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VIRCLASS The Virtual Classroom for social work in Europe Summary of the work 2002-2005 and future plans The idea startet In the first annual meeting in EUSW-TN in Parma in november 2002 Then the idea about e-learning courses in addition to the summer school in Parma started

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The Virtual Classroom for social work in Europe

Summary of the work 2002-2005

and future plans

the idea startet
The idea startet
  • In the first annual meeting in EUSW-TN in Parma in

november 2002

  • Then the idea about e-learning courses in addition to the summer school in Parma started

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

several meetings have been held
Several meetings have been held
  • In Kaunas – May 2003
  • In Dornbirn – annual meeting EUSW - June 2003
  • In Madrid - November 2003
  • In Parma – February 2004
  • In Hungary, annual meeting EUSW – MAy 2004
  • In Bergen October 2004
  • In Jønkøping February 2005
  • In Amsterdam Sept. 2005

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

a lot of travels and always hard work
A lot of travels, and always hard work

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

objectives for virclass
  • To develop eLearning courses in Social Work in a comparative perspective for an international group of students with an
  • International group of teachers
  • A common curriculum plan and readings
  • To be integrated in studieplans in BA and MA programmes at the Universities
  • An be interesting for professional social workers who wish an international perspective on social work

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

the elements in the project
The elements in the project
  • Curriculum co operation
  • Administration, organisation and coordination
  • Development of a virtual campus for social work in Europe
  • Dissemination of results

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

the virclass project
The VirClass project
  • The Partnerships in the Virclass project was established

by the first Minerva application in 2003.

    • This application was not approved
  • The second application to SOFF/NUV resulted in financial support for 2004-2005

:400.000 NOK

  • HIB supported the project with the same amount of money each year.
  • Up till autumn 2004 the EUSW-TN programme made the group meetings possible by support for travel costs and accomodation.

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

what we have managed to do so far
What we have managed to do so far:
  • A common curriculum plan with 20ECTS
  • 3 modules –
    • 2-elearning,
    • 1 selfstudy and summer school
  • Administration of and running the studyprogramme
  • Dissemination of results
  • New applications

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

let s start with the educational programme
Let’s start with the educational programme

And the overall objectives……..

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

gain knowledge and understanding about
Gain knowledge and understanding about:
  • Commonalities and differences in social work as subject and profession in Europe
  • Anti-oppressive practice in social work
  • Social situation by comparing and analyse situations in different countries
  • Welfare systems and social policies in different countries and the implication this may have for social work
  • Social work education and methodical and theoretical input to professional practice

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

social work in europe commonalities and differences
Social Work in EuropeCommonalities and Differences
  • Module 1 gives an introduction to European social work
  • This Module is based on the first book production of EUSW-TN
  • Students can do this as self-study or as an e-learning student.
  • 5 ECTS

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

if you can t go abroad
If you can’t go abroad..

2.1: Anti-oppressive social work. Ethics, theories, methods and working principles

2.2: The Welfare Systems

in Europe

2.3: Social Work Education. Skill training and professional competence

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

module 2 1 include 3 possible options
Module 2.1 include 3 possible options

2.1:Anti-oppressive social work. Ethics, theories, methods and working principles

A.Discrimination and oppression as phenomenon in Europe

B.Poverty as phenomenon in Europe

C.Ethnic Diversity as phenomenon in Europe

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

  • 5 ects = 7 weeks part time study
  • 10 ects =14 weeks part time study
  • 1 ects = 1 week full time study

(40 hours)

  • As par time student 1ects=1,4 week

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

applications from students
Applications from students
  • The study programme was adverticed by posters sent to all Universities
  • And by advertising on web-sites
  • Deadline for application 1.November 2004

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

the target groups are
The target groups are
  • Professional social workers
  • Social work students undertaking bachelor’s programmes or
  • post-graduate programmes/MA/PhD

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

running the study programme
Running the study programme
  • Handling 120 applications from students from all over Europe

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

who were the students in the virclass project

















Who were the students in the Virclass project:
  • Age:19-50 – majority under 25 year of age

