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Jordan Hart

Jordan Hart

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Jordan Hart

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  1. Of Greater Houston Summer 2008 Internship Jordan Hart

  2. 16725 Longenbaugh Dr. Houston, TX 77095 (281) 859-6143 3rd Largest YMCA in Houston 40,000 Square Feet Langham Creek Family YMCA

  3. I was able to gain a great deal of experience in several areas by spending time in 5 different departments (aquatics, membership, sports, teen programs and wellness), rather than simply spending the entire summer with a single department. I gained a great deal of knowledge in areas I had not previously explored and discovered that I had strengths in these areas. I was allotted a great deal of freedom to move between departments and get involved in as much as possible. Working with people of all ages from young children to teenagers to older adult helped me to improve my interpersonal skills and learn how to respond appropriately under pressure to a variety of unique situations. This site received 4 out of 5 stars because there is a noticeable lack of leadership, motivation and organization in several departments. Internship Site Ranking

  4. Langham Creek YMCA Facilities 1 of 2 Langham Creek pools with water slide and splash pad

  5. Langham creek ymca facilities The cardio and weight room, just one part of the 10,000 square foot Langham Creek wellness center and a couple of helpful wellness center staff members!

  6. Langham creek ymca facilities Kid Zone child care facility where members can drop off their children free of charge for up to 3 hours!

  7. Langham creek ymca facilities A group of day campers playing a game in the large aerobics room Cycle room where spin classes are held

  8. Langham creek ymca activities Camp Counselors at the Astros Game! Day Camp Carnival Fun! Day Camp Directors!

  9. Texas A&M Intern hard at work and play Everybody loves data entry! YMCA Operation Backpack!

  10. To develop a comprehensive understanding of how the youth sports program is run and how to deal with any issues that may arise regarding rules, inclement weather, field conditions, coaching or player conflicts. • To learn about the many aspects and requirements of an aquatics department and how a pool is maintained and operated. • To work with day camp and teen programs to find out how things are run and what sort of planning and regulation is involved with dealing with young children and at-risk teenagers. • To spend time with the membership department and learn how to develop relationships with members and to find out what members are seeking when they come to the YMCA and what continues to bring them back and what drives them away. Also to learn how this department increases the membership numbers and communicates with the community as they are key to keeping members happy within the YMCA. • To develop an overall understanding of how YMCA programs and facilities are run, maintained and improved upon. To discover what members enjoy about the YMCA and what they would change if given the opportunity to do so and what the varying visions of the YMCA are to the different directors, staff, and members. Internship Objectives

  11. My daily activities changed each week depending upon which department I was working with but some examples of my daily work within these departments included: • Shadowing directors as they conducted their daily routines • Entering registration forms for various events • Working with Program Builder to help create teams and register players for summer sports leagues • Checking on the progress of Operation Backpack and making daily supply counts • Walking the facility to observe daily activity and speak with members about their experiences and thoughts and opinions concerning the YMCA Daily Activities

  12. Quarterbacked the Langham Creek Family YMCA’s participation efforts in Operation Backpack, the largest city-wide school supply and backpack drive in Houston. Developed a contest to motivate staff and members, created and distributed flyers, gathered community support and involvement and utilized word of mouth to notify members of the drive. Project Description- Operation Backpack

  13. Internship Wrap up conclusion Final Thought: “Consider the YMCA of Greater Houston for your internship because…”