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Macklemore : Same Love PowerPoint Presentation
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Macklemore : Same Love

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Macklemore : Same Love - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Macklemore : Same Love. Numbered heads together. Macklemore talks of stereotypes. Which characteristics spring to your minds when thinking of gay people?.

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Macklemore: Same Love



Macklemore talks of stereotypes. Which characteristics spring to your minds when thinking of gay people?


He says that right wing conservatives think it’s a matter of decision to be gay or hetero and that you can decide not to be gay. What do you think about that?


He also sings about the hate comments on the internet and claims that it’s too easy to sit at home by the computer and send out hate messages. What do you think of these hate comments that you see so often on YouTube? And is it OK to use the word gay as a derogatory word?


Macklemoreblames the church for incitinghatetowardsgaypeople. Whydoes it do so, do youthink?


Last year there was an election in the US about same-sex marriage and two states approved of it. What do you think? Should gay people have the right to marry? Should they have the right to adopt children? Can they be good parents? Discuss…


This song sends a clear and strong message. What do you think of songs that have a message – and can you think of other songs or artists that have a message?