what kids like to do in their free time l.
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What kids like to do in their free time

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What kids like to do in their free time - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What kids like to do in their free time. 4 th graders are fun! . A.R. Reading .

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a r reading
A.R. Reading
  • People in our class are lacking behind on their A.R. We need to get reading fast! All we need is about 13% of your participation and you will be set. Sometimes our greatest reader Henry Sanders can take a test on one book and be done with his A.R points! That’s what everybody should be doing.
all sorts of sports
All sorts of sports
  • Some people like to play almost 42% of all sorts of sports! That’s amazing isn’t it? Well we all like to play a lot! Some people play football, soccer, basketball and baseball and all the other sports you can think of!
outside funny fun fun
Outside funny fun fun!!!!! 
  • Many of us like to go outside; like 90% of us. We love football, soccer, kickball, and a whole bunch of other sports but football is our favorite,but sometimes we get carried away! Now what’s your favorite sport?____________
the sports we play
The sports we play!
  • I bet most of the students in our school LOVE to play play football. But is only sometimes good. Because you can also READ not play. So if you can play for about 20 to 30 minutes, then you can do your homework! What do you like to do outside? ________
video games all the time
Video games all the time
  • We all love to play video games, right? That’s our favorite indoor activity. I know I love them and a lot of other people love them too. It is especially fun on a rainy day because you can’t go outside, so you can play all you want. But you should do some reading instead.
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