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  1. tiger i A Guide for New Students

  2. What is tiger i? • tiger i is an Auburn student’s source for all academic information. • It includes information about registration, class schedules, unofficial transcripts, credits earned and many more important academic topics.

  3. Logging on to Tiger i Access the Auburn University homepage at

  4. Logging on to Tiger i Click on “Students”

  5. Logging on to Tiger i Click “AU Access/Tiger i”

  6. AU Access Login Type in your User Name and password to log in to AU Access.

  7. AU Access Click on the “tiger i” tab to view the student information system. University headlines, daily events, personal calendar, and campus weather are displayed on the AU Access frontpage.

  8. The Main tiger i Tab

  9. Using Tiger i to Register Click the “+ All” Menu then Click “Add or Drop Classes”

  10. Using Tiger i to Register Select Term and Click “Submit”

  11. Using Tiger i to Register ****** Enter the Registration PIN you were given after you met with your advisor, then click the “Submit” button. Note: After your first registration at SOS, only students who must always see their advisors prior to registration will be prompted to enter this alternate PIN. Other students will not see this prompt again.

  12. Using Tiger i to Register This is the top of the Drop/Add screen. It shows a student’s schedule that is already in place. It is what you will see after you register for classes. Your first Add or Drop Classes screen will show only the CRN fields. Scroll to the bottom.

  13. Using Tiger i to Register Type in the CRNs for your desired classes and click the “Submit Changes” button. If you don’t know the CRN for a class you’d like to take, click the “Class Search” button.

  14. Using Tiger i to Register Choose at least one subject. Note: You can choose more than one subject by using <shift>+click or <ctrl>+click if you want to do so. Click the “Class Search” button.

  15. Using Tiger i to RegisterClass Search Results

  16. Using Tiger i to Register The courses that you were able to register for appear in the “Current Schedule” area of the “Add or Drop Classes” screen.

  17. Error Messages You Might See Note: These are just a few of the most common error messages you might see.

  18. What happens if I don’t get a class I wanted? • Don’t worry! • You can search for other sections by clicking the “Class Search” button at the bottom of the “Add or Drop Classes” screen. • You can also click on the “Look Up Classes” menu option from the main Tiger i screen to see more course offerings.

  19. Course Section Search Click the “Class Search” button at the bottom of the “Add or Drop Classes” screen. Click “Look Up Classes” under the “Registration” Menu on the Main Tiger i screen.

  20. Course Section Search Select the desired class term and click “Submit”

  21. Using tiger i to Look Up Classes Choose at least one subject. Note: You can choose more than one subject by using <shift>+click or <ctrl>+click if you want to do so. Click the “Class Search” button.

  22. Course Section Search Click in the checkboxes for the classes in which you want to enroll. Then, click the “Register” button for immediate registration, or click “Add to Worksheet” for the CRN to be automatically added to your “Add or Drop Classes” screen.

  23. Course Section Search • Check to see if there are open seats in that class you want. • If there are open seats, click the checkbox at the beginning of the line. • The meeting days/times as well as meeting location are also shown. • Then, scroll to the bottom and click the “Register” button.

  24. Course Section Search The class you wanted to add is now added to your schedule.

  25. tiger i Warnings and Alerts tiger i has several ways of alerting you to problems and warnings. This is the alert symbol. It is usually shown when information has been updated. It also appears when the system was unable to complete a task, such as registering for a class or performing a drop/add. This is the stop symbol. It appears when a student is ineligible to register, is not admitted for a term, has a hold in the system, and several other instances.

  26. Checking for holds in tiger i If you are unable to register because of a hold in the system, go to the main tiger i screen and click “View Holds” under the “Student Records” Menu.

  27. Checking for holds in Tiger i If there are no holds you will see a message indicating so.

  28. Checking Holds in tiger i If any holds have been placed on the student, they will appear here. The type of hold and the process(es) affected will also be shown. To remove the hold contact the appropriate office.

  29. Checking Transfer Credits To check your transfer credits click on “Academic Transcript” from the “Student Records” section of the main Tiger i screen. Then, select you transcript level (leave at “All Levels” if you’re not sure) and Type (Unofficial). Last, click the “Submit” button.

  30. Checking Transfer Credits Your transfer hours will appear on this screen as well as your transfer GPA.

  31. When To Register To find out when your class( Junior, Senior, etc.) can register click on “Registration Status” in the “Registration” menu on the main tiger i screen.

  32. When To Register Note: During the summer months, there will be several dates that are reserved for Camp War Eagle students to register.

  33. Additional tiger i Resources…

  34. How to access TigerMail Click on“AU Access/ Tiger i”

  35. AU Access From the tiger i screen, click on the TigerMail icon to access your TigerMail account.

  36. Any Questions?