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DV-B308: Optimizing Windows 8 for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

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DV-B308: Optimizing Windows 8 for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DV-B308: Optimizing Windows 8 for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Carl Luberti Premier Field Engineer Microsoft. Doug Klokow Solution Architect Microsoft. Session Objectives. Microsoft G uidance for Windows 8 Configuration Detailed Review of Component Configuration

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dv b308 optimizing windows 8 for virtual desktop infrastructure
DV-B308: Optimizing Windows 8 for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Carl Luberti

Premier Field Engineer


Doug Klokow

Solution Architect


session objectives
Session Objectives

Microsoft Guidance for Windows 8 Configuration

Detailed Review of Component Configuration

Recommendations for Performance Testing Approach

why windows 8 in vdi
Why Windows 8 in VDI?



Modern Apps

User Experience

choosing the right vdi deployment type
Choosing the Right VDI Deployment Type


Pooled VMs

Personal VMs

  • ★★
  • ★★★
  • ★★★
  • ★★
  • ★★★
  • ★★
  • ★★
  • ★★★
  • ★★★


Application Compatibility

Image Management

Cost Effectiveness

Good ★ Better ★★ Best ★★★

which windows edition for the guest os
Which Windows Edition for the Guest OS?

Windows 8 Professional or Enterprise?

“Remote Computers running Windows 8 Enterprise provide the best user experience and support all management features. Therefore, Windows 8 Enterprise is the only supported edition for use with Windows Server 2012 virtual desktop collections (VDI).”


which windows bitwise edition for the guest os
Which Windows Bitwise Edition for the Guest OS?

Windows 8 32-bit or 64-bit

32-bit has a smaller footprint on the disk, but can only support 4GB of RAM

64-bit may be selected if physical machines will use the 64-bit edition to avoid multiple application compatibility retesting


Consider using 64-bit as the default, and 32-bit as optional if technical or business requirements are identified.

memory allocation
Memory Allocation

Dynamic memory will handle fluctuating demands for memory within a specified range

Recommended Minimum 1GB

Maximum based on workload

Small -> 1.5 to 2GB

Medium -> 2GB to 3GB

Large -> 2GB to 4GB (or more)

Consider using Blade Servers for Extra Large workloads

disk size and partitions
Disk Size and Partitions

OSDisk drive size of the Virtual Desktop is impacted by the following factors:

Pooled versus Personal VDI

Pooled range from 22GB to 40GB

Personalrange from 40GB to 65GB

Virtualization Readiness of Applications

Compatibility – can the application be virtualized?

Performance – Are there adverse performance impacts associated with a virtualized application versus a traditionally installed MSI?

If the application is not virtualized, will it be installed local to the guest VM?

disk partitions
Disk Partitions

Using the default install routine will create a 350MB System Reserved drive to store BitLocker data

Prevent the creation of this partition during OS installation using MDT 2012 to build the image

Utilize the “DoNotCreateExtraPartition=YES” rule to prevent the creation of the “System Reserved” partition.

Or use Scripted DISKPART commands….

osdisk size for windows 8
OSDisk Size for Windows 8



Increase of ~2.2 GB when using 64-bit

  • Notes
  • These figures are before optimization efforts are complete
  • Windows Update was not run, so final used space will be slightly higher
number of virtual processors
Number of Virtual Processors

Default – 1 Virtual Processor

Medium Usage – 2 Virtual Processors

Heavy Usage – 2 to 4 Virtual Processors

Note: Is you are using the Hyper-V hypervisor, fairshare will balance usage of processors to avoid one client consuming all available physical processor bandwidth

requirements to support remotefx
Requirements to Support RemoteFX

GPU must support DirectX 11

A list of certified GPU’s can be found on the Windows Server Catalog web site – link

At present there are 6 NVIDIA cards certified for RemoteFX

RDVH or RDSH processor must support SLAT (Second-Level Address Translation)

Intel Processors identify this with the term Extended Page Tables (EPT)

AMD Processors identify this with the term Nested Page Tables (NPT)

VDI guest VMs must use the Windows 8 64-bit WDDM v1.20 driver to prevent rendering issues

RDVH or RSDH role service must be enabled on the RemoteFX server to provide RemoteFX in client sessions/VMs

enabling remotefx
Enabling RemoteFX

On the Hyper-V Server

Confirm that the WDDM v1.2 driver is selected in the GPU drop down

Check the “Use this GPU with RemoteFX”

antivirus software
Antivirus Software


Run agent live in clients

Pre-Scan reference virtual machine & create exceptions

Impact Logon


SAN Performance

BriForum 2012 Session on AntiVirus from Jeroen van de Kamp

Microsoft ForeFront 2010 was identified as a “clear winner” based on his testing

automation tools
Automation Tools

VDI Optimizer (AutoIT) by Jonathan Bennett

Creates a VBScript that can then be run on the machine to configure the settings as defined.

The last release date was Aug of 2010, and there are no current plans to update to support Windows 8.

optimization resources for vdi
Optimization Resources for VDI

Focused on Windows 7

Useful to review tested configuration settings

Strong correlation to Windows 8

automation tools1
Automation Tools

Microsoft Script

PFE Windows 8 VDI Script

windows adk assessment and deployment kit
Windows ADK (Assessment and Deployment Kit)

Windows Performance Recorder monitors Windows client performance

Command Line: XPERF

Performance Scenarios

Steady State Performance Tracking

System Boot Tracing

Fast Startup


Reboot Cycle



Xperf for the layman (Blog Post)

windows adk
Windows ADK

Windows Performance Analyzer allows for the review and analysis of the performance logs collected by the WPR

recommended tools
Recommended Tools

Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit v8

Hardware/Software inventory

Some performance assessment

Limited value for VDI planning

recommended performance tools
Recommended Performance Tools

Login VSI

LiquidwareLabs Stratusphere FIT

Lakeside Software SysTrack


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