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Instructional Software

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Instructional Software. While I am taking attendance, answer the following: 1. What is good about learning from a computer? 2. What is not good about learning from a computer? . Computer Based Instruction.

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instructional software

Instructional Software

While I am taking attendance, answer the following:

1. What is good about learning from a computer?

2. What is not good about learning from a computer?

computer based instruction
Computer Based Instruction

Instructional content, activities, practice are delivered via the computer to student or students.

CBI is an “educational medium with it’s own unique set of strengths and limitations.”

Hannifan & Peck (1988)

The Design, Development and Evaluation of Instructional Software

strengths of cbi
Strengths of CBI
  • Increased Interaction
  • Increased Motivation
  • Immediate Feedback or Remediation
  • Easy data storage

(e.g., learner responses)

  • Learner Control

Hannifan & Peck (1988)

The Design, Development and Evaluation of Instructional Software

limitations of cbi
Limitations of CBI
  • Cost of hardware, software licenses
  • Difficult to review
  • Heavy reliance on reading & visual skills
  • Unable to fulfill “teachable moments”
  • Unable to recognize human emotion

Hannifan & Peck (1988)

The Design, Development and Evaluation of Instructional Software

3 components of good cbi
3 Components of Good CBI
  • Orientation
  • Navigation
  • Motivation
  • Clarity
    • Explain purpose, expectations of CBI
    • All lessons, steps, tasks etc. are identified
    • Learner’s progress is shown
  • Consistency
    • Placement of content, buttons, menus etc.
    • Formatting of content, buttons, menus etc.
    • Color scheme and graphics
  • Clear labels
    • Start, Quit, Save, Lesson 1 etc.
  • Efficient travel
    • Major places of reference are 1 click away
  • Forgiving
    • “Always go home and back”
  • User control
    • User chooses where to start, go next
    • Quitting and re-starting
  • Approach
    • Learner has a role or mission
    • Fun characters (cartoons)
    • Color, Graphics, Multimedia
  • Feedback
    • Positive
    • Detailed
    • Varied
types of cbi
Types of CBI
  • Drill and Practice
  • Tutorial
  • Simulation
  • Instructional Game
  • Problem Solving
drill and practice
Drill and Practice

The learner is led through a series of practice exercises designed to increase fluency in a new skill or to refresh an existing one.

  • Replaces the “dittos” with tons of math problems
  • Computer can remediate every student on the spot
  • Teacher can only get to a few or one at a time

Popular Titles:

  • Number Munchers
  • GRE / SAT / ACT practice
  • U.S. Capitols

The CBI acts like a tutor by providing the learner with instructional content, practice activities & assessments needed to master a given topic.

Popular Titles:

  • Type To Learn 3
  • Mavis Beacon Typing
  • Various language learning software

The user learns from a computerized model based on a real life or imaginary situation.

Popular Titles:

  • SimCity Classic
  • Oregon Trail
  • SimEarth
  • Future Lab: Circuits for Physical Science
  • Population Concepts
  • Civilization III
instructional game
Instructional Game

A learning environment in which learners follow prescribed rules as they strive to complete a challenging goal.

Popular Titles:

  • Splat Degree
  • Reader Rabbit
  • Jumpstart series
  • Where in the U.S.A. Is Carmen Sandiego?
  • Logical Journey of the Zoombinis
  • How the West Was 1+3*4
problem solving
Problem Solving

The learner applies higher-order strategies and synthesizes knowledge to solve problems.

Popular Titles:

  • Concert Tour Entrepreneur
  • Freddi Fish
  • Baily’s Book House
  • Sammy’s Science House
  • Yoda’s Challenge Activity Center
instructional content
Instructional Content
  • Topics & Skills: What will they learn?
  • Specific:
    • Calculate addition and subtraction of single and double digit numbers
    • Identify countries on the seven continents
  • General:
    • NEEDS the teacher to expand the CBI’s learning benefits
      • SimCity: Understand city government
      • Teacher can integrate the simulation by having students write a:
        • State of the City Address
        • Create a city budget for the next 10 years
integration of cbi
Integration of CBI

Transparent Use--Integration of CBI should:

  • Flow smoothly
  • Compliment the teacher’s instruction
  • Compliment the students’ completing a project

Appropriate & Accessible

  • CBI as “free time” activity is WRONG
  • ALL students should use effective CBI
your assignment in brief
Your Assignment (in brief):
  • Find 1 Instructional Software package.
  • Evaluate that software package thoroughly.
  • Complete the on-line evaluation form.
  • Print and hand in the summary page.
software evaluation form
Software Evaluation Form
  • Why is it on-line?
  • Your entry will be submitted into our database.
  • The database will be accessible to:
    • Future students
    • Alumni
    • Partner schools
things to think about
Things to Think About
  • Possibilities
    • How would this be integrated into MY teaching?
  • Setting
    • How could this be used in a lab? Or with only 1 computer?
  • Audience
    • Which students would benefit? How?
  • Support
    • What additional materials or instruction would help support this software?