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American Medical Association Moving Medicine Forward

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American Medical Association Moving Medicine Forward - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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American Medical Association Moving Medicine Forward.

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ama mission vision

The AMA is the one physician organization that represents all physicians and has the strength to address important issues that affect all physicians—from expanding health coverage to fighting for SGR repeal to building consensus for medical liability reform.

The AMA is consistently in the thick of the debate, helping to shape opinion, policy and legislation to make positive differences in the lives of physicians and patients nationwide.

AMA Mission & Vision

ama history
AMA History

Leading advocate for physicians and patients

Researches AIDS and health care delivery issues

Advocates for higher medical education training standards

Tackles political and public health issues

the 1980s

the 2000s

1900 to 1920

1941 to 1960

the 1990s

1847 to 1899

1921 to 1940

1961 to 1979

Advances in high-tech medicine bring ethical, financial and political pressures that AMA works to address

Addresses insurance and public health concerns

Birth of AMA specialty journals

Founding years

how ama sets policy
How AMA Sets Policy

Resolutions from:

Reports from:

Board of Trustees

  • Delegations:
  • State Societies
  • Specialty Societies
  • AMA Councils:
  • Constitution & Bylaws
  • Legislation
  • Long-Range Planning
  • & Development
  • Medical Service
  • Science & Public Health
  • Medical Education
  • Sections:
  • Resident & Fellow Section
  • -Medical Student Section
  • Medical Schools Section
  • Organized Med. Staff
  • Section
  • Young Physicians Section
  • Intl Medical Grad. Section
  • Minority Affairs Consortium

House of Delegates

Reference Committees

Council on Ethical &

Judicial Affairs

Full House Session

  • Others:
  • Military Branches
  • Individual Delegates

Special HoD Committees

Possible Actions

- Adopt - Refer

- File - Not Adopt

how am i represented
How Am I Represented?

How the Representation Process Works:

  • Each year, members receive a ballot to designate the specialty society they wish to represent them in the AMA House of Delegates (HOD). Each AMA member is allowed one vote, and for every 1,000 votes received, the designated society receives one additional HOD delegate.
  • In addition, each state society receives a delegate for every 1,000 AMA members who are residents of their state.
  • More delegates mean a stronger voice for your state and specialty!

How the House of Delegates Works:

  • All 50 states and 116 specialty societies in 2012 are represented in the House of Delegates, which meets twice a year to define and vote on key AMA policy positions on a multitude of health system and patient care issues.
  • The AMA’s advocacy positions are shaped by the HOD – the primary policymaking body of medicine – which is made up of delegates designated by members of national specialty and state medical societies.

How Can I Participate?

  • Prior to the meetings, you can comment on proposed HOD resolutions online at:

how s my voice heard
How’s My Voice Heard?

Board of Trustees

House of Delegates

AMA Councils

Member Groups and Sections

Affiliate Groups & Member Communities

AMA Office Hours

Participate in regular conference calls that offer you the chance to ask a question or share a concern directly with the AMA president:

Virtual Reference Committee: Comment on Resolutions

Prior to the AMA meetings, members can comment on proposed HOD resolutions online at to ensure your voice is heard even if you can’t attend.

Get Involved!

Visit to contribute your voice to AMA advocacy efforts.

  • Share your input through “Office Hours”.
ama centers engaged in advocacy
AMA Centers Engaged in Advocacy

The AMA is your national advocate, speaking as one voice on behalf of doctors

and the profession of medicine.

Litigation Center

Advocacy Resource Center (ARC)

Grassroots Action Center

Patient’s Action Network

Private Sector Advocacy

Practice Management Center

Center for Economic & Health Policy Research

ama advocacy agenda
AMA Advocacy Agenda

The AMA is aggressively involved in advocacy efforts related to the most vital issues in medicine today, including:

Medical liability reform

Medicare physician payment reform

Affordable Care Act

Improving public health

Managed care reform

membership pays for itself and then some
Membership Pays for Itself…And Then Some:

Member Benefits


Free print & online JAMA subscription, including CME courses


Free online subscription to 9 Archives Journals, including 6 with CME courses

Up to $180 per journal

Complimentary physician profiles

$35 per profile

Six free CPT Coding inquiries


American Medical News


Free JAMA/Archives CME

$35-$50 per Journal

Physician Employment Model Contracts to assist as you negotiate agreements with groups and/or hospitals

$149 per agreement

Total Value

More than $1,000!

what you need when you need it
What YOU need …When YOU need it

… AMA offers specific resources throughout your career, such as complimentary CME, networking and leadership opportunities, quality and performance improvement tools, and more.

In addition to the overall benefits you receive as a member…

as an ama member you help make a difference
As an AMA Member, YOU Help Make a Difference:

With your help, we have successfully completed efforts such as:

Fighting unfair regulatory burdens. The AMA persuaded the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to add more exemptions for physicians who have difficulties meeting requirements for the ePrescribing program and convinced CMS to lower the threshold for successful reporting under the Physician Quality Reporting System from 80 percent to 50 percent.

Medical Liability Reform. AMA is strongly urging Congress to pass a $250,000 cap on non-economic damages as well as provide funding for state-based pilot programs to develop promising alternative reforms (early disclosure and compensation programs, safe harbors for the practice of evidence-based medicine, health courts).

Reforming SGR/Medicare. AMA secured introduction of legislation in the House and Senate to ease Medicare restrictions on private contracting between physicians and their patients, and convened an SGR Task Force comprising state and specialty medical societies to develop a common approach for repealing the SGR and implementing a new Medicare physician payment system.

Protecting Scope of Practice. The AMA helped defeat optometrists’ attempts to perform eye surgery in West Virginia, lay midwives’ attempts to treat complicated pregnancies in Wyoming, psychologists’ attempts to prescribe powerful medications in Oregon and nurse practitioners’ push for independent practice in several states.

driver or passenger
Driver or Passenger?

Don’t let others make critical decisions about your future and career …

… Join our efforts to ensure your voice is heard for yourself, your patients and the physician community.

how to join renew ama membership
How to Join/Renew AMA Membership

Mail in your application received from AMA

Call (800) 262-3211