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Raganuga bhakti

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Raganuga bhakti - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Raganuga bhakti. Definition of Pure Bhakti anyabhilasita sunya jnana karma anavrtam anukulyena krsnanusilanam bhaktir uttama

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Definition of Pure Bhakti

anyabhilasita sunya jnana karma anavrtam

anukulyena krsnanusilanam bhaktir uttama

The highest bhakti is defined as continuous service or emotions directed towards Kåñëa, His expansion forms or others related to Him, with a pleasing attitude towards Kåñëa. It should be devoid of desires other than the desire to please the Lord, and unobstructed by impersonal jïäna, the materialistic rituals of karma or other unfavorable acts.

types of uttama bhakti
Types of Uttama Bhakti
  • 1. Sadhanabhakti
        • Vaidhi
        • Raganuga
  • 2. Bhava bhakti
  • 3. Prema bhakti
sadhana bhakti definition
SadhanaBhakti Definition
  • krti-sadhya bhavet sadhya-
  • bhava sa sadhanabhidha
  • nitya-siddhasya bhavasya
  • prakatyam hrdi sadhyata

Action of the senses, which produces the stage of bhäva, is called sädhana-bhakti. This attained state of bhäva-bhakti is an eternal sthäyi-bhäva which is not created, but simply manifests within the soul by the spiritual energy of the Lord.

raganuga bhakti definition
Raganuga bhakti Definition
  • virajanti abhivyaktam vrajavasi-janadisu ragatmikam anusrta ya sa raganugocyate
  • Rägänuga-bhakti is defined as that bhakti which follows after the rägämika-bhakti found distinctively in the inhabitants of Vraja.
definition of raga and ragatmika
Definition of Raga and Ragatmika
  • istesvarasikiragah
  • paramavistatatabhavet
  • tan-mayiyabhavedbhaktih
  • satraragatmikodita
  • Räga is defined as spontaneous, deep thirst for the object of love. Bhakti that is impelled exclusively by such a thirst is called rägätmika-bhakti.

This ragatmika bhakti is found in the people of Vraja: Gopis, Nanda and Yasoda, cowherd boys, and servants.

  • Following after the mood and actions of those ragatmika devotees is called raganuga.
qualification for raganuga
Qualification for Raganuga
  • rägätmikäika-niñöhä ye
  • vraja-väsi-janädayaù |
  • teñäà bhäväptaye lubdho
  • bhaved aträdhikäravän
  • That person who is greedy for attaining a bhäva similar to that of the inhabitants of Vraja is qualified for rägänuga-bhakti.
qualification for raganuga1
Qualification for Raganuga
  • tat-tad-bhävädi-mädhuryeçrutedhéryadapekñate|nätraçästraànayuktià ca tal-lobhotpatti-lakñaëaà||
  • The appearance of that greed is indicated when the intelligence does not depend on rules of scripture and logic, after realizing to some degree the sweetness of their love through the process of hearing from the scriptures.
spontaneity in vaidhi bhakti
Spontaneity in Vaidhi Bhakti
  • vaidha-bhakty-adhikärétubhävävirbhavanävadhi |atraçästraàtathätarkam
  • anukülamapekñate||
  • Those qualified for vaidhi-bhakti are dependent on the rules of scripture and favorable use of logic until the appearance of bhäva-bhakti.
scripture and raganuga
Scripture and Raganuga

As soon as the greed manifests in him (for attaining a bhava similar to that of the Vraja-väsis), and he develops an inclination for raga-bhakti, the practitioner of rägänuga-bhakti does not depend any longer on scriptural rules and logic.

However, wherever that greed has appeared, it is understood that the person must have studied the scriptures in order to attain that greed. It is also necessary to study the scriptures in order to understand the proper sädhana forrägänuga-bhakti.

angas activities
Angas (activities)
  • kåñëaàsmaranjanaàcäsya
  • preñöhaànija-saméhitam |tat-tat-kathä-rataçcäsau
  • kuryädväsaàvrajesadä||
  • Remembering the Våndävana form of Kåñëa and His dear associates who have inclinations for service similar to one’s own, absorbing oneself in hearing topics related to them, one should always live in Vraja.
j va gosv m s commentary
Jéva Gosvämé’s Commentary
  • If possible, one should live physically in the places where Kåñëa lived, such as Våndävana. If one cannot do that, then the person should live there mentally.


