professionel university management
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Professionel University Management

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Professionel University Management. CESAER 20 th General Assembly & Seminar 30 th October 2009 President Lars Pallesen. An observation. Why is it neccessary to use ”professional” in the context of ” university management” ? Is it because :

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professionel university management

Professionel University Management

CESAER 20th General Assembly & Seminar

30th October 2009

President Lars Pallesen

an observation
An observation

Why is it neccessary to use ”professional” in the context of ”university management” ?

Is it because:

  • Universitiesregardthemselves as unmanagedorevenunmanagable ?
  • Universitiesregardthemselves as unprofessional ?
  • Universitiesregard professionalisme in management as a perculiardiscipline for geeky researchers ?

Or is it becauseuniversities in factareawarethatchangesareneeded and that professional skills in management of a universityareneeded to becomeorstaycompetitive in a globalizedeconomy, whereknowledge and innovation is the driver whichcanuphold a contry’scompetitiveedge.

university management in denmark
University management in Denmark

The Danish UniversityAct of 2003 established new ruleson the organisation and management of Danish Universities, including:

  • A Board of Governorswith a majority of externalmembers and with the overall responsibility of the university.
  • A Presidenthired by the Board of Governors, and with the primaryresponsibility of the day to day management of the University.
  • Provost, UniversityDirector as well as Deans hired by the Board upon the recommendation of the President.
  • Department Headshired by the President/Dean.
  • An AcademicCouncil, whoseresponsibility is limited to certainacademicaffairs.
university management at dtu
University management at DTU

University management at DTU is basedon the ”US-model” of university management, including:

  • A long term strategy (6 years) with mission, vision, strategicgoals, values, organisation and strategic plan.
  • Decentralisedcompetence and responsibility to the head of departmentlevel (hired).
  • Single point of responsibiilty
  • No ”by-passing”.
  • Academicfreedom.
  • Annualcycle of planning and accounting.
  • Accountability.
university management at dtu ii
University management at DTU (II)

University management at DTU is basedon the ”US-model” of university management, including:

  • Annual sessions to set up goals (4 year-perspective) for eachdepartment and with a number of annualfollow-ups, comprising of:
    • Department profile and strategy
    • Human resources and staff policies
    • Other resources (partnerships, IT, equipment, labs etc.)
    • Development in education, research, public sector consultancy and innovation
    • Visibility and marketing
    • Economy
    • Major strategic projects
    • Approx. 50 quantitative goals