regional arterial management systems l.
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Regional Arterial Management Systems

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Regional Arterial Management Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Regional Arterial Management Systems. “Managing the operation of the region’s arterial system is an essential piece of the region’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) strategy.” - Legacy 2030. RAMS Facts. Team

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regional arterial management systems

Regional Arterial Management Systems

“Managing the operation of the region’s arterial system is an essential piece of the region’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) strategy.” - Legacy 2030

rams facts
RAMS Facts


HNTB Corporation / Crawford, Bunte, Brammeier / Shockey Consulting Services, LLC / Cambridge Systematics, Inc.


12 months (completion June 2007)



rams study
RAMS Study
  • Emphasis is to improve traffic signal coordination on all major routes throughout the region
    • Provide a seamless transportation system without jurisdictional boundaries
  • Preliminary efforts are focused on:
    • creating a framework for cross-jurisdictional cooperation
    • examining cost-efficiencies of jointly purchasing and installing traffic control equipment
rams partners
RAMS Partners
  • Regional partners - EWGCOG, MoDOT, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, and the City of St. Louis and several municipalities
    • IDOT and Metro have been invited to participate
rams benefits
RAMS Benefits
  • Study is examining the integration of the region’s arterial roadway signal systems
    • improve safety
    • improve traffic flow
    • reduce travel times
    • improve regional air quality
    • reduce costs for travelers and system providers.
examples of benefits
Examples of Benefits

Source: Operation Greenlight

how do we achieve it
How do we achieve it?
  • Cooperation
  • Inclusive planning
  • System integration
  • Commitment to signal optimization
  • Financing
    • Equity among jurisdictions
    • Ability/willingness to pay
  • Trust/Cooperation among stakeholders
  • Local Politics
  • Buy-in from localities
  • I-64 Project
strengths to build on
Strengths to build on
  • The need for arterial management currently exists and will be magnified by the I-64 project.
  • The I-64 project is requiring cooperation among jurisdictions that RAMS can build on.
  • Gateway Guide will be fully deployed soon.
other places this is being done


Kansas City

Las Vagas

San Diego




Other places this is being done