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Health and wellness for all. Santé et mieuxêtre pour tous. Wii-mino- bimaadiziiyang kino. Aging At Home … Accessible Home Care Services Within Walden North East Local Health Integration Network (NE LHIN) Terry Tilleczek, Senior Director, Planning and Integration April 25, 2009. Outline.

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Health and


for all.

Santé et


pour tous.




Aging At Home …Accessible Home Care Services Within WaldenNorth East Local Health Integration Network (NE LHIN)Terry Tilleczek, Senior Director, Planning and IntegrationApril 25, 2009


  • Background on the NE LHIN

  • Current Priorities

  • Aging at Home Strategy

    • Overview

    • Manitoulin-Sudbury

  • Services in Walden

Lhins history
LHINs – History

  • 14 LHINs established by Province of Ontario in 2006 under the Local Health System Integration Act.

  • Full funding authority transferred from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) to the LHINs on April 1, 2007.

  • $1.2 billion transferred to the NE LHIN.

The ne lhin is responsible to
The NE LHIN is responsible to:

  • Plan, integrate and fund local health services;

  • Lead the transformation of the local health care system;

  • Work closely with health service providers, consumers and their families to integrate health care practices into a model that works for the people of North East Ontario.

The ne lhin region
The NE LHIN Region …

  • More than 560,000 people

  • Approximately 400,000 square kilometers

  • Culturally diverse:

    • 24% Francophone

    • 10% Aboriginal, First Nation and Métis

Seven planning areas
Seven Planning Areas

  • Algoma

  • Cochrane

  • James Bay & Hudson Bay Coasts

  • Manitoulin-Sudbury

  • Nipissing

  • Parry Sound

  • Timiskaming

Ne lhin health service providers
NE LHIN Health Service Providers

  • 26 General Hospitals

  • 1 Specialty Mental Health Facility

  • 1 Community Care Access Centre

  • 76 Community Support Services

  • Close to 75 Community Mental Health, Addiction & Problem Gambling Services

  • 45 Long-Term Care Homes

  • 5 Community Health Centres

Ne lhin vision mission
NE LHIN Vision & Mission


Health and Wellness for All


Create a system that is innovative, sustainable and accountable

NE LHINBoard of Directors

Audit Committee*

Governance Committee*

Executive Committee

French Language Health Planning Entities*

Local Aboriginal Health Planning Entities*

Health Professionals Advisory Committee*

NE LHIN Chief Executive Officer


Heath Human Resources

Chronic Disease Prevention Management

Wait Times

Health System CEO Roundtables



& Sudbury

Parry Sound




James &

Hudson Bay


Project or Task Specific Tables as Required

(Time Limited)

* Legislated Board Committees

Integrated health service plan ihsp seven priorities
Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP) Seven Priorities

  • Aboriginal Health Services

  • Chronic Disease Prevention Management

  • Information and Communication Technology

  • French Language Health Services

  • Health Human Resource Needs

  • Primary Care Reform

  • Wait Times

Ihsp refresh
IHSP Refresh

  • Strategic Plan for the region

  • Required by legislation

  • Developing next 3 year Integrated Health Services Plan

  • Due end of November 2009

  • Community engagement through:

    • Web page

    • Focus groups

    • Existing committees and structures

  • Visit our web page

Some current ne lhin priorities
Some Current NE LHIN Priorities

Alternate Level of Care (ALC)

  • Sudbury ALC Steering Group (10 priorities)

  • North Bay Task Force

  • SSM Task Force

  • Timmins Task Force

  • Senior’s Housing Study

  • Aging at Home – Year 3

  • ER/ALC Performance Management (Stocktake Report)

  • Some current ne lhin priorities1
    Some Current NE LHIN Priorities

    • Integration Strategy

    • Multi-Sectoral Accountability Agreements


    • Surgery Optimization

    • Chronic Disease Prevention Management

      • Diabetes Strategy

      • Diabetes Registry

    • Health Human Resource Needs

    Some current ne lhin priorities2
    SomeCurrent NE LHIN Priorities

    • Wait Times Advisory Panel

    • Addictions and Mental Health

    • FLO Collaborative Spread Strategy

    Aging at home overview
    Aging at Home - Overview

    • A critical Strategy to achieve the NE LHIN’s vision.

