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Profiting from the Green Evolution

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Profiting from the Green Evolution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Profiting from the Green Evolution ing. André R.P. Schoonenwolf (RI/ONRI) Senior M&E Consultant Hospitality Industry SINE Engineering BV - Amsterdam Our energy can be Green Mr Gore has done a great job: His message is clear and very convincing His environmental PR work is great

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profiting from the green evolution

Profitingfrom the Green Evolution

ing. André R.P. Schoonenwolf (RI/ONRI)

Senior M&E Consultant Hospitality Industry

SINE Engineering BV - Amsterdam

our energy can be green
Our energy can be Green
  • Mr Gore has done a great job:
  • His message is clear and very convincing
  • His environmental PR work is great
  • He really opened the eyes of the world
  • But …… experts do have comments
green is red hot

Green is red hot!

Mr. Al Gore recently in Holland:

“You Dutchmen should use Wind Energy”

our energy sources
Our energy sources
  • Just think about it for a moment:
  • Winds are generated by the sun heating the earth,
  • Waves are caused by wind blowing over water
  • Water covers around three-quarters of the earth
  • We still use so little of the natural sources!
are you really green

Are you really Green?

Is your project environmentally driven?

Do you go for sustainability?

Is it your Green Image(Green Key)?

or is it just:

Reduction of exploitation costs?

how sustainable can we go

How sustainable can we go?

It must be a special approach

Team up experienced specialists

Integration of the various designs

Architect Statics M&E User

Just target all possible details

Go straight for your goal

services exploitation

Services = Exploitation

Plan Costs more Carefully

Demand Investment Guarantees

Avoid Extra Costs

Services in €uro’s: >30 % of building costs

Reduce Exploitation costs

alternative energy sources
Alternative energy sources
  • Energy from the earth by Aquifiers(closed wells)
  • Low temperature heating
  • High temperature cooling
  • Wind energy (electric power)
  • Solar energy (hot water & electricity)
  • Sea, river & lake water (cooling) or wave-tech?
  • Sewarage water recycling for garden irrigation
upgrade now
Upgrade Now!
  • Focus on the new low cost hotel formulas
  • They use the smart and green technologies
  • Smart technology raises efficiency
  • Digital systems prove to save money
  • But: dare to KISS!
  • How sustainable are our thoughts
  • Don’t talk but just act
  • Examples and experiences enough
  • Use effects with proven results
usp for your hotel
USP for Your hotel

Green concept & your Guest=USP

  • Energy & Environment: World Standard NOW!
  • The guest is E&E-sensitive (marketing reviews)
  • Ideal combination: Comfort & Low Energy use
brushless fan coil motor
Brushless Fan coil Motor



The Brushless motor

  • Life time increase with less maintenance.
  • Less noise (no vibrations at high speeds).
  • More reliable
  • Better cooling (3 times less capacity to dispatch )
  • More flexibility in speed choice and higher torque
  • Working point closer to the need
  • Energy saving (lower absorbed power, optimal efficiency)
  • Lower subscribed electrical power for the building
induction units
Induction units

No Noise & No Energy consumption!

effect of induction units
Effect of Induction Units
  • Lack of moving parts
  • Pressure control is super effective
  • No guest around = 50 % air reduction
  • Interesting in investment (-18 %)
  • Interesting in exploitation (-26 %)
Results of Modern Refrigeration
  • Electrical use 65 % to conventional
  • Heat recovery for preheating of domestic hot water and your swimming pool
a sustainable hotel
A sustainable hotel

Dorint Hotel Schiphol Airport

443 rooms 15 kW instead of 1.1 MW power need

Sorry,figures are confidential

Results Cogeneration
  • Combustion engine drives a generator
  • 30 % Electrical power generation
  • 60 % Heat generation( 80 grC )
  • Ideal situation: Hotels!
  • Equal use of electricity and heat(hot water)
solar energy
Solar energy
  • Location is very important
  • Temperatures are crucial
  • High outside temperature means:
  • Hot water production
  • Photo voltaic process stops >35 grC  
example solar energy
Example Solar Energy

Example: 20 solar panels in Western Europe

Yearly electricity production:2.280 kWh

Investment:€ 20.200, maintenance: € 192 

Yearly energy reduction :€ 502 (2008)

Governmental energy bonus:€ 752.40(2008) 

Yearly reduction in CO2: 1414 kg

Return on investment: 16,1 year

example solar energy26
Example solar energy

Same example: 20 panels in Southern Europe

Yearly electricity production:4.490 kWh

Investment:€ 20.200, maintenance: € 180 

Yearly energy reduction :€ 1.302 (2008)

Governmental energy bonus: non 

Yearly reduction in CO2: 2738 kg

Return on investment: 9,3 year


Results Wind Energy

  • Depend on location(average wind force per country)
  • W.M. of 50 m high can deliver 750 kW(force 6 in NL)
  • West coast NL 800 -1200 kWh/year/m²
  • Mid country NL 500 - 800 kWh/year/m²
  • Comparison: Gambian Coast: 300-500 kWh/year/m2
Results Wave technology
  • One must be near the sea
  • Regional energy aggregation only
  • Tides must help you (heights)

Ideal locations

Scotland(UK) & Bretagne(France)


But what about Domestic Water

  • Raindance shower head(Hans Grohe)
  • Reduces water use with 43 %
  • Doubles guest comfort
  • Lowers maintenance
  • Lowers roomcost/night ( > € 0,45)
LED lighting
  • Electrical use only 8 % of Tungsten lighting
  • Longer lifetime (30-50 times)
  • Precise selection of lamp type is needed
LED = Cold atmosphere?
  • Soft    3000K/3500 K   
  • Warm 4000K/4500K
  •    Natural 5000K/5500K
  • Pure 6000K/6500K
  •    Cold 7000K/7500K
led high efficiency lighting
LED high efficiency lighting
  • 6 times longer life( 35.000-45.000 hrs )
  • 78 % reduction of power consumption
lower power needs
Lower power needs?
  • Immediate power capacity reduction
  • Change or even take out Transformers

! Too much transformer capacity is reducing your financial results!

  • Upgrade your Technical Services Department
  • Screen their knowledge regularly
  • Promote new technology to them
  • Employ only quality. You need it now.
  • Raise your TSD efficiency and save money
profit from new technologies
Profit from New Technologies

You will laugh €’s every day

Thank you…