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All property owners of Real del Mar enjoy the following additional amenities: PowerPoint Presentation
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All property owners of Real del Mar enjoy the following additional amenities:

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All property owners of Real del Mar enjoy the following additional amenities: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'All property owners of Real del Mar enjoy the following additional amenities:' - albert

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This project is considered among the most exclusive in this area and will total 59 homes on 30 acres of land that includes six summits overlooking the ocean. As of now, over 30 of those homes are constructed or in progress. For the select few that remain, one has the possibility of a real estate investment that can serve multiple objectives: capital appreciation, vacation and personal use and potential for rental income. The attractive topography of the land and positioning of its peaks affords these homes incredible views of the Bay of Banderas (the largest bay in North America on which sits Puerto Vallarta). The homes are on two or three levels, ingeniously incorporated into the hillsides with pools and ample terrace areas directed at the unique view of each location.


Development Amenities

All property owners of Real del Mar enjoy the following additional amenities:

  • Outdoor Recreational Amenities
  • Private frontage on Piedra Blanca beach.
  • Two beach clubs
  • Two Swimming pools
  • Restaurant
  • Beach club with a big “Palapa”
  • Playground for children
  • Two tennis courts
  • Two Tennis courts
  • Spa and exercise complex
  • Specific Features
  • Controlled entrance with digital registration system and 24 / 7 security staff
  • Magnificent views of the entire bay
  • Property Management Services
  • Beach club
  • Security
  • Services (communications, electricity, water, drainage, gas)
  • Meticulous, constant Maintenance

Development Amenities

Luxurious Finishing


Completely furnished & equipped to the highest standards: Marble floors, Connections for TV, telephone line and Internet, Mini-split air conditioner in bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen, Granite counter, Ocean view terraces, Jacuzzi / pool, Marble sink

Beach Club The Clubhouses, Oceanside pools, tennis courts, and each one of the paths were created with the most care by Mexican artisans. The Clubhouses is a Mexican typical building named “Palapa” and it has all the facilities of the modern world.

Security Twenty-four hour private vigilance and a single entrance by means of a tunnel, guarantee residents security.

Services With the best technology in electricity, water, drainage, gas and communications services.

Communications Underground services, state of the art telephone lines for optimum internet access, as well as wireless connections for the net.

Tennis CourtsTwo artificial grass carpets tennis courts with professional lighting. Bathrooms, dressing rooms and terrazas within this area provide extra comfort.

Maintenance Meticulous, constant care throughout the development, will maintain every area of Real del Mar perfectly clean and under outstanding operating conditions including even unoccupied lots.


Property Management Services

Basic Services

  • Monthly collection and payment of
  • utility bills (water, electricity, telephone, cable).
  • • Coordinate and monitor service people
  • to ensure their timely and quality execution of work
  • (maids, gardeners, etc). Assist with hiring or
  • replacing service staff as necessary.
  • • Source and hire miscellaneous maintenance
  • people on your behalf for small repairs as
  • required (ie: locks, seasonal coordination of regular
  • services such as a/c and fumigation).
  • • Arrange for gas refills as necessary.
  • • Weekly re-checks of property to survey for
  • security and maintenance issues (in addition to our visits to monitor services people’s work).
  • • Do purchasing of basic supplies to operate the home such as cleaning products, pool and chemicals.
  • • Ensure timely payment of annual taxes at the City Hall.
  • • If required, we will carry out payment of your annual bank trust fees.
  • • Prepare your home for your return as appropriate.

Property Management Services

Additional Services

  • Pool care (3 visits per week)
    • Analysis of water
    • Vacuum
    • Brushing the walls to avoid seaweed
  • Gardening (3 visits per week)
    • Watering Fumigation
    • Fertilization
  • House Cleaning:
    • Dusting floors and furniture
    • Making beds
    • Bathrooms
    • Windows
    • Kitchen
    • Terrace
    • Supplies and tools are included.
    • This is a general cleaning and takes 3.5 hours max.
    • Special cleanings will be answered by request.
  • Assistance on hiring of TV Cable or Telephone services:
    • This is a coordination service and execution time and
    • costs depends on the Provider.
  • Payment of Utility Bills Service Fee
    • Commission fee will be charged for
    • every bill we pay for you.

Property Management Services

  • You can join our rental pool and receive promotion of your property by way of Internet.
  • This is a non-exclusive arrangement and permits you to receive reservations from any source. We provide:
      • • Listing on our rental pages.
      • • Answering inquires with availability, rates, service and destination information.
      • • Collection of rent and distribution to the owner.
      • • Guarantee of rental income based on deposit and cancellation policies in our rental agreement (see attachment) as agreed to by you, the owner.
      • • Collection of damage deposit as mutually agreed between us andresponsibility limited to that amount for material risk.
      • • Personal liability for renters is responsibility of owner.

Rental Pool


Property Management Services

Rental Reception Services:

Should you have rental guests from any source (your own bookings, outside rental services or our company (or loan your house), we will manage their arrival and departure and be responsible to them for general household welfare during their stay. This service would be provided as a supplement which will only be charged on a consumption basis. We will provide the following:

• Ensure the house is prepared for guest arrival with fresh sheets, toiletries, a water supply, turn on propane, etc., (includes undertaking purchase of necessary products).

• Meet and greet in order to familiarize guests with keys and security, use of appliances, air conditioners and any explanations

necessary for their comfort and security as well as

the preservation of the house.

• Be on call for emergency needs/maintenance that

arise from guest’s use of the house.

• Check out guests and do house inspection at

end of their stay.

• Ready the house for the next arrival or put

on “standby” mode.