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  2. Are you interested in: • Money,Fun and Games • Global Business Would you like more time to do the things that YOU want to do? And even more important these days How SECURE is your JOB?

  3. With World Games Inc you can have fun while you “Design the Life of Your Dreams”

  4. World Games Inc INVITES you to become a member of the simplest, mostpowerful, automated, global, fun-filled, wealth building system on the internet. Relationship Marketing The Internet Loyalty Program Gambling & Gaming Virtual Stock Market

  5. We have a Private Members Stock Exchange This is how it works: It comprises a stock market game where Members can buy and sell Virtual Stock. The market is simply driven by Member supply and demand with no external influences. With 30 % of all winnings and earnings to be invested in the Stock Exchange. Five different revenue streams feed the stock through a patented process, providing a constant upward momentum in the stock’s value. The five revenue streams are...

  6. 1. Global Online Lottery – Sweepstakes-8 Imagine the magnitude of a GLOBAL Lottery where 26 members win every week Five prize divisions for just 10 Swiss Francs per entry 2. Brokerage Fee on Sale of Shares Every time a member sells shares a 10% brokerage fee is charged. 50% of this is returned to the members pool.

  7. 3. Global Online Casino & Sports Wagering Gaming is a $700 Billion industry in Europe, a Trillion dollar industry in North America and even larger again in Asia The ultimate in an online casino where members can play games like Keno, Black Jack, Poker, Roulette and Bingo, plus full Sports Book Wagering….. .....all from their own home Whenever your team members participate, you can profit from all their activities creating a continual income stream.

  8. 4. Offshore Debit/Credit Card Access Members can purchase their own offshore: • Debit card • Debit/Credit Card or • Gold Credit Card This gives access to their money 24 hours a day through: • Debit/credit card purchases and • Most ATM machines worldwide 5. New Member’s Product Package Every time a new member joins your team and purchases a product package including a Website, Software, Sweepstakes 8 Entries, etc… can receive Relationship Marketing Rewards

  9. Would you like to have lots of fun asyouWIN money and EARN money? To become a Member you must be introduced by an existing Member You can then introduce others and build a team of members WORLDWIDE! You may choose from 3 levels of entry into WGI

  10. For those wanting to TRADESHARES & to PLAY GAMES Player Member’s Package Personal Password Protected Web Site Share Trading Software Full Access to Online Gaming One Sweepstakes-8 Entry SF 10.00 Credited to Casino Account Online Personal Cash Accounts Real-Time Online Genealogy Earn 25% of Normal Member Rewards SF 25

  11. For those wanting to gain FINANCIAL FREEDOM! Ambassador Member’s Package Personal Password Protected Web Site Share Trading Software Full Access to Online Gaming Four Sweepstakes-8 Entries (1 entry per week in the Sweepstakes-8 for four weeks) SF 25.00 Worth of Virtual Stock Online Personal Cash Accounts Real-Time Online Genealogy SF 295 Earn FULL Member Rewards “Players” may upgrade to the Ambassador Level for SF 295

  12. For those who are REALLY serious! Virtual Broker’s Package This is the same as the Ambassador Package, but also includes a once-only stock investment of Sf 600 SF 895 • Upgrade from the Ambassador Level within 30 days of registration for Sf 600 • Opportunity to receive virtual broker bonuses (VBB) on personally sponsored members • Upgrade after 30 days - Sf 895

  13. See what happens when you introduce TWO Members and help them do the same... 4096 As the members multiply you can receive Relationship Marketing Rewards (RMR) on the activities of ALL the members in your team 2048 There is NO limit to the number of members YOU can introduce from around the world 1024 512 256 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

  14. YOU 1 4 3 2 You sponsor one member on the left of your business center and one on the right All additional members that you sponsor spill over and this helps to build your team under your existing members Members may also be placed under you by people above you! With help from you and the members above you, your new team members share the business opportunity with others - globally

  15. RM Rewards accumulate from units earned from ANYWHERE in your team units • Virtual Broker Package = 75 Ambassador Package = 75 Player Member Package = 5 Every Sf 100 of brokerage on WGI Stocks sold = 12.5 Every Sf 10 Sweepstakes 8 Entry = 1 Every Offshore Debit, Debit/Credit or Gold Card = 0, 25, 35 Casino Games & Sports Book Wagering variable Every 300 Units can pay you up to Sf 100.00 To qualify for RM Rewards you must have at least1/3of the300units under your business centre generated by your lesser team and the balance generated by your stronger team

  16. YOU 75 75 75 75 75 75 75 5 75 75 5 75 75 5 75 75 Units flow up through EACH center in the line to YOUR center • Benefit from: • ALL volume generated beneath your center by the purchase of Member Packages...and... • Residual income from your team’s on-going activities A total of 300 units earns you up to Sf 100 Everyone profits each time they have new volume of 300 units with at least 1/3 volume on one team Member Packages - Share brokerage - Sweepstakes - Offshore Debit Card - Casino

  17. Qualifications to earn from RM Rewards • Become a WGI Member (Any Level) • Remain Active with a Weekly Sweepstakes 8 entry(If you have not entered the Sweepstakes-8 you do not lose your Membership Position OR any of the Units previously accumulated. However you do lose any income earned from your network that week) • Personally Introduce 2 Members* from YOUR personal website (Ambassador and Virtual Broker Members must introduce at least Ambassador members - one to either Team - to qualify for full Member Rewards. Players qualify for their 25% of Member Rewards with members from any level) * These 2 Members must be placed with one in your Right Leg and the other in the Left Leg of your Business Center

  18. Would you like a Matching Bonus on your Income! Ambassador & Virtual Broker members who have personally introduced certain numbers are entitled to a bonus to the value of 10% or 20% of the MR income of their 1st & 2nd generation of personally introduced members. Virtual Brokers qualify for a extra bonus that is paid on the value of the Mandatory Stock purchase, Virtual Broker 600SF and any future World Games Inc IPOs. A = Ambassador VB = Virtual Broker Sf 10 stock investment per week to qualify for ALL Matching Bonuses.

  19. SF 50,000.00 Maximum Income per Week per Business Center Earn Sf 50,000.00 in one week in one center and you are gifted, FREE of charge, another center directly ABOVE the maximized center 3 Maximise that one and receive yet another one above IT! 2 And so on… SF 50k p/w There is NO LIMIT to the amount of income you can make - it is up to you! 1 SF 50k p/w Matching and Virtual Broker Bonuses are paid in addition to the SF 50,000.00 p/w per Center

  20. Compare your potential earnings in WGI to your potential earnings in a traditional business • What traditional business can give you an income like this? • What would your start-up cost be - tens of thousands of dollars or more? • How long would it take you to be in profit? • How many hours a day would you have to work? Would you like the opportunity to gain Financial Freedom, working your own hours, from the SAFETY of your own home for just..... Sf 295?

  21. Relationship Marketing Creates the most Powerful Form of Leverage! John Paul Getty said, “I would rather earn 1% of the efforts of 100 men than 100% of my own efforts.” By helping others achieve their dreams through relationship marketing, you receive a small commission on the business they conduct. (John Paul Getty 1892-1976, made his first million by the age of 23 and became one of the richest men in the world) Residual Income – previously the exclusive domain of the very talented or wealthy as they generated streams of income from licenses, patents, royalties or investments. With WGI you can work hard once and unleash a steady flow of continuous income 24 hours per day 7 days per week, year after year

  22. The Power of the Internet Provides Immediate Accessto a Massive Global Market for our Virtual Products Would YOU like a slice of a TRILLION dollar industry?!

  23. Member Rewards - Unitsare accumulated and paid WEEKLY Sunday Saturday Friday CASINO 1 week 12:00am (GMT) 11:59pm (GMT) DEBIT CARD MEMBER’S ONLINE PERSONAL ACCOUNT GAMES Your income is electronically credited to your Online Personal Account. Funds can then be transferred online to your offshore Debit, Debit/Credit or Gold Credit Card Account

  24. All Activities Feed Stock Demand (IP Australia Patent 726796) WINNINGS Sweepstakes 8 EARNINGS RM Rewards 30% 30% WGI STOCKS sale of stock DISTRIBUTORS BROKERAGE 10% 50% • Mandatory and IPO Escrow Rule: You may sell 50% of your stocks as you wish. WGI retains the other 50% in Escrow in your stock account for 30 days • Stock prices can potentially grow in proportion to the exponential growth of WGI as it experiences International momentum

  25. Secure your Financial Future NOW • Select your Membership Package: Player SF 25, Ambassador SF 295 or Virtual Broker SF 895 • Return to your Introducer’s website: Click JOIN NOW and complete the online application • Make payment: Debit Card, MasterCard, VISA, Money Transfer via Western Union • Share the WGI opportunity with everyone and help them do the same

  26. Enjoy the Games & Enjoy the Rewards! Live your dreams!! Ever dreamed of staying home, spending more time with your loved ones, and becoming financially free!! Create a life filled with prosperity, happiness and abundance Try us… Give it a go… Join some of the absolute best!!!!

  27. Definitions Sf =Swiss Francs S8 = Sweepstakes 8 P = Player A = Ambassador VB = Virtual Broker MR = Member Rewards RMR = Relationship Member Rewards MB = Matching Bonuses VBB = Virtual Broker Bonuses