Dobhi village school also known as bodhgaya project
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Dobhi Village School (also known as Bodhgaya Project). Primary Steward : Padmavalli Dakoju. Project Description. Location : Dobhi Village, Bihar, India. Area (urban/rural) : Rural Primary Focus : Primary education for children from low income families (dalits/tribals).

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Dobhi village school also known as bodhgaya project l.jpg

Dobhi Village School (also known as Bodhgaya Project)

Primary Steward: Padmavalli Dakoju

Project description l.jpg
Project Description

  • Location: Dobhi Village, Bihar, India.

  • Area (urban/rural): Rural

  • Primary Focus: Primary education for children from low income families (dalits/tribals).

  • Project Type: Formal primary school.

  • Amount Requested (US$): Rs 131,400/ $2986 ($1=Rs44)

  • Purpose of Funding Request: Operational costs.

  • # of Beneficiaries:115 children, 3 teachers

Project goals l.jpg
Project Goals

  • Current Condition of Beneficiaries: All the children are from very low income families (daily wage laborers). This area has one of the lowest literacy rate in India.

  • Short-Term Objectives: Provide opportunity of education to the rural children.

  • 5-Year Vision – Provide basic formal education to underprivileged children in rural Bihar.

  • Community Involvement – Helps in acquiring land, volunteers at the school, help set up a dairy farm, sewing center.

Project background impact l.jpg
Project Background/Impact

  • Background, that is, how did the request reach us? – Existing project. We funded this last year.

  • Sources of Information: Email contact with Nick Hansen (project liaison) and Deepak Kumar (chairman of the trust).

  • Successes/Impact Thus Far: The number of students attending school has increased. Almost nil drop out rate. Mainly impacted Dalit community.

  • Challenges: No new challenges mentioned. Last year they mentioned about political unrest in Bihar. No direct impact so far.

Organization description l.jpg
Organization Description

  • Name of Organization: People First Educational Trust.

  • Background of Directors: Mr. Deepak Kumar, Chairman of the trust. Dr. B. K Verma, Mr. Nanda Kumar, secretary.

  • Other Activities of Organization: vocational training center, sewing center for women, 16 more schools in other parts of Bihar and Jharkhand.

  • Impact on Community/ Beneficiaries Reached So Far: Approximately 2000 children in 16 villages.

    Any red flags?

  • Religious or Political Affiliations: No

  • FCRA status: Yes

Existing infrastructure facilities l.jpg
Existing Infrastructure/Facilities

  • Staff: 3 full time teachers

  • Infrastructure: Using a rented building.

  • Food/Medical Services: No

Curriculum pedagogy l.jpg

  • Curriculum Currently Used/ Government Recognized?: Bihar government syllabus. Might move to central government’s syllabus.

  • Teaching Methodology: Formal

  • Teacher/Student Ratio: 3/