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Email Server Upgrade

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Email Server Upgrade. From UW to Cyrus. What is an IMAP Server?. Provides access to your mail messages stored on the mail server Requires authentication (login/password) Allow you to store and manage multiple mail folders on the mail server

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email server upgrade

Email Server Upgrade

From UW to Cyrus

what is an imap server
What is an IMAP Server?
  • Provides access to your mail messages stored on the mail server
  • Requires authentication (login/password)
  • Allow you to store and manage multiple mail folders on the mail server
  • Can provide additional features (such as sharing mail folders) depending on the particular implementation
  • Provides emulation of the POP3 protocol for backwards compatibility with older mail clients
what an imap server isn t
What an IMAP Server Isn’t
  • The IMAP server does not do the actual deliver of email messages to users
  • Sendmail/Postfix/Qmail handles the delivery of email messages
message stores
Message Stores
  • A message store is the organization of how email messages are saved on the email server
  • The mail deliver agent (sendmail/postfix) and the mail access agent (cyrus/uwimap) must agree on the same message store organization
  • Also called mailstores
uw imap message store
UW IMAP Message Store
  • University of Washington IMAP uses the Unix email message format, also known as mbox or Berkeley mail format
  • Each mail folder is a file on the server and messages are stored in that file with a known message separator
cyrus imap message store
Cyrus IMAP Message Store
  • Cyrus uses the maildir or a enhanced version of the maildir message store
  • Each folder is a directory and each message is a separate file in the directory
  • A lightweight database is used to speed access to the messages
  • Cyrus was developed at Carnegie Mellon University
uw imap pros
  • Simple to implement. No changes need to be made to message store format
  • Can understand other message store formats other than Berkeley (Unix) mailbox format
  • Can run on a machine that also allows users to login for interactive use (e.g. to use pine)
  • Users or mail programs (mailx) can still access their mail files directly
uw imap cons
  • Resource intensive. Entire mail folder must be read into memory and rewritten when changes are made. Doesn’t scale well.
  • Does not support IMAP Quotas. Must use Unix filesystem quotas.
  • Does not support IMAP access control lists to allow others to share mail folders
cyrus pros
Cyrus Pros
  • Uses an efficient, scalable message store
  • Supports IMAP Quotas
  • Supports IMAP Access Control Lists (ACL) to allow sharing of mail folders
  • Has built-in server-side mail filtering language (Sieve)
  • User accounts do not need to be tied to existing Unix accounts (you could use LDAP, or a separate account database).
cyrus cons
Cyrus Cons
  • Requires the use of the maildir message store
  • Designed to be run on standalone server that doesn’t allow regular users to login to it
  • Users no longer have direct access to their mail folders and messages. They must use the IMAP or POP3 protocol.
  • Can’t use familiar tools or config files (procmail, vacation and .forward files). The must use Sieve filtering language and other web developed interfaces.
what are the benefits to the college
What are the Benefits to The College?
  • Better Mail Quota Support
    • Mailboxes don’t get corrupt when user goes over quota which requires admin intervention on the current system.
    • All mail folders including the INBOX are governed by the same disk quota (indirectly frees up space in their Unix account for more web pages/files).
benefits continued
Benefits (continued)
  • Collaboration Abilities
    • Users can share mail folders with others on the system
    • Users can setup “dropbox” mail folders that can be directly mailed into
    • Bulletin Board (public access) folders can be created for announcements
upgrade responsibilities for current mail users
Upgrade Responsibilities for Current Mail Users
  • Move current mail folders to new server (IT will convert their INBOX for them)
  • Modify Netscape Preferences
  • Learn/convert to new “vacation” feature
  • Convert .forward contents to new system
  • Redo server-side procmail filters to sieve filters if they current use it
  • Optionally configure ACLs on mail folders

Cyrus is a modern IMAP server implementation that is feature rich, scales well and provides some collaboration capabilities