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Brainstorming Techniques PowerPoint Presentation
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Brainstorming Techniques

Brainstorming Techniques

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Brainstorming Techniques

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  1. Brainstorming Techniques

  2. What is “Brainstorming?” • After you have done some pre-writing (TPAG!) to figure out your focus • Writing down any idea that comes into your head when you think about your topic (words, phrases, symbols, etc.)

  3. Methods • A few of them: Unstructured list, Structured list, Four squares, Web, Timeline, Venn diagram • Discussed here are two frequently-used types: webbing and Venn diagrams

  4. Webbing • Webbing is a way to see what you know about a topic. • Webbing can be used for just about any type of writing.

  5. Webbing (1) • Start with a bubble in the center of the page, then write your thesis statement (main idea) in the bubble Mr. T is the best teacher ever

  6. Webbing (2) • Add supporting evidence or information around the edges in connected bubbles. Awesome musician Funny Mr. T is the best teacher ever Gives easy work Cool room

  7. Webbing (3) • Go back around and explain why your evidence makes your thesis true. Makes up songs about school; easy to remember Awesome musician Makes class interesting Want to pay attention Funny Mr. T is the best teacher ever Weird voices help me remember Want to go to class Can focus on material Gives easy work Cool room High avg. Lots of information

  8. Venn Diagram • A Venn diagram is used to help visualize the similarities and differences between two subjects. • Venn diagrams are very useful when brainstorming a compare/contrast essay

  9. Venn Diagramm (1) • Start with the two topics you’re comparing in overlapping circles. JFK Bill Clinton

  10. Venn Diagramm (2) • Write similarities in the overlapping space. President Popular Good hair Popular wife (?) JFK Bill Clinton

  11. Venn Diagramm (3) • Write differences in the non-overlapping space. Started space program Almost impeached President Popular Good hair Popular wife Bill Clinton JFK Assassinated Still alive

  12. Overcoming mental blocks • If you can’t think of ideas to add to your brainstorm, here’s two tips: • 1) Get detailed! Think about the 5 senses (see, hear, smell, taste, touch) and how they relate to your topic. • 2) Pretend you have a 2-year-old nearby and keep asking “Why?” - Why did I pick this topic? Why might others find it interesting? Why did someone create the topic in the first place? Why do I think my main idea is a good one?