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Home security networks . Submitted By: Mark Stead Submitted To: Mr. Riche Submitted On: Sept,26 ,2102. What is a Home Security Network?.

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Home security networks

Home security networks

Submitted By: Mark Stead

Submitted To: Mr. Riche

Submitted On: Sept,26 ,2102

What is a home security network
What is a Home Security Network?

  • A home security is a device that help protects your house from getting broke into not only that it helps protect against fires and carbon dioxide if the alarm goes off this signal goes to the companies satellite and than they will call your local emergency centers so its safe to have it even works when your not home so you don’t have to worry about it

How does it work
How Does It Work?

  • Home security sends pulses around the home and if anything disrupts this pulse the alarm is sounded which than gets sent to the company which they contact the local police department fire or ambulance station but if there’s carbon dioxide sensed this signal goes right to the fire department center also for the local emergency responders can find these places also because they come with a tracking device inside the system

Where to buy one
Where To Buy One

  • These home security devices can be found either online or at a security store these devices can arrange from $99 - $500 for the system its self but it’s a good investment to have it could save your house in the long run these are alist of some security company’s These are the top four best security companies.

  • -ADT –Security

  • -Front point Security

  • -First alert

  • -Broadview Security


  • - The home security started to produce in the 1980’s because of home invasions and fires so they decided to make these systems to help homeowners protect their home for these also there's home insurance now to that can also come with these systems as a package these devices can save thousands in damages.


  • Security devices are a good thing to have in your home this was the best thing ever invented.

  • -worth every penny to get one it could save your stuff from getting stolen or saved from a fire that poses threat to your home and your belongings.