  • siddha-rüpeëacätra hi |tad-bhäva-lipsunäkäryä
  • vraja-lokänusärataù||
  • Following after the inhabitants of Vraja, one should perform service in one’s physical body and in one’s siddha body, with a desire for a particular bhäva.
visvanatha s commentary
Visvanatha’s Commentary
  • Accordingly, one should perform mental service in one’s siddha-rüpa, following after the examples of Çré Rädhä, Lalitä, Viçäkhä, Çré Rüpa-maïjaré and others.
  • In one’s physical body, one should perform services using one’s body, following after persons such as Çré Rüpa and Sanätana Gosvämés situated in Vraja.
physical body siddha body
Physical body Siddha body

Material body Identity as gopi, cowherd, etc.

Follow conduct Follow conduct

given by Rupa Goswami of Vraja residents

64 angas



  • Vaidha-bhakty-uditänitu|yänyaìgäni ca tänyatra
  • vijïeyänimanéñibhiù||
  • The discriminating practitioners should accept the aìgas which were mentioned in vaidhi-bhakti such as hearing and chanting as the aìgas of rägänuga-bhakti.
types of raganuga
Types of Raganuga
  • Madhurya bhava
    • Sambhogecchä-mayé-bhakti is characterized by enjoying conjugally with Kåñëa.
    • Tad-bhävecchätmika-bhakti is characterized by desiring the sweet mood of love of the käma-rüpa-siddha devotees.


  • vidhi-märgeëasevate |kevalenaivasatadä
  • mahiñétvamiyät pure ||
  • A person who serves on the path of vaidhi-bhakti with a desire for a conjugal relationship with the Lord and a high position, but without desire for the gopis’ type of love, after some time becomes a queen in Dvärakä.
other types of raganuga
Other types of Raganuga
  • lubdhairvätsalya-sakhyädau
  • bhaktiùkäryätrasädhakaiù |vrajendra-subalädénäà
  • bhäva-ceñöita-mudrayä||
  • Practicing devotees greedy for parental, friendly or servant relationships perform this bhakti with indications of the behavior and mood of Nanda (parent), Subala (friend), and others.
cause of raganuga
Cause of Raganuga
  • kåñëa-tad-bhakta-käruëya-
  • mätra-läbhaika-hetukä |puñöi-märgatayä kaiçcid
  • iyaà rägänugocyate ||
  • The mercy of Kåñëa and His devotees is the only cause of attaining rägänuga-bhakti. Some call this type of devotion puñöi-märga.

Vaidhi Sadhana Raganuga Sadhana

  • Vaidhi Uttha Bhava Raganuga Uttha Bhava
  • Vaidhi Uttha Prema Raganuga Uttha Prema
caitanya s method
Caitanya’s Method
  • My instruction is that you according to a fixed vow. You will realize all perfections through this chanting of the Holy Names. There is no other rule but this.
gaura kisora das babaji
GauraKisora das Babaji

Your svarupa will be revealed in the syllables of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra.

jiva goswami combined form
JivaGoswamiCombined Form
  • One in whom this taste (ruci) has not arisen but who has come to appreciate raganuga-bhakti on account of appreciation for a particular saint or scripture (sat) may still practice raganuga-bhakti but with a mixture of vaidhi-bhakti

Bhakti-sandarbha 311

stages of raganuga and after
Stages of Raganuga and after
  • Sravana hearing about pastimes of Vraja
  • Varana getting siddhadeha from guru
  • Smarana practicing siddhadeha(ruci, asakti)
  • Dharana
  • Dhyäna
  • Anusmrti
  • Samadhi
  • Apana-- bhava stage: realization of service in spiritual body
  • Sampatti leaving the body prema


  • bhajankriyasravana
  • anarthanivrtti
  • Nisthavarana
  • Rucismarana
  • asakti
  • Bhavaapana
  • Premasampatti
raganuga difficulties
Raganuga Difficulties
  • Less emphasis on rules produces laxity in service and vows.
  • Identifying conjugal pastimes materially gives rise to material desires.
  • Therefore it is more useful for completely renounced persons rather than householders.

It requires intense concentration on chanting for many hours (Bhaktivinode recommend 64 rounds ) while meditating on asta kaliya lila

  • Difficult to preach to public which knows only material life.