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Types of Writing

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Types of Writing. Sophomore English.

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types of writing

Types of Writing

Sophomore English


This type of writing tells a story. Both what happened and the order in which the events occur are communicated to the reader. Effective narration requires the writer to give a clear sequence of events and elaborate upon them. Narrative writing can be fiction or non-fiction. An example of narrative writing is a novel, play or short story.


This type of writing states the opinion of the writer and attempts to influence the reader. Effective persuasive writing requires a writer to clearly state an opinion and supply reasons and specific examples that support the opinion. A lot of persuasive writing ends with a call to action. An example of persuasive writing is the editorial page in a newspaper.


This type of writing uses the five senses to paint a picture for the reader. It incorporates imagery and specific details. An effective description contains enough details to vividly relate to the reader that the write sees, hears, smells, touches, and tastes. Descriptive writing can be used in both fiction and non-fiction.


This type of writing is defined as writing which gives the reader information and explanations. Logical ordering should be used with appropriate sequencing of ideas. Effective expository should contain a main idea, supporting details, and a conclusion. An example of expository writing is a school textbook.


This type of writing is a subset of expository writing. It presents instructions or steps on how to complete a process. An example of technical writing is an instruction manual.

to review

Narrative- tells a story

  • Persuasive- tries to convince the reader of something
  • Descriptive- uses the 5 senses
  • Expository- informs or explains
    • Technical- tells the reader how to do something
To Review
technical writing

Technical Writing

Sophomore English

what is technical writing

“Technical writing conveys specific information about a technical subject to a specific audience for a specific purpose… The words and graphics of technical writing are meant to be practical: that is, to communicate a body of factual information that will help an audience understand a subject or carry out a task.”

- Michael H. Markel

Director of Technical Communication

Boise State University

What is technical writing?
here are some examples

user manuals

  • instructions and training materials
  • maintenance manuals
  • online help for games and software,
  • advertising copy
  • instructional posters
  • speeches and presentations
  • newsletters
  • cookbooks
Here are some examples…
good technical writing has

Clarity– easily understood by intended audience

  • Accuracy– factual, correct, free from bias
  • Comprehensiveness– all necessary information included
  • Accessibility– headings, indexes, table of contents
  • Conciseness– clear without excess verbiage
  • Correctness– grammatical and follows conventions
Good technical writing has…
in the real world

Probably more technical writers write some sort of instructions than any other type of technical writing. And quite often the writer does the research, the writing, the editing, and often even the illustrating and formatting.

In the real world…
time to practice

You are all working for a company that manufactures mouse traps. As a writer are given the project of writing instructions for setting a mouse trap. I have a trap and some bait for each group to do your own research.

  • Because of the time constraints the company is under you have 10 minutes to complete your first draft.
Time to practice…
editing your work

This time I want you to limit your number of steps to no more than 4 and limit your number words to no more than 12 words per step. Less would be better. Your warning can be in addition to the steps.

  • I am going to give each of you a small sheet of paper, and I want both the instructions and the illustration on one side. And this time, since you have already done the research and you don't have to draw the illustration, you only have 5 minutes.
Editing your work