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

educational background
  • *The total percentage amount to more than 100%. This is because some of the MA andPhD students also were working as professional social workers in addition to their studies

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

120 applications from students
120 applications from students

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

reasons for reductions
Reasons for reductions
  • Students were:
    • Not well enough informed about the curriculum plan and the time schedule, the demand about exam/final assignments
    • Did not have time to do the course in addition to other educational programme, family life and job
    • Wanted to join the summer school, without doing the work before
    • Some students who did not need the credits skiped the final assignment
    • Some students started with module 1 selfstudy at the same time as module 2 started resulted in too much work at the same time

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

reasons for reductions22
Reasons for reductions
  • Students were not fully aware of the demand and extend of co operation needed due to the taskoriented method in the courses
  • Some student had too limited access to computeres and internet
  • Some technical problems in the begining of the courses

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

teachers experience
Teachers experience
  • Most of the teachers did eLearning courses for the first time
  • Difficulties with planning the progress and amount of work every week and during the courses.
  • eLearning pedagogy demands some new skills in teaching
  • Takes some time to learn how to work on the It:s Learning platform

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

dissemination of results
Dissemination of results
  • NUV-conferences in Oslo – 2004 (The Norwegian Opening University)
  • NSHK – Nordic Socialwork education committee, conference in Copenhagen, August 2005
  • Home-page:
  • EUSW-TN annual meetings

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

partners in the project period 2003 2005
Partners in the project period2003-2005

9 partners have been involved in the Virclass project:

  • Kjell Henriksbø – Bergen University College
  • Anne Karin Larsen – Bergen University College (coordinator)
  • Bob Sanders – University of Wales, Swansea
  • Klas-Göran Olsson – School of health and Social Sciences, Jønkøping, Sweden
  • Julija Eidukeviciute – University of Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Annamaria Campanini – University of Parma, Italy
  • Andres Arias Astray – University of Complutense, Madrid, Spain
  • Commune di Parma, Parma, Italy
  • Magne Ervik - City of Bergen, Bergen, Norway
  • Joni Kylmälä - Polytechnic Helsinki, Finland

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

participants in developing the educational programme and running the courses
Participants in developing the educational programme and running the courses
  • Eduardo de Marques – Instituto Superior Miquel Torga, Coimbra, Portugal (new partner)
  • University of Warminsko-Mazurski W, Olztyn, Poland (new partner)
  • Answin Weissenborn - Hochschule Vorarlberg, Austria (new partner)
  • Morten Fahlvik - Mediacentre – HIB (new partner)
  • Carsten Otte, Mannheim, Germany
  • NEW PARTNERS from 2006:
  • Remmelt Veenkamp, INHOLLAND, Haarlem (new partner)
  • Frank Weber – Hochschule Vorarlberg, Austria (new partner)
  • Lisbeth Thomassen – Mediacentre Bergen
  • Grete Oline Hole - HIB
  • Olav Hauken - HIB

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

the future financial situation
The future financial situation ?
  • We hope that the eLearning application/EU will be approved (result in October/November)
  • We hope that we will be funded once more from NUV
  • We know there will be some support from HIB for the next year.

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

main objectives for the next project period
Main objectives for the next project period
  • A model for didactical approach to eLearning courses in Social Work education
  • Creation of a Virtual Book
  • A model for administration and finance for international eLearning courses in Social Work in Europe

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

plans for future
Plans for future
  • Adjustments of curriculumplan and modules - ects
  • Develop a new administrative and financial modell
  • Development of a didactical model and

a Virtual Book about social work in Europe

  • Increase the flexibility in the study programme
  • Make the study available for use in other LMS programmes

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen

it s learning a lms system
It:s learning – a LMS system
  • This Learning Management System consists of:
  • Bulletin Board
  • Tutorials
  • Links
  • Organising the material in folders and files
  • Discussion area
    • Syncronic
    • Non syncronic
  • Possibilities to
    • Upload files
    • Pictures
    • Video
  • To administrate exam
    • To upload tasks and use the portfolio method
  • Includes a register for participants in courses
    • Internal/external messages
    • Statistics of progress
  • Calender function

HIB-AHS- Anne Karin Larsen