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Kronreif Trunkenpolz Mattighofen

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Kronreif Trunkenpolz Mattighofen By: Evan Pierce, Wim KTM High Performance motorcycle company from Austria Produce Mini-bikes ,Dirt Bikes, Sport Bikes, and Dual Sport Bikes Company Colors Orange, Gray, and Black They are the only non-Japanese bike that is part of the big 5 How They Started

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Kronreif Trunkenpolz Mattighofen

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  • High Performance motorcycle company from Austria
  • Produce Mini-bikes ,Dirt Bikes, Sport Bikes, and Dual Sport Bikes
  • Company Colors Orange, Gray, and Black
  • They are the only non-Japanese bike that is part of the big 5
how they started
How They Started
  • Founded in 1934 by Hans Trukenpolz in Mattighofen, Austria.
  • Started as a car and motorcycle repair shop.
  • The company expanded throughout Austria
  • Ernst Kronreif becomes partner in the Trukenpolz company and the name is changed to KTM
start of motorcycles
Start of Motorcycles
  • In 1951 Trunkenpolz company began production of a light weight bike driven by Han’s love for motorcycles.
  • 1953 the first production bike is entered in the Gaisberg race and wins 1,2, and 3.
  • Followed by the 125 Austrian Championship in 1954.
market crash
Market Crash
  • In 1957 sales of all European bikes slowed down.
  • Caused by the introduction of Japanese Bikes to the world market, such as Honda, Suzuki, and YAMAHA.
  • Japanese Bikes were more affordable
  • To compete KTM introduced production of line of scooters and bicycles.
  • By 1959 all production motorcycles stops
the 1960 s
The 1960’s
  • 1964 Production resumes.
  • KTM wins three gold titles at the six days competition.
  • KTM builds Penton Bike and becomes first bike exported to the United States by KTM.
  • KTM Works becomes factory racing team
1970 s the beginning of success
1970’s The Beginning of Success
  • Designs begin for their engines and begin with a 125 cc
  • Production of a 250 MX and Enduro bike.
  • KTM America INC. opens in Lorain Ohio
  • 5 World Championships
the soviets
The Soviets
  • Gennady Moiseev was without a bike at the world championship waiting for his CZ to be delivered.
  • KTM offered the Soviet rider their bike.
  • Moiseev was impressed by the bike continued to use the bike and won the 1974 Enduro world championship.
  • Moiseev went on to win 3 world championships during the seventies and two team mates won 2 championships in road racing and in the 125 circuit of motocross
  • 1979 the communist party forced the Soviet Riding team to use the communist made CZ motorcycles.
the 1980 s
The 1980’s
  • Saw a lot of design changes into the more modern dirt bike.
  • First to produce water cooled four stroke
  • Production of Radiators
  • Became the first company to offer front and rear disc brakes
  • End of the KTM scooter division
  • Eric Trukenpolz Dies in 1988
  • Majority of Shares sold to a holding company
  • In 1991 KTM Motorfahrzeugbau AG declares bankruptcy
  • Company is divided into four separate entities
  • Radiators, Motorcycles, Bicycles, and Tooling Manufacture.
the 1990 s
The 1990’s
  • 1992 production motorcycles resumes under KTM Sport motorcycles AG
  • 1995 KTM acquires Swedish made Husaberg company and White Power Suspension
  • Extensive Engineering and design work on production models.
  • Marketing as Ready to Race
  • KTM sells over 80,000 bikes a year.
  • Production models include mini-bikes, Enduro, MX, and Supermoto dirt bikes, dual sport bikes, and sport bikes.
  • Bike sizes range from 50 cc to 990 cc
  • Have headquarters in Austria, Spain, France, America, and Great Britain
  • KTM has won over 96 world Championships
  • Has won the Dakar Rally every year since 2001
  • Part of 15 Pro-Circuits and countless amateurs circuits.
two stroke
Two Stroke
  • Use a high octane gas premixed with oil
  • Powerful engines
  • Oil burns in baffle of exhaust system
  • Cause air and noise pollution
  • World out cry has caused bans
four stroke
Four Stroke
  • High octane gas only
  • 250, 4 stroke does not equal 250, 2 stroke
  • Less air and noise pollution
  • Since 2006 Majority of KTM’s off-road vehicles are four strokes.
failed partnerships
Failed Partnerships
  • In 2004 Polaris and KTM partnered up to introduce both companies to the ATV racing circuits.
  • KTM would make engines and Polaris the bodies
  • Late 2006 KTM pulled out of partnership
  • KTM still plans to provide a 525cc engine to Polaris
  • KTM’s future plans are to manufacture both a car and an ATV
x bow
  • The X-Bow name of KTM’s first car
  • Release date late 2008
  • Plans to enter in racing circuits
  • 0-60 in 3.9 seconds
  • Top speed 217 MPH
  • Weight 700 lbs.
  • Powered by an Audi Engine
all terrain vehicle
All Terrain Vehicle
  • Set up to match racing heritage.
  • Released in late 2006.
  • Released to compete in growing European market and larger than motorcycle market in American.
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