variety of different abilities to learn: Academic, Social and Life skills while letting them interact with each other and other college students.
what classes does t a p teach
What classes does T.A.P teach?
  • Well T.A.P teach classes College Success and English to Personal Finance and Personal Relationships to their students..
what is college success
What is College Success?
  • College Success teaches T.A.P students how to act at College and in the classroom, for example, if you need to do something you need to quietly stand-up and walk-out into the hallway for a moment to use your cellphone or use the lavatory (restroom)
about personal relationships
About personal Relationships!
  • Personal relationships teaches students about relationships that are healthy and unhealthy. It also teaches students how to act in a relationship or on a date!
about english class
About English class!
  • The English class teaches students grammar and punctuation to Editing a paper. We also read a variety of books during the semester and presentations on them.
about personal finance
About personal Finance!
  • Personal Finance teaches students how to budget their money, understanding a paycheck and understanding taxes and deductions to make smarter choices in their life!
what is an internship
What is an Internship?
  • Good Question: An internship is a job that you can gain experience and work on your social skills at any job!
what are the social activities at t a p
What are the social activities at T.A.P?
  • The social activities for when you become a T.A.P student are: a two-dollar movie at the Tangeman University Center on Campus, a work-out session at the campuses rec center and many more!
what we like about t a p
What We like about T.A.p
  • Mr. Fehlman & Mr. Eisentrout:
  • What we like about T.A.P is that we get to be around people and get to go to different classes and work at our internship’s to get career experience as we are working on our social skills
what is challenging about t a p
What is challenging about T.A.P?
  • Mr. Fehlman: One of the challenges for me is having to deal with a lot of stress around me. But what can you do that’s life. The ones to help me through the stress are my friends.
  • Mr. Eisentrout: One of the challenges for me is when I get obsessed with some things. I sometimes make a bigger deal out of situations. However, I have my Co-TA, friend/older-brother to help me through my obsessions.
why we decided to enroll in t a p
Why we decided to enroll in “T.A.P”
  • Mr. Fehlman: I decided to enroll in T.A.P, because it gave me a chance to go to college, and to learn new things that I haven’t learned yet!
  • Mr.Eisentrout: I decided to enroll in T.A.P because I thought it would be a good experience for me. I wanted to do things on my own instead others doing them for me!
the staff of the transition and access program

The Staff of the transition and Access Program.

The staff of the transition and Access program are there to help guide young people with a lot of different abilities in their lives. They are not just TAP staff but also students of the university of Cincinnati.

Hi! My name is Kelsey McConnell. I am a second year Special Education major at the University of Cincinnati. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio and went to Colerain High School. This is my first year working with TAP. I am a Pre/Post Teacher and Job Coach. Along with TAP, I also work at Cornerstone Christian Preschool and Daycare. In my spare time I love to spend time with my family and friends and watch movies.

A fun fact about my self is that in third grade I had to do a project on camels and they have been my favorite animal ever since!

Hi! My name is Amanda Carlo. I am a graduate student in the Special Education program here at the University of Cincinnati. I completed my undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University, KY with a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies and a minor in Health Promotion. I am the Graduate Assistant and love working with the students and the other staff here at the TAP program! I am from Lebanon, Ohio and I went to Lebanon High school in my free-time, I enjoy running and watching shows on Netflix.

A fun fact about my self is that I am going to running in my first half-marathon in May!

My name is Danielle D'Arcy and I am a senior studying Communication Sciences and Disorders, more specifically Speech-Language Pathology. I am from Glendale, Ohio, a small village about 20-30 minutes away from The University of Cincinnati. This is my second year working with the TAP program as a pre and post teacher and job coach to several students. This school year I am currently living in the TAP house which has been such a great experience for me. When I am not studying or working, I enjoy playing tennis and volunteering with a dog rescue.

A fun fact about me is that I am going skydiving this April for the first time!

My name is Katie Tagg and I am currently a junior studying special education. This is my second year working with the TAP program. The first year I was a pre/post teacher and job coach, but now I am one of the RA’s that live in the house. On top of TAP, I am also employed by Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled (LADD) as a relief direct support professional. I also teach swimming lessons during the summer. I am from Springfield, OH (a small city about 20-30 min away from Dayton) and graduated from Northwestern High School in 2011. I am a huge Cincinnati Reds fan and also enjoy watching the Bengals play. In my free time, I enjoy knitting (scarves, hats, and small blankets) and have begun exercising again (running and lifting).

Fun fact: I taught myself to make balloon animals.

Cory Boraten (on the left)

My name is Cory Boraten and I am currently a senior at the University of Cincinnati in the Criminal Justice Program. I have several jobs which include the UC Rec Center, Blue Ash Recreation and Transition and Access Program (TAP). Specifically for TAP, I’m a Resident Assistant(RA) for the students within the program. I work one on one and in groups with the students to encourage a positive college life experience and guidance through academics. Upon graduating this year, I plan on going into the workforce full-time as a Police Officer in one of the surrounding cities of Cincinnati.

Fun facts about myself:

I played Soccer for 15 years

In college, I participated in the UC Rowing Team and won a bronze medal in a race

Completed an Internship with Cincinnati PD and currently working with Amberley Village as an intern.