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Albert Curry Winn

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Albert Curry Winn
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Albert Curry Winn

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  1. Albert Curry Winn By: Brooke, Wes, and Russell

  2. Introduction Albert C. Winn, a Greenville native, was born on August 16, 1921 to James Anderson Winn and Mary Elizabeth Curry. Throughout his life he worked as a humanitarian and served most of his life in the church. He married Grace Neely Walker and had 4 children.

  3. Winn was a part of the: Radio Committee Band Traffic Squad Science Club Quill and Scroll Club Glee Club High News Staff And was awarded the: Flute Solo State Winner County Blind Association Essay Winner Endel Memorial Essay Winner Greenville High Resume Throughout Winn’s career at Greenville High, he played a vital role in the student body up until he graduated in 1938.

  4. Winn was nominated: President of Home Room Co-author of the Class Song VP of the Science Club President of the Science Club VP of Debating Club Publicity Chairman of the SCSPA (South Carolina Scholastic Press Association) Editor of the High News Associate Editor of the High News Chairman of Board of Control President of the Quill and Scroll Editorial Board of the GHS Handbook GHS Nominations During Winn’s four years at GHS he was also nominated to numerous positions which launched him to become an active member of the student body.

  5. 1938 Senior Class Poem The class of ’38—that is the name That they have given us. And yet we feel Bound by a unity far closer still That “class” implies. Our love, our hate, our shame, Together we have borne—a common blame A common victory, a common peal Of laughter ours. No mighty pow’r can steal Our oneness, nor unity defame. Together we have striven for the best, And now we face the world’s great open door And hear in life discordant notes of wrong That clamor to be righted. All the zest Of life is ours. Now give us we implore, Oh, ’38, the power to be strong. Written by Albert C. Winn

  6. Further Education • He enrolled in Davidson College in the fall of 1938 as a freshman. • In 1942 he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. • In 1956 he graduated from Union Seminary with Th.D. • He received an Honorary LL.D from both schools.

  7. Religious Timeline • 1945-1946 • Served as Navy Chaplain • 1948-1953 • Held pastorates at Potomic Rural Parish • 1966-1973 • President of Louisville Theological Seminary • 1974-1981 • Held pastorates at Second Presbyterian Church in Richmond, VA • 1981-1986 • Held pastorates at North Decatur Presbyterian Church in Georgia

  8. Church Positions • Professor of Bible at Davidson College and Stillman College • Professor of theology at Louisville Theological Seminary • Member of Board of Church Extension • Chairman of Board of Trustees at Stillman College • Chairman of the Committee on a New Confession of Faith and Book of Confessions • Moderator of the Synds of Alabama and Kentucky • General assembly of the Presbyterian Church of the United States

  9. Books Written by Winn • Acts of the Apostles (1960) • The Worry and Wonder of Being Human (1966) • Where Do I Go From Here? (1972) • A Sense of Mission (1981) • A Christian Primer: The Prayer, the Creed, the Commandments (1990) • Ain’t Gonna Study War No More (1993)

  10. Bibliography • • • • • • Greenville High School Wall of Fame Plaque • •