    • Announced in September 2007.

    • Over 3 years … new ongoing funding of $330 million provincially … $19 million for the North East.

    • By year in the North East …

      • 2008/09 – $4.4M

      • 2009/10 – $6.4M

      • 2010/11 – $8.2M

    Aging at home initial goals 2007
    Aging at Home – Initial Goals 2007

    • Ensuring that seniors’ homes support them.

    • Supportive social environments.

    • Senior-centered care that is easy to access.

    • Identifying innovative solutions to keep seniors healthy.

    Aging at Home – 2009

    • Maintaining seniors in their homes but must also be used to address Alternate Level of Care (ALC) pressures.

    Supporting aging at home
    Supporting Aging at Home

    • Literature Review – Opportunities, Innovations, & Best Practices (January 2008)

    • Innovations Exchange Sessions (February 2008)

    • Seniors’ Survey (February 2008)

    • Seniors Engagement Sessions & Evaluation Project – (March 2008)

    • Seniors Health Summit (March 2008)

    • Aboriginal/FirstNation/Metis/Elder/

      Seniors Engagement (March 2008)

    Aging at home strategy 2009 10
    Aging at Home Strategy2009/10

    • NE LHIN released A@H documents for Year 2 (August 2008)

    • Total 2009/10 allocation $6.37 million

    • Local planning areas asked to develop proposals that address a move towards integrated service delivery

    • Priority focus will be to align A@H strategy with ALC investments

    Aging at home in manitoulin sudbury
    Aging at Home in Manitoulin-Sudbury

    • To date, over $2M allocated or soon to be allocated for …

      • Transportation

      • Home maintenance and support

      • Alzheimer respite and caregiver support

      • Enhanced supportive housing

      • Falls prevention

      • ALC “Wrap Around” Program

      • Development of a Regional Geriatric Program

    Aging at home services for walden and area
    Aging at Home – Services for Walden and Area

    • North East CCAC (310-CCAC)

      • Information and Referral

      • Case Management

      • Professional In-Home Services

      • Coordination of Non-Professional In-Home Supports (for people receiving professional services)

      • Long-Term Care Placement

    Aging at home services for walden and area1
    Aging at Home – Services for Walden and Area

    • Community Supports (available in the CGS) such as …

      • Meals on Wheels

      • Transportation (Red Cross)

      • Alzheimer Society (e.g. caregiver respite and support)

      • Home Support / Home Maintenance (Red Cross, VON)

      • Adult Day Care (VON)

    Aging at home services for walden and area2
    Aging at Home – Services for Walden and Area

    • Walden Home Support – Program Status

      • Program ceased in early 2009

      • Funds were protected for Walden and area

      • Process to investigate local needs nearly completed – was undertaken to make sure the funds are used to meet priority needs

      • Services to restart through the VON within weeks

      • More information to come through local marketing and service awareness activities as part of the re-launch

    Stay informed get involved
    Stay Informed, Get involved…

    • Subscribe to receive:

      • NE LHIN e-Bulletin (weekly or bi-weekly e-mail)

      • NE LHIN News (quarterly newsletter)

    • Submit story/article ideas.

    • Visit our website often at

    • Attend a NE LHIN Board meeting, summit, forum.

    • Request a NE LHIN presentation by contacting our office.

    Contact us
    Contact Us …

    North East Local Health Integration Network

    555 Oak Street East, Third Floor

    North Bay, ON P1B 8E3

    Phone: 1-866-906-5446 or (705) 840-2872

    Thank you merci meegwetch

    Health and


    for all.

    Santé et


    pour tous.




    Thank you. Merci. Meegwetch.