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Alberta Divorce Mediator

Count on Alberta Divorce Finances in Calgary to provide you with credible, clear and honest calculations and recommendations on your child support and spousal support payment for your divorce.

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Alberta Divorce Mediator

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  1. Bringing Financial Clarity to Your Divorce Alberta Divorce Finances 15-11625 Elbow Drive SW., P.O. Box 83030 Calgary, Alberta, T2W 1G0 (403) 703-7176 www.albertadivorcefinances.com

  2. If I leave our matrimonial home, do I give up my rights to a claim to the home? Any questions and concerns during your separation and divorce with respect to your rights or claims should be directed to a family lawyer. Only a family lawyer can inform their clients of their legal rights and of the laws of divorce. http://www.albertadivorcefinances.com/faq-answers.htm#matrimonial-home

  3. My ex-spouse won't pay the bills or give me any money, how can I force him/her to do so? • Family lawyers represent the interests of ONE party in the case of serious issues in a separation or divorce. Only family lawyers have the legal means to enforce these types of arrangements. http://www.albertadivorcefinances.com/faq-answers.htm#ex-spouse

  4. How do I choose a lawyer? • Look for a lawyer that practices strictly family law • Find a lawyer that will be totally candid and up-front with you • Find a lawyer who is reasonable and fair and has alot of experience • Find a lawyer who is a skilled negotiator http://www.albertadivorcefinances.com/faq-answers.htm#how-do-choose

  5. Did You Know? (Part 1 of 2) • Did you know that a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™) is the only divorce professional specifically trained to explain all financial aspects of the pending decisions in separation and divorce? They help to empower their client(s) to make educated decisions throughout the process. Lawyers defend their clients' legal rights and try and negotiate the best deal possible for their client psychologists help clients; deal with the emotional healing process; financial planners help their clients with post-divorce financial planning. What's often missing in most divorce processes is financial expertise. http://www.albertadivorcefinances.com/faq-answers.htm#did-you-know

  6. Did You Know? (Part 2 of 2) • CDFA™'s help clients determine the short term and long term financial impact of any proposed divorce settlement. They also provide valuable information on financial issues that are related to the divorce, such as tax consequences, dividing pension plans, continued health care coverage, investment information and much more. A legal settlement that floats back and forth between lawyers, without the client having a clear understanding of all financial ramifications, can be detrimental, time consuming and expensive. In separation and divorce, make sure you have a clear understanding of the role each professional can play in the process. http://www.albertadivorcefinances.com/faq-answers.htm#did-you-know

  7. What is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™)? A CDFA™ is a financial expert thoroughly trained in the financial issues of divorce through the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts. A CDFA™ takes all of your financial issues into consideration and can help provide you with better more detailed information to help you make the right decision in your divorce settlement. http://www.albertadivorcefinances.com/faq-answers.htm#cdfa

  8. THANK YOU FREE Initial Consultation Email: Sharon@AlbertaDivorceFinances.com (403) 703-7176 www.albertadivorcefinances.com

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