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Palmetto Health Report

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Find the Most Influential or Loud Online Data for Your Brand. Palmetto Health Report. Think of the Internet as a crowded room with many people talking. At Spiral16, we help brands discover the online conversations that are the most influential or “loud” for your business.

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palmetto health report

Find the Most Influential or Loud Online Data for Your Brand

Palmetto Health Report

Think of the Internet as a crowded room with many people talking.

At Spiral16, we help brands discover the online conversations that are the most influential or “loud” for your business.

We find the conversations that can be heard above the noise on the Internet and we give you context for your online data.

What Does It Mean?

palmetto health report1

Palmetto Health Clear Market Leader

Palmetto Health Report

The data shows Palmetto Health taking a leadership role in the marketplace. The results brought back in this brand snapshot reflect a hospital group that has established itself firmly in the community, and expertise in critical areas of healthcare.

Palmetto Health returned a higher volume of results than the competitors and the online conversations surrounding Palmetto Health are much more impressive in terms of credibility compared to Lexington and Providence.

This report was created to give Palmetto Health a benchmark of the Palmetto Health brand footprint in the social media landscape.

In addition, the Spiral16 research gathered data on two of Palmetto Health’s competitors, Lexington and Providence, to see how these facilities stack up against Palmetto. Side-by-side comparisons between Palmetto Health, Lexington and Providence will outlined in a separate deck.

Palmetto Health Overview

palmetto health report2

Palmetto Health Has Experts on Staff

Palmetto Health Report

There are many examples in the data that show Palmetto Health’s credibility in the field of healthcare. From community awards to members of the Palmetto Health group as featured experts in news stories and at healthcare conferences, the online conversations surrounding the Palmetto Health brand show an organization with a depth of expertise.

Experts on Staff - William Gerard, MD, FACEP, Director of Emergency Services for Palmetto Health Systemsis a featured at Pinnacle 2012 EMS Leadership Conference in July 2012

Kohl’s Gives $75K to Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital

Children with Cancer - Network of Hospitals

Even the Former CEO of Palmetto Health even has a blog that reflects well on the Palmetto Health brand!


palmetto health report3

Palmetto Health is Involved the Community

Palmetto Health Report

The research contains many examples of Palmetto Health’s commitment to community involvement. The Palmetto Health brand is very active in a variety of different ways and this dedication to the community is reflected in the online conversations about Palmetto Health.

From child safety to sickle cell anemia to diabetes education—Palmetto Health is giving back to the community.

Buckle Buddies of SC - Buckle Buddies a joint program of Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital Safe Kids Midlands offers car seat checks and new car seats for families to encourage parents to buckle up their children.

Performance Benefit Sickle Cell Program

March 2012 FREE Diabetes Lunch and Learns


palmetto health report4

Majority of Activity Takes Place on Twitter, General Websites and News

Palmetto Health Report

The most online activity takes place on Twitter, with 32% of the conversations taking place on the platform.

Over 26% of the online activity for Palmetto Health takes place on general websites such as hospital directories and healthcare reference websites.

News activity accounts for the next major portion of online conversations about the Palmetto Health brand.

Location of Online Conversations

palmetto health report5

Sentiment Surrounding Palmetto Health Very Positive

Palmetto Health Report

Conversations surrounding the Palmetto Health brand were 73% positive with 25% of the results showing as neutral. This level of positive chatter about a hospital brand is excellent for the industry.

The neutral and negative sentiment surrounding Palmetto Health are lower than industry averages.

Neutral results came from directory listings on healthcare websites and listings for job openings. The level of neutral results

Spiral16’s snapshot of Palmetto Health reflects 1% negative of the results as negative for the brand.

How Do People Feel About Palmetto Health Brand?

palmetto health report6

Sentiment Surrounding Palmetto Health Very Positive

Palmetto Health Report

Taking out the neutral results for Palmetto Health allows for a clear view of positive versus negative chatter surrounding the brand. The chart below reflects the overwhelming positive levels of brand conversations compared to the negative chatter about Palmetto Health.

How Do People Feel About Palmetto Health Brand?

palmetto health report7

Twitter and News Dominate

Palmetto Health Report

Twitter held the number one spot in the most popular domains for Palmetto Health. Twitter made up the largest volume from a single web domain.

News sites, career sites and websites from the Palmetto Health brand round out the list of the Top 10 Most Popular Domains in this research.

YouTube results brought back a higher than average level of results. The YouTube results and the opportunity for Palmetto Health are outlined in the recommendations area of this report.

The number 10 spot in the Top 10 Most Popular Domains is a blog written by the former Palmetto Health CEO.

Most Popular Domains

palmetto health report8

Twitter and Brand Sites Influential

Palmetto Health Report

Twitter and Websites from the Palmetto Health brand make up the majority of the most influential or “loud” web pages in this initial search.

This list of the Top 10 Most Influential Web Pages for Palmetto Health shows the Palmetto Health websites in the #1 and #3 positions.

Job listings for Palmetto Health and Twitter results make up the remaining slots in the Top 10 Most Influential Web Pages.

In an excel document sent with this report, Spiral16 has provided the Top 100 Most Influential Web Pages for Palmetto Health, along with a link and summary for each.

Most Influential Pages

palmetto health report9

Palmetto Health Report

Most Influential Language

Excel spreadsheet available for entire semantic cloud.

palmetto health report10


Palmetto Health Report

The content of the Twitter messages is mainly fact driven. People are mentioning Palmetto Health and checking in on social networks while at Palmetto Health facilities. The results did not include a high volume of Twitter results with patient experiences or personal mentions.

This is NOT a bad thing to have a high volume of check-ins on social media! But the excellent positive chatter surrounding the Palmetto Brand indicates that there is an opportunity to grow the brand on Twitter.

We believe that Palmetto Health can utilize the positive online and increase the brand Twitter presence. Twitter is a natural platform to connect with potential patients and current in a more personal manner.

Opportunities for Palmetto Health

palmetto health report11

Video as an Online Communication Tool

Palmetto Health Report

Video volume for Palmetto Health was higher than average for a healthcare company. In addition ,the content of the online video that was influential for the brand consisted of short videos about equipment!

The volume and rank of the online video results indicate there could be a trend to take advantage of using video to communicate Palmetto Health’s message online.

Videos of patient experiences or video showing the state-of-the-art technology at the Palmetto Health facilities could be a powerful communication tool to share online. And video communication does not have to be expensive to be effective, especially when it’s easy to share on social networks.

Shoutzis a free iPhone and Android app that makes it easy to share video clips instantly with on Facebook and Twitter. The quality of the video and ease of sharing makes Shoutz an excellent tool for sharing videos online and on social networks. Quick video snippets at charity events, or showing happy patients at the Children’s hospital could be a low-cost tactic to grow Palmetto Health’s online footprint.

Opportunities for Palmetto Health

palmetto health report12

LinkedIn Presence

Palmetto Health Report

The Palmetto Health LinkedIn profile was listed in the Top 50 influential results.

One opportunity for Palmetto Health online could be to increase the LinkedIn presence for the brand by making sure all the top professional staff for the organization have current LinkedIn profiles.

Our experience has shown that when LinkedIn results for a brand are influential, there is greater opportunity for growth on this professional social network for the brand overall.

Opportunities for Palmetto Health