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Elizabeth Fry Comprehensive School PowerPoint Presentation
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Elizabeth Fry Comprehensive School

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Elizabeth Fry Comprehensive School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elizabeth Fry Comprehensive School. Opened in 1925 the school was originally a Grammar School but in 1968 the school became a comprehensive school for 11-16 year olds with the older students moving on to a local 6 th form college. The school has an intake of 800 pupils with about 50 staff.

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elizabeth fry comprehensive school
Elizabeth Fry Comprehensive School

Opened in 1925 the school was originally a Grammar School but in 1968 the school became a comprehensive school for 11-16 year olds with the older students moving on to a local 6th form college. The school has an intake of 800 pupils with about 50 staff.

study united football club
Study United Football Club

Study United have been a successful football team over recent years being promoted each year for the last 3 years and eventually ending up in the third division. They hope to consolidate their position here over this next year and then launch a challenge for the championship during the following season. They recently (2002) moved into the new purpose-built stadium pictured above.

huber stand
Huber Stand


The windmill was built originally in 1856. It was first refurbished in 1924. In recent years it had become derelict but was then rebuilt by a conservation society. It's sails were replaced in 1999 and is now in full working operation. The windmill has become a very popular tourist attraction selling its own ground flour to help to raise funds for its upkeep.

all saints church
All Saints Church




All Saints Church – Talmont is the central church in a book on the development of local religious practices.

Churches have been at the heart of community life in Talmont for many centuries and Historic Talmont Churches shows why they are buildings which should continue to be valued. An introduction by historian, Jonathan Bardon, outlines how Christianity developed in Talmont through many different denominations. The book examines how these groups have chosen to build churches (from the medieval period to the present day) which are appropriate to their forms of service, aspirations and resources. Each chapter focuses on a distinct style of architecture or period of church building. While some of the churches featured are chosen purely for their architectural merit, the main aim has been to provide a representative sample of historical periods, styles and denominations. It is hoped that this book will be an introduction for people who want to understand more about how and why churches were, and are, built and furnished in a certain way

medical centre
Medical Centre

Talmont is the proud owner of one of the most up-to-date medical facilities in the country. It was built in 2003. It has 5 on-call doctors, it has all of its own x-ray facilities, testing facilities and 2 small wards. The wards will cater for patients who are undergoing minor operations or exploratory testing.

talmont leisure centre
Talmont Leisure Centre
  • Welcome to the Talmont Leisure Centre which has recently been officially opened by HRH Princess Anne. The centre boasts an olympic size swimming pool, a climbing wall, basketball, badminton and squash courts. There is also a health centre which includes a sauna.
  • So get your bookings in now for parties, bouncy castles, electric fun cars, roller skating, trampolining, and celebration parties of all sorts.
allotments association
Allotments Association

Welcome to the Talmont Allotments Association

With Allotment sites at Long Road if you are a resident of Talmont, then there is bound to be one of our allotment sites situated conveniently near your home. If you would like to become a tenant you can enjoy the following benefits:

* growing your own fruit, vegetables and flowers

* fresh air and exercise

* the chance to meet other gardeners.

The size of the allotment plots vary within each site so there is sure to be an allotment which fits your size requirements. The rents provide really good value for money and there is a 50% reduction for the over 65’s. A free rotavation service is provided for all new comers to assist with cultivation. All sites are enclosed and have running water.

If you would like further details on how to become an allotment holder please contact Sarah Carden, Talmont Town Council 01444 238213 or email

milton s mobiles
Milton’s Mobiles

Milton’s Mobiles – 167 High Street, Talmont

Check out the latest offers at your local mobile phone outlet

Seven New ProductsCheck out these two new phones from Nokia - the curvy Nokia 6600 imaging phone and the luminescent Nokia 3100 phone. Also coming soon: the Nokia 12 GSM module and four exciting enhancements - the Nokia Wireless Clip-on Headset, the Nokia Radio Headset, the 3100 Xpress-on™ Gaming Covers, and the Nokia Fun Camera

jugglers disco
Jugglers Disco

Find out all about us on the next page

jugglers disco1
Jugglers Disco
  • Jugglers Disco’s was established in 1998 catering for all types of events to celebrate special occasions and parties. Our company is made up of four music loving D.J’s intent on giving a fantastic display of sound and light. We have a huge variety of music to suite all tastes and ages. Our work takes us within a fifty mile radius of Talmont.
  • You can also order our D.J.-only service designed for clients with their own professional sound system. We are prepared to travel a little further to fulfil this service.
  • If you would like to book a D.J. or obtain a no-obligations quote, please go to the ‘Bookings’ page. Once you have filled in the details click ‘Send Booking Enquiry’.
  • We will mail your quote by return.
  • Please note that it is not our policy to chase or hassle you for work, so please if you would like to make a booking we will be delighted to hear from you.
talmont rail
Talmont Rail

Welcome to Talmont Rail – the pride of the northern line.

Find out all about us over the page :-

talmont rail1
Talmont Rail
  • Most rail passengers arriving at Talmont will discover that Town Station is their first taste of the city of Talmont. Its original iron sheds with their decorative cast iron columns was built in the 1880s, as part of the former Lendon Road Station, as the road from which you enter the Station Approach is the old Lendon Road. It was the terminus of the Talmont and Bingham railway line, and the old station dated from 1842.
  • The original station was named Lendon Road Station, and only changed its name to Talmont Rail in relatively recent years.In its day it was a major achievement, as it made travel to Lendon direct by rail a possibility in a travel time of nine and a half hours. Today it takes just over two and a half hours. But in the 1840s, the alternative was to travel by stagecoach, and this was a 24 hour journey.
  • The present station buildings and tower were completed in 1969, with a new station approach and a massive area facelift - the serpentine glass and steel of Gateway House (architects Richard Seifhart and Partners) following the curve of the drive to the station.
  • The original 1842 Railway Crest still adorns the entrance. All but one of the many classic warehouses and goods stores which served the station were demolished in this mid-1960s refurbishment. The sole surviving warehouse is the MS&LR seven storey Lendon Warehouse of 1876, still standing behind Gateway House.
  • A ten storey office block also dominates the station's frontage. Talmont Rail serves all destinations south for both inter-city and local routes. Also behind Gateway House are the station Car Parks. The station also serves as a terminus for the Metrolink Rapid Transit Tram, which connects Talmont Rail with Victoria Station in Bingham.
talmont mosque
Talmont Mosque

The Talmont Mosque is set at an angle to other buildings on the street. This is to allow the main prayer hall to point in the direction of Mecca, the focal point of all Muslim prayer

The minaret is a traditional part of a mosque. It is generally used by the muezzin, who calls people to prayer by chanting from the top of the tower. Often a recorded ‘call’ is used today. In this mosque, the minaret is not used.... it would disturb the neighbours. The call to prayer is given inside the mosque.

In some British towns, the Friday noon prayer is permitted to be ‘called’ from the minaret.

talmont mosque1
Talmont Mosque

Islamic architecture often incorporates arches and domes as in this purpose-built mosque in Talmont.