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M.A.P. Making Action Plans

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M.A.P. Making Action Plans

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  1. M.A.P.Making Action Plans Kelsey Kriner Rhode Island Transitional Academy September 2011

  2. History of Me I was born in Rhode Island Hospital in Newport. I have went to many schools and some are hard to remember but my middle school was Thompson Middle School and my high school was Rogers High School. I was in the Special Olympics since I was 8 years old. I was the Special Olympics Athlete in the year 2009. My events for the Special Olympics are track and field (Which are the 200-meter dash, 4 by 4 relay, and the long jump) swimming,(which are also 50 meter freestyle, 50 meter backstroke, and the relay swim) sailing, and basket ball.

  3. Dreams My dream is to be the first archaeologist who was born with a disability. I want to go to Egypt, Japan and Greece. I want to be remember in history for future generations to come by. I also want to know my mysterious family tree from all my family members.

  4. Fears Wars, because it only bring only more pain and deaths for not only those who are in the wars but also the innocence, thus, the never ending cycle of hate. There are some fears that I like to keep to myself because some of them are quiet embarrassing and I don’t want to make fun of because of it.

  5. Who am I? I am a women full of many mysteries that even I don’t myself. I love to travel and adventures. Love to do track and field, sailing, basketball and cross country. I can be shy, short tempered, calm, kind, gentle, smart, brave sometimes, funny, and wise for my age of a collage girl. Love anime, manga, sy-fy, fan-fiction, video games, mythology, history, and legends around the world. I have an old and spiritual soul trapped inside in a young body of an 20-year-old.

  6. Life Centered Career EducationKnowledge Battery Test Results

  7. Needs In order for me to realize my dreams I need to take many classes in for the right college for people with physically and mentally disabilities. I might work in a museum for ancient history. I might try to do my own archaeology dig with some help and permission of course or watching them doing a real one without brothering them or just give them drinks or towels from the heat.

  8. Goals for School Year 2011-2012 I will try to get my driver’s license. I will try to get a paying job. Finding out more history of my family tree. Get more time to go to my clubs that I just joined.

  9. My Academy Interview

  10. My Inner-Self Portrait