green c hemistry cic l.
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Green c hemistry CIC

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Green c hemistry CIC. Professor James Clark University of York. MANUFACTURING. RETAIL. PRODUCTION. 2 nd Green Chemistry and the Consumer symposium. Greening the Supply Chain. FEEDSTOCKS. Life Cycle for Supply Chain. E. C. E. C. E. E. C. E. Production. Manufacturing.

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green c hemistry cic

Greenchemistry CIC

Professor James Clark

University of York

2 nd green chemistry and the consumer symposium




2nd Green Chemistry and the Consumer symposium

Greening the Supply Chain



Life Cycle for Supply Chain











End of Life











the green chemistry the consumer project
The Green Chemistry & the Consumer project
  • New venture aimed at delivering knowledge and understanding of green chemistry to retailers & consumers
  • Covers all chemical-dependant consumer products including clothing, furnishing, electronic goods, personal care products and food
  • Objectives
    • to encourage direct involvement of the retail sector in green chemistry research
    • to engage representatives from throughout the supply chain
  • Main outputs
      • Quarterly newsletter
        • Current green chemical information that is comprehensible to a widely non-technical audience
      • Annual events
highlights to date
Highlights to date
  • 1st symposium held in London in April 2003
  • Sample issue produced and circulated to 200 individuals and selected organisations
  • Core sponsorship secured from the RSC, M&S and GSK for forthcoming year
  • Advisory committee established with representatives from core funders as well as the CIA and Greenpeace
  • Positive feedback from The Rt Hon Alun Michael MP, the CIA, NFU, British Retail Consortium, Greenpeace and WWF as well the retail trade.
research areas relevant to consumer products
Research areas relevant to consumer products

Packaging & Plastics


Dyes & Pigments


Fragrances & Perfumes



Food additives

Textiles & Fabric Treatments



Flame Retardants


highlights from the newsletter
Highlights from the newsletter

Greener wood adhesives

The latest on the EU’s proposed chemicals legislation REACH

Polychromic plastics: one chemical, many colours

WEEE and RoHS explained & how Green Chemistry can help

Stopping corrosion - naturally

Fluorine takes the fizz out of sparkling wine

Unwrapping the packaging options

Green dyeing in any colour

Wanted: solutions and customers for UK farming

Corn cob packaging

the new green chemistry cic
The New Green Chemistry CIC
  • One of 6 CICs funded by Yorkshire Forward
  • Hub at York University with Leeds and CSL as partners
  • Goal: Provide Industry with a flexible, reliable way to tap into University expertise to help improve their products and processes
green chemistry cic
Green Chemistry CIC
  • Projects managed via Commercial manager
  • Senior researchers assigned specifically to work on the Projects
  • An expert academic assigned to advise on Projects
  • Pool of approx. 20 experts not just from Chemistry Depts, includes Chem.Eng. and Biochemistry
green chemistry cic facilities equipment
Green Chemistry CICFacilities/Equipment
  • The York Clean Technology Centre and the Leeds Cleaner synthesis group have modern labs and a wide range of equipment
  • Additional facilities are available within the Universities (e.g. £25m SRIF Technologies Facilities York) and at CSL
green chemistry cic services based on expertise in
Green Chemistry CICServices based on expertise in:
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Catalysts, including biocatalysts
  • Surface chemistry
  • Alternative solvents
  • Alternative reagents
  • Analytical services
  • Renewable raw materials
  • Environmental Legislation
green chemistry cic services
Green Chemistry CICServices
  • 3 Tier approach
    • tier 1: short problem solving exercises to identify opportunities
    • tier 2: short lab based studies (indication of feasibility)
    • tier 3: longer lab based studies (demonstration of feasibility)
green chemistry cic examples
Green Chemistry CIC Examples
  • A Catalyst that cannot be reused - conditions found that allow limited re-use, longer term studies to find better catalyst
  • An adhesive failing to stick properly-cause found and Company able to modify process
  • Bromination processes using toxic/dangerous phosphorus - improved conditions found, demonstrated and incorporated by Company
  • Chromium used for priming aluminium prior to bonding - investigations ongoing for replacement