falling leaders shown up by japan n.
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Falling Leaders: Shown up by Japan PowerPoint Presentation
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Falling Leaders: Shown up by Japan

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Falling Leaders: Shown up by Japan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Falling Leaders: Shown up by Japan. Tsar Nicolas II: Romanov Dynasty (Paris Hilton). Dowager Cixi : Qing Dynasty. Encouraged secret societies Encouraged the Boxer Rebellion—get rid of foreign influence The West and Japan did not allow this –Captured Beijing

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falling leaders shown up by japan
Falling Leaders: Shown up by Japan

Tsar Nicolas II: Romanov Dynasty (Paris Hilton)

Dowager Cixi :

Qing Dynasty

Encouraged secret societies

Encouraged the Boxer Rebellion—get rid of foreign influence

The West and Japan did not allow this –Captured Beijing

Chinese students lost respect for leaders and were convicted revolution must happen

  • Lived off his families name—Romanov’s ruled for 100s of years
  • Fought in the Russo- Japanese war---tried to stop Japan from taking Korea and heading towards Manchuria
  • Losses the War and Losses the respect of his people
  • New Intellectual group known as the “SOVIETS” start talk of revolution
revolution the rise of new leaders
Revolution:The Rise of New leaders


Provisional Leader

Sun Yat-sen:

Nationalist Leader

New government needed to follow ideas similar to the west

China must end foreign control—control itself

give democratic freedom to the people

Make sure all people in China Benefit from a strong and secure economy

Problem with Sun Yixian

He lacked political and military authority

The country was very large and hard to control and influence

Military Leader Yuan Shikai betrayed Sun.

  • Kerensky- member of the Socialists Revolutionaries becomes the Provisional Government leader.
  • Kerensky decides to stay in WWI
  • Russia suffers from most devastating losses of the war
    • 1,650,000 killed
    • 3,850,000 wounded
    • 2,410,000 missing
conflicting ideas on wwi leads civil war
Conflicting Ideas on WWI: Leads Civil War

Lenin: Anti-War Campaign


China helps to fight down Germany hopes --Allies win they will get back territory lost

Treaty of Versailles gives the lost land to JAPAN!!

MAY 4th Movement:

Over 3,000 people protest over the news of the Treaty of Versailles

Loose trust in a democratic system

Mao creates a Communist Party Based off the ideas of Lenin

Lenin send military advisors to China to help Mao.

Civil War Breaks out between Chanig Kiashek and Mao (USA support Chaing)

Mao Wins!

  • Great October Revolution, October 25, 1917- Trotsky (leader of the Red Army) takes most of Petrograd overthrows provisional gov’t
  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk –gives up ¼ of Russia to Germany to get out of war
  • Humiliating terms of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
  • Civil war between “Reds” (Bolsheviks) and “Whites” (anti-communists—and supported by USA)
  • won by Lenin and

Bolsheviks in 1922 REDS

the rise of a strong communist party and economy
The Rise of a Strong Communist Party and Economy

Lenin: NEP Plan and Soviet Union


Once in control of China, Mao sets up a Communist Party much like Stalin and Lenin

Sets up Collective Farms

Creates a Little Red Army- young children taught in school to follow the Communist ways.

  • Puts in place small version of Capitalism
  • Peasants sell Crops and make a small profit
  • Government controls major industries, banks and means of communication
  • After NEP success, Lenin introduces the classless society
  • Creates the USSR: Lenin organizes Russia into several different Republics- ALL UNDER A CENTERAL GOVERNMENT
technology changes
Technology Changes
  • New Inventions are created
    • Automobiles
    • Planes
    • Radio
    • Film/ Movies
  • How do you think these inventions changed the world?
composers change their tune
Composers change their tune:
  • Moved away from traditional style
  • JAZZ is introduced in the United States
    • showed freedom of a new generation
    • New Dances introduces:
      • Charlston, and Black Bottom, Jitter Bug/Swing
social patterns change
New Individual Freedoms Emerge

Women go from restrictive clothing to more loose fitting

Why do you think that is?

What other changes can you predict happened?

Social Patterns Change
artists change their tone
Artists, change their tone:

Art Rebels:

  • Move away from traditional Art-
  • Begin to distort and exaggerate their art
  • Surrealism: dream like qualities
  • The focus was to show inner emotion rather than realistic representation.
  • Why do you suppose art changed after WWI?