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Albrecht Durer PowerPoint Presentation
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Albrecht Durer

Albrecht Durer

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Albrecht Durer

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  1. Albrecht Durer

  2. Albrecht Durer 1471-1528

  3. Albrecht Durer was born in 1471 in Nuremberg, Germany, the son of a goldsmith. His father encouraged him in his studies of the arts, and young Durer excelled.At the top of this drawing, 13 year old Albrecht Durer wrote, “I used a mirror to draw my own likeness in 1484, when I was still a child.”

  4. At 19 years old, Durer did this wood cut of the story of St. Jerome and the Lion.

  5. The 22 year old Durer painted this self-portrait before marrying a woman chosen by his parents. The artist wrote on the painting, “Things happen to me as is written from on high.”

  6. Self portrait at 26, 1498 The landscape through the window reminds us of Leonardo da Vinci’s work, and that Durer has just returned from Venice having seen Italian Renaissance paintings.

  7. Durer inscribed on this controversial self-portrait, “I, Albrecht Durer, depict myself with everlasting paints at the age of 28.”The direct gaze of his eyes has intrigued viewers for centuries. Is he signifying with his hand gesture that artistic talent is a gift from God?

  8. “This is the image of Albrecht Durer, the famous Nuremberg painter of great renown whose every figure is vividly portrayed as a living being. He is an artist worthy of eternal fame.”Erasmus of Rotterdam, 1523

  9. A powerful politician , Hieronymus Holzschuher, had controlled the government of Nuremberg for 25 years when Durer painted him. What character traits do Durer show in this portrait?

  10. Durer was made court painter to Maximilian I, the king of Germany and “Holy Roman Emperor”. He painted this portrait of the king showing him realistically, not idealized. We see his great hooked nose, his saggy jowls, and lank grey hair as it actually was.

  11. While still a young man, Durer drew many pictures of animals and scenes from his home area. These snarling pigs at the trough have humor in their toothy grins.

  12. Rhinoceros brown ink and pen Durer did this drawing from a description a friend sent him in 1515 of the first rhino to reach Europe from S.E. Asia.

  13. “Rhinoceros “ Durer’s wood cut of the rhinoceros was considered accurate in its time.

  14. While in Ghent, Durer saw a lion for the first time and drew it twice in different positions

  15. In 1520 Durer saw a walrus for the first time on the beach in Zeeland (Netherlands) Brown ink & pen.

  16. Death’s HeadBrush drawing in black ink, white paint on dark purple paper. 1521A study for a later painting of St. Jerome.

  17. Portrait of an old man of 93.

  18. St. Jerome in his Study 1514This is considered one of Durer’s most important works. Notice the detail and the depth he has succeeded in creating.

  19. One of Durer’s most famous paintings.Notice the beautiful monogram he signed each of his paintings and prints with: the square A over D.

  20. Studies for paintings.

  21. ALBRECHT DURER 1471-1528 Study for the kneeling apostle’s feet

  22. Hand of an ApostleBrush drawing with black ink, white chalk added on blue paper

  23. Albrecht Durer “Death on Horseback” 1505 Death is the plague moving across Europe. The bell around the horse’s neck is the death knell.