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  2. Variety of outsourced services... • Transcription • Customer Care • Billing Services • Accounting • Tax processing • Transaction management • Telemarketing • HR Services

  3. NASSCOM acts as an “advisor, consultant and coordinating body for the ITES/BPO industry Liaison between the central and state government committees and the industry (Source:

  4. India’s Competitive advantage... Abundant, skilled, English- speaking manpower Improving telecom and other infrastructure which is at par with global standards Strong quality orientation among players and their focus on measuring and monitoring quality targets Fast turnaround time and the ability to offer 24*7 services based on the country’s unique geographic location Proactive and positive policy environment (simplifies rules and procedure) A friendly tax structure

  5. New Areas in Outsourcing E-Governance - delivery of government services and information to the public using electronic means Retail Services Outsourcing - expanding across geographic regions and national boundaries Pharmaceutical Research Financial Services Health Care IP Outsourcing - inventions, literary, artistic works, designs etc. Bickel & Brewer, a 34- lawyer Dallas litigation firm opened a facility in Hyderabad in 1995….

  6. Global Firms Outsourcing Visual Communication to India Example: the dazzling ‘liquid gold’ visuals used throughout the 2004 Academy Awards ceremony was conceptualized by the famous Kyle Cooper of Los Angeles but it was Indian Company Tata Elxi’s Visual Computing Labs that actually executed the work.

  7. Writing Talent... Journalism Speech Writing Travel Writing Product Descriptions, Manuals, Tutorials Report Writing Software and Technical Book Writing Biography Writing Game Writing Presentations Technical Writing Academic Writing Grant Writing Medical Writing Copy Writing Book Summaries and Book Reviews Fiction Writing and Book Authoring Script Writing Business Writing

  8. Future of ITES/ BPO Industry… Earnings of the IT and ITES sector were expected to go up from $173 billion in 2004-05 to $22.3 billion in 2005-06 Sunil Mirani, CEO of a Mumbai based Market research company says “We believe that the outsourcing market research opportunity is close to the tune of $5billion and we expect 70% of this to come to India” To meet this mark we need to have at least 10,0000 high-end employees

  9. Manpower Challenges Scarcity of “industry-ready”, “industry-relevant” manpower, which goes beyond an English speaking workforce Scarcity of professionals who are equipped with the necessary “domain” knowledge to cater to specific verticals such as banking, insurance, telecom, retail etc. Scarcity of personnel equipped with foreign language skills such as fluency in French, Spanish, Italian etc. High rates attrition

  10. Skill set requirements Professionals with both core and soft skills Conceptual Background Vocation -specific skills Specific regulatory certification Customer service related skills (Time management, team-work) Computer Literacy Number crunches Pattern recognition skills

  11. Additional inputs required to make “employable’ for ITES/BPO Industries • Domain Specific training linked to international developments • Insurance Certification • Healthcare Regulatory Standard (HIPAA) • Accounting standards ( US GAAP) • Banking Standards • Labor taxation laws • Alternative Language Contd...

  12. Customer Service Orientation • Time/ Stress Management • Listening Skills • Language skills • Written English • Spoken English (Fluency) • Computer Literacy • Key board Skills

  13. Easy tips... 11. Improve pronunciation and Diction - Try making sure that ‘air’ comes out of your mouth when saying the letters “t,p,k and q” - Focus on elongating your vowel sounds “tomatoes” - Sing English songs out loud - Watch news shows on channels like CNN and BBC - Tongue Twisters

  14. Tongue Twisters She sells sea shells on the sea shore Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers? If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

  15. A Big black bug bit a big black bear A cup of proper coffee in a copper coffee cup Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t very fuzzy was he?

  16. Words With P Printer Pointer Process Product Please Play Plug Pull Password Words With T Thomas Today Tough Towards True That These Twenty Tell Thirty Telephone Through

  17. Spruce up your writing skills Read More!!! India Today, The Economic Times, The Hindu The basic goal is to read as much as you can

  18. Exercises to practice everyday!! Pretend you are a news caster Focus on national newspaper Free Writing New words Most important “Make an effort to speak in English”

  19. Worried about Verbal Ability … Verbal ability section tests ... basic grammar, vocabulary , logical sequencing and Reading Comprehension's

  20. Strategies 1. Wren and Martins High School English Grammar and Composition Noun , Verbs, Adverbs , Prepositions, Articles etc Dictionary - Use mnemonics - create a mental image of the word Example: WARLOCK - Sorcerer

  21. Reading Comprehension Long and based on unfamiliar topics Read, Understand and assimilate the required information

  22. Here we go…. Assess the passage Familiar topics need to be given preference Implications , Main idea, Word Meanings, Authors point of view and assumptions Do not solve questions based on preconceived notions

  23. GROUP DISCUSSION Team Player Reasoning Ability Leadership Assertiveness Listening Creativity (Out of the box thinking) Initiative Inspiring Ability

  24. Question Paper 1.Pedro was so short, he couldn’t see ___________the steering wheel. A. across B. over C.along D. Through 2.The cricket match between Pakistan and India was ________to begin A. yet B. from C. since D. about

  25. 3. Dr. Robert examines dissociation and PSTD _________ the perspective of a neurologist. A. in B. by C. at D. from 4. Their success has promoted French wineries and government agencies ________ take note A. for B. in C. by D. to 5. Joan and her sister Nancy look identical A. different B. unusual C. similar D. strange 6. Jesse James was a notorious outlaw who was eventually caught by the police. A. dangerous B. famous C. ferocious D. arrogant

  26. 7. Five year plans have been put into operation to mitigate the sufferings of the poor • A. decrease B. increase C. settle D. solve • 8.We must disenthrall from the allure ___________ the future, and reckon only what has actually been accomplished • in B. from C. of D. about • 9. Because of ___________bad weather, we had to stay at home. • A. the B. some C. a D. one • 10. __________ idea of such a long elevator to space seems ludicrous. • A. A B. An C. The D. None of these 7.

  27. 11. a. as much as 40 percent b. freight charged by the Indian Railways c. and experts feel that it can be pared by d. is amongst the highest in the world 12. a. in Mauritius b. is it possible to hold c. on Feb 21-23, 2004 d. the Directors Forum on Corporate Governance

  28. Make sentences of your own 13. Look at 14. Listen to 15. Keep away

  29. 16.If 15 toys cost Rs.234, what do 35 toys cost? A. 564 B. 546 C. 567 D.548 17. If 36 men can do a certain piece of work in 25 days, in how many days will 15 men do it? A. 60 B.80 C.70 D. 65 18.If 30% of a certain number is 12.6, then find the number A. 42 B.44 C. 32 D.34

  30. 19.Find the average of all prime numbers between 30 and 50 A. 39.4 B. 39.8 C. 39. 6 D.39 20. Find the average of first 30 natural numbers A. 15 B.15.25 C.15.5 D.15.35 21. Simplify 1605*1605 = ? A. 257605 B. 234234 C. 2560000 D.2576025 22. Simplify 1398*1398 = ? A.1954404 B.189000 C. 189000 D. 1954404 23. A scooterist covers a certain distance at 36kmph. How many meters does he cover in 2 minutes? A.200m B.1200m C.300m D.1300m

  31. 24. ? / 147 = 29 A. 4263 B.4236 C.2686 D. 2874 25. ? * 144 = 12528 A. 85 B. 80 C. 87 D. None of the above 26.Simplify: 3.5 /0.7 of 7+0.5 * 0.3 - 0.1 A. 0.475 B. 0.2355 C. 0.764 D.0.7845 27.If 617 / 24.68 + x = 90, find the value of x. A. 55 B. 65 C. 45 D. 35 28. A boy was asked to multiply a certain number by 53. He multiplied it by 35 and got his answer less than the correct one by 1206. Find the number to be multiplied. A. 77 B.88 C. 76 D.67

  32. 29. 16 - 6 * 2 + 3 = ? 23 - 3 * 2 30. (272 - 32) (124 + 176) = ? 17* 15 - 15 ANSWERS

  33. THANK YOU….