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Degraded Image

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Degraded Image - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Degraded Image. Image One: Contact Print from 35mm Black and White Negative. The contact print was scanned and cropped using Photoshop. Image Two: Digitally Printed Pattern.

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Presentation Transcript
image one contact print from 35mm black and white negative
Image One: Contact Print from 35mm Black and White Negative

The contact print was scanned and cropped using Photoshop.

image two digitally printed pattern
Image Two: Digitally Printed Pattern

The Image was horizontally and vertically manipulated in Photoshop to make the pattern below, which was digitally printed on photo paper.

image three pattern cut and adjusted
Image Three: Pattern Cut and Adjusted

The printed pattern was hand cut, and a single motif was chosen and scanned into Photoshop for brightness and contrast adjustments.

image four addition of overlay
Image Four: Addition of Overlay

Handwriting was scanned into Photoshop and positioned over the original motif. The opacity of the overlay was adjusted in order to view the motif underneath.

image five transfer to fabric
Image Five: Transfer to Fabric

The image was reversed and printed on a sheet of heat-sensitive paper using an Inkjet printer. Once trimmed, image was ironed onto a piece of muslin.

image six wrinkled fabric
Image six: Wrinkled Fabric

The fabric was crushed into a ball and unrolled, producing a wrinkled effect.

image seven deleted word
Image Seven:Deleted Word

The word Gate was cut from the image, leaving holes in the fabric.

image eight additional fabric manipulations
Image Eight: Additional Fabric Manipulations

Using a sewing machine and another piece of

Fabric, the holes were replaced. The piece was cut into segments and sewn together

Once again.

image nine embroidery
Image Nine: Embroidery

Using needle and thread, some simple stitches were applied to the fabric

To create a small scene.

image ten digital photograph
Image Ten: Digital Photograph

The fabric collage was photographed using a digital camera and appears