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txConnect – A Parent’s View. txConnect. Is a web-based application designed to allow parents access to student information entered in the txGradebook. Utilizes a replicated database populated with student information from the txGradebook.

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  • Is a web-based application designed to allow parents access to student information entered in the txGradebook.

  • Utilizes a replicated database populated with student information from the txGradebook.

  • Uses automated services to update the database and generate alerts regarding grades and/or attendance.

  • Supports alert notifications via email based on district configuration.

  • Supports the use of a single parent account to access students attending multiple campuses within the district.

  • Help topics are available for each section of the application.


  • Login

  • Summary Page

  • Attendance

  • Grades

  • Assignments

  • Alerts

  • My Account



From this page, a user may establish an account (1), reset a password (2) or login to the application (3).



Login spanish
Login - Spanish

txConnect also supports multiple languages. Note, only static data or data with a Spanish equivalent in the SIS will be translated.


The information displayed in the class schedule reflects what is in the teachers grade book. Note, there is a date and time stamp associated with all grade and attendance related information.

The 1 new alert link notifies the parent that there has been an important status change to their student’s grades and/or attendance. It is also a link to the Alerts tab.


The parent may view Course or Instructor Notes entered by the teacher in txGradebook by clicking on the appropriate yellow icon.

These notes appear throughout the txConnect application.

Summary page
Summary Page

In the event that a parent has multiple children attending multiple campuses, the parent may toggle between the students using the Students menu on the left.

Attendance detailed
Attendance - Detailed

The Attendance Key displays posting codes and descriptions maintained in the SIS. The attendance displayed on this page is a combination of what the teacher posts in the grade book and any changes made by the clerk in the SIS.

Attendance calendar view
Attendance – Calendar View

The Calendar View tab displays a calendar for each month within the selected semester. Shaded boxes represent days where the student has been marked absent or tardy. The parent may click on these boxes for more detail

Attendance total view
Attendance – Total View

The Totals View tab is a summary of absence and tardy totals for each period.

Grades cycle grades
Grades – Cycle Grades

The Cycle Grades tab displays the current working cycle average for each course in the student’s schedule plus any previously posted cycle grades within the selected semester.

Grades cycle grades1
Grades – Cycle Grades

The Show All link will reveal detail for all courses while Hide All will collapse that detail.

By clicking on a cycle average, the parent may view the category and assignment detail within each course.

Grades semester grades
Grades – Semester Grades

The Semester Grades tab will display grade and credit information from the SIS that has already been awarded.


By selecting the Course,View, Due Before (optional) and clicking Find Assignments, a list of assignments meeting the criteria will be displayed in the area below.


The parent may sort this report in either ascending or descending order using the Course or Due Date headings.

Alerts subscribe to alerts
Alerts – Subscribe to Alerts

Note, the parent may set up custom alerts for each student on their account.

Alerts view alerts
Alerts – View Alerts

By checking the Read? box, the alert will assume an acknowledged status and will only display on this tab if the View Read Alerts box is checked.

My account
My Account

To change any of the data on this page, the parent will click the appropriate Change link, enter the new information and click Save to update.

My account students
My Account - Students

To add a new student to the account, the parent must enter the Student Portal ID provided by the campus along with the student’s Birth Date and click Add. The parent must then click Save to apply the changes.