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  2. What is our project and why we are queer to do this project ? Where we are? Are you cautious enough to save our individuality and distinctiveness? Who is responsible? We, the audiences or the producers? Before talking about this let us clarify your idea about culture and western culture. Because we have determine the scale of western culture to see if it is really in risk or not. Is it the blend of two culture or one is following the other blindly?Bollywood, an inseparable part of Indian culture is on the threshold of risk of being sunk into the ocean of western culture.

  3. Culture: When a group of people comprise a society with their indigenous behavior and customs like dress, music, beliefs, language and rituals then the combination of their activity is called culture. It is a cornerstone of a civilized society. • Western culture: it is a term used to refer most of the cultures of European origin and most of their descendants. It comprises of the broad, geographically based, heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs such as religious beliefs and specific artifacts and technology as shared within the western sphere of influence. • Bollywood: Mumbai-based Hindi-language film industry in India and this is an unofficial expression. Actually it is an ostensible definition for it but the reality is bit different. For the viewers it indicates to the dresses, music, dances, social attitudes and attitudes to each other of the actor and actresses like sexual behavior, skin tone, languages, shooting spot and theme these are the criteria which they consider as the scale of westernization.

  4. Methodology • Surfed in the internet for the list of Bollywood Hits and selected 4 movies at random. • Watched four movies Dhoom 2, No Entry, Welcome and Race. • Did internet research on Western culture • Distributed two surveys • Watched the movies based on the criteria suggested by the audience • Then wrote the research findings.

  5. Movies we watched: Dhoom-2, Welcome, No entry, Race. • There are some of the pictures of what we have seen in that movies according to the scale of westernization, firstly about dresses:

  6. ThenMusicwas the one that caught our eyes. These are from “Race” and “Dhoom-2” which had mentionable number of English verses, bash music and scenes like this.

  7. Below are the sons of the movie “welcome” which also had English verse and western sound system. Rather it had foreign co-actor and actresses at back.

  8. Sexual behavior: in the movie we have so many scences which is totally westernized like kisses, having sexes etc.

  9. There are some more to add in the sexual behavior:

  10. Dances: most of the dances were in western style.

  11. Skin tone: so far we have seen the actor and actresses have fair skin like the westerners.

  12. RESEARCH FINDINGS • The overwhelming use of English dialogues .eg.Race • The name of the movies • The dress of the heroines and heroes • The western actresses as background dancers • Indian movies no more portray Indian culture

  13. Before watching movies : percentages of people and percentages of certain criteria considered as westernization.

  14. Percentages showing criteria students think most westernized among western dresses, English dialogues, divorce and sex before marriage, French kisses, remix sons and ballet dances.

  15. Percentages of students saying different opinion about westernization.

  16. ANALYSIS • The modern form of colonization • The loss of Cultures • Perhaps, to a future where everything is alike • The effects on language • Cultural integration or Cultural loss?

  17. Suggested solution • Preserve the distinctiveness and uniqueness of a particular culture. • Paying more attention to the ethnicity, traditional activities, history, festivals, patriotism and religion. • Being respectful and gracious towards own culture and individuality. • Needs to have more courage and confidence to take initiatives against all of kinds of attack towards any culture. • Instead of money making purpose producers have to be patriotic and devoted to their country. • As viewers they have to be active and creative viewers by being careful and cautious. They need to have the power to discern if there is any attack on their culture.

  18. Conclusion • Culture is a Cornerstone of a society. • According to Tylor what a culture is • Culture is a combination of our actions, feelings and thoughts. • Responsibility of the producers to save their own culture. • Responsibility of the viewers as well as the producers to in preserving individuality and uniqueness by being active and using creativity.