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ELA CAHSEE Preparation. We will work together and you will pass that test!. Bart Simpson Promises…. What should you know about the English Language Arts section of the CAHSEE?. What Exactly is on the CAHSEE?. Approximately 72 multiple choice questions about reading and writing strategies

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Ela cahsee preparation
ELA CAHSEE Preparation

We will work together and you will

pass that test!

What exactly is on the cahsee
What Exactly is on the CAHSEE? of the CAHSEE?

  • Approximately 72 multiple choice questions about reading and writing strategies

  • One essay response question

  • The nitty-gritty: You have to be correct on a little more than half of the questions (including a passing essay score) in order to pass. You a have to have about a 70% to be marked “Proficient” on the test.

Reading on the cahsee
Reading on the CAHSEE of the CAHSEE?

  • 7 Vocabulary Questions

  • 18 Reading Comprehension Questions (read a passage and answer questions)

  • 20 Literary Response Questions

    (read literature and answer questions)

Literary response and analysis
Literary Response and Analysis of the CAHSEE?

  • 20 Multiple Choice Questions

  • These types of texts include

    • Poetry

    • Plays

    • Fiction

    • Essays

      The Literary Response and Analysis section of the CAHSEE asks you to read literature and answer questions about it.

Cahsee writing
CAHSEE Writing of the CAHSEE?

  • 27 Multiple-Choice writing questions total

  • 1 Essay Questions

There are three strands:

Writing Strategies

Writing Conventions

Writing Applications

CAHSEE Writing of the CAHSEE?

  • Writing Strategies

  • 12 test questions that ask you to find and correct errors and choose better words and phrases. They are based on a rough draft of an essay or article. .

  • In this section, you do not have to write any essays, but you have to answer multiple choice questions about editing and revising essays.

  • Questions may begin, “which sentence would best begin this essay” or “which of the following sentences do not fit well in the paragraph”

Writing conventions
Writing Conventions of the CAHSEE?

15 test questions that test your

understanding of grammar

and your knowledge in the

mechanics of punctuation

(e.g. semicolons, colons, ellipses, hyphens).

You will also have to identify and use clauses and understand sentence construction (parallel structure, proper placement of modifiers, etc.).

CAHSEE Writing of the CAHSEE?

  • Writing Application

  • On the writing portion of the

  • CAHSEE exam, you will be given a

  • “Writing Task” which is oneessay question.

  • You may be asked to do one of the following:

  • Biographical Narrative

  • Response to Literature

  • Expository Essay

  • Persuasive Essay

  • Business Letter

Biographical Narrative of the CAHSEE?

Tells the story from the life of a real person.

Often, this type of CAHSEE essay question will ask you to write about someone who is important in your life.

Response to Literature of the CAHSEE?

You read a (literature) text and are asked to respond (write an essay) based on a question regarding that passage.

This type of question asks that you first comprehend the text, then write about it.

Expository Essay of the CAHSEE?

Expository essays (also called compositions) are most often nonfiction, meaning that it deals with real people, things, events and places.

The question may ask you to write about an important moment in history or technology, or a question about school.

Persuasive Essay of the CAHSEE?

A persuasive essay (or composition) asks you to

defend a position or argue for your side of an issue about which people disagree.

A sample question may ask you to write an essay for your school paper in which you convince the readers of the importance of volunteer hours as a graduation requirement or a convincing essay about whether or not there should be art and music in school.

The readers want you to think about the other side of the argument and keep that in mind as you defend your ideas

Business Letter of the CAHSEE?

  • A Business Letteris a formal correspondence about a business related matter.

  • When you’re writing a business letter, your purpose may be

    • to apply for a job

    • to complain

    • to request information

    • Etc.