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Personal Health Information Management - PHIM PowerPoint Presentation
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Personal Health Information Management - PHIM

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Personal Health Information Management - PHIM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Personal Health Information Management - PHIM A relevant example for information sharing -- For example, An overall message

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a relevant example for information sharing
A relevant example for information sharing
  • --
  • For example,
an overall message
An overall message
  • Increasing responsibility of the patients to be in charge of their treatments.
    • Studies show that more engaged and involved patients respond better to treatment
    • Health care is fragmented and specialists do not communicate with each other, except through the specialist
    • Health care is part of a larger life picture that involves activities not directly related to the health treatments.
  • Various doctors
  • Caregivers
  • Family
  • Work
  • Other interests and activities
  • How much should each know? Whose responsibility is it that the treatment is right?
personal health records
Personal Health Records
  • Tools provide record of health history to the patient.
    • Information generally web based
    • Access needs to be open to those who need the information to treat the patient, but protected from those who should not see it.
    • Keep a record of medications, allergic reactions, potential interactions of medications, past conditions, surgery, test results, etc.
data collection
Data collection
  • Home health management technologies collect information about conditions
    • Pacemakers can be read through a phone connection to provide an update on the patient’s condidition from home
    • Diabetes monitors check blood sugar levels
    • Some devices monitor for a number of conditions and send an alert if a danger is detected
  • These are especially valuable for people with chronic conditions who live alone.
study findings demostrate needs
Study findings demostrate needs:
  • Information is fragmented
  • People do not always know what to do with information when the have it
  • People forget or cannot find information when it is needed
  • People can become overwhelmed by available information
  • People’s approach to PIM needs support
further details from radiology
Further details, from radiology
  • Radiology & IT presentation by Dr. David Meyer