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This is Jeop-Birdy

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This is Jeop-Birdy. Bye-Bye Birdie 100. This word is what birds become when there aren’t any more of them left. What is extinct?. Back to the Board. Bye-Bye Birdie 200. Only 100 years ago, thousands of these birds could be seen in the skies. Over-hunting quickly drove them to extinction. .

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Bye-Bye Birdie 100

This word is what birds become when there aren’t any more of them left.

What is extinct?

Back to the Board


Bye-Bye Birdie 200

Only 100 years ago, thousands of these birds could be seen in the skies. Over-hunting quickly drove them to extinction.

What is the Passenger Pigeon?

Back to the Board


Bye-Bye Birdie 300

Because it had never seen humans and therefore had no fear of them, this large flightless pigeon is now extinct.

What is the Dodo?

Back to the Board


Bye-Bye-Birdie 400

This is one of the major causes of extinction in the world.

What is habitat loss?

Back to the Board


Bye-Bye Birdie 500

This bird, the U.S. symbol, was almost driven to extinction by the use of a pesticide called DDT.

What is the Bald Eagle?

Back to the Board


Bird Brained 100

The smallest bird in the world is one of these.

What is the hummingbird?

Back to the Board


Bird Brained 200

The largest egg in the world comes from this bird.

What is an Ostrich?

Back to the Board


Bird Brained 300

One of the fastest birds in the world is this one.

What is a Peregrine Falcon?

Back to the Board


Bird Brained 400

Daily Double

This part of a bird is made up of the same material as our fingernails and hair.

What are beaks and feathers?

Back to the Board


Bird Brained 500

Associated with the quote “Nevermore,” these black birds may be among the most intelligent.

What are Ravens?

Back to the Board


Save the Birds 100

If you are out hiking and come upon a bird’s nest, this is something you shouldn’t do.

What are collecting, touching, or disturbing birds or their nests?

Back to the Board


Save the Birds 200

Birds often fly into these “invisible” structures, found everywhere from sky-scrappers to your house.

What are windows?

Back to the Board


Save the Birds 300

Use of these chemicals has led to declines in the populations of many bird species.

What are pesticides?

Back to the Board


Save the Birds 400

These domestic predators kill hundreds of millions of birds each year.

What are cats?

Back to the Board


Save the Birds 500

The Act is designed to help species of wildlife whose populations are in trouble.

What is the Endangered Species Act?

Back to the Board


Bird Words 100

This is another word for the mouth of the bird.

What is the bill or beak?

Back to the Board


Bird Words 200

The claws of a bird of prey are called this.

What are talons?

Back to the Board


Bird Words 300

When birds lose old feathers and grow new ones it is called this.

What is Molting?

Back to the Board


Bird Words 400

The name of this types of nest, made by woodpeckers, is also what a hole in your tooth is called.

What is a cavity?

Back to the Board


Bird Words 500

Daily Double

This is another word for the feathers of a bird.

What is plumage?

Back to the Board


Potpourri 100

Bird watchers use these to bring birds into closer view.

What are binoculars?

Back to the Board


Potpourri 200

The seasonal movement of birds from one place to another is called this.

What is migration?

Back to the Board


Potpourri 300

These books are often used to help identify birds.

What are field guides?

Back to the Board


Potpourri 400

In order to avoid competition, this is the reason birds migrate.

What is to find food?

Back to the Board


Potpourri 500

This is made up of food, water, shelter, and space.

What is a habitat?

Back to the Board