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Windows Basics PowerPoint Presentation
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Windows Basics

Windows Basics

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Windows Basics

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  1. Windows Basics Slide W-1

  2. Windows Objectives • Start Windows and Use the Mouse • Use the Start Button and the Toolbar • Work with a Window • Manage Folders using Windows Explorer • Use the Windows Help System • Shut Down Your Computer Slide W-2

  3. Windows Key Terms format horizonal scrollbar desktop icon filename graphical user interface file extension folder file dialog box maximize Slide W-3

  4. Windows Key Terms mouse pointer shortcut menu Start button restore subfolder scrollbox operating system menu bar minimize message box status bar Slide W-4

  5. Windows Key Terms Windows vertical scrollbar tiled windows window WordPad Windows Explorer submenu cascading windows toolbar taskbar title bar Slide W-5

  6. Application software Operating system Hardware The Operating System The operating system is a translation software. The application software gives a command (in programming language) and the operating system transmits it to the hardware in bits (0’s and 1’s). The process works in both directions. Slide W-6

  7. DOS vs. GUI C:\>CD Program Files C:\>CD Microsoft Office C:\>CD Office C:\>Winword OR Commands to start Word using DOS Double-click to start Word using GUI Slide W-7

  8. Customizing Windows Just like two desks are never the same, you can also customize Windows to your liking. Slide W-8

  9. MouseActions Slide W-9

  10. Dialog Boxes Print. Print what? Print all of it. OK The computer converses with you through dialog boxes. Slide W-10

  11. A Window With a View... When finding a subject for a photo, you move the camera to change your view. You also change your view within a window to see what is beyond the current view by using scrollbars. Slide W-11

  12. Using Folders We do not find toilets in the living room or stoves in the bedroom. We organize our homes by room. We should likewise organize our files into appropriate folders. Slide W-12

  13. Formatting a Disk Track Files are saved within a specific sector, on a specific track. Sector Slide W-13

  14. Step 3: Place in new location Step 4: Paste Step 2: Cut (or copy) the item Steps to Copy and Paste Step 1: Select the item Slide W-14

  15. Move a file: same drive different drive Copy a file: same drive different drive Drag Shift + Drag Shift + Drag Drag Moving and Copying Files Slide W-15

  16. Cleaning House on the PC When cleaning a closet, you have 3 choices to make for each item: • Keep it in the closet • Store it in the attic • Give it away/Throw away You have the same decisions with files: • Keep on the PC • Store externally • Delete it Slide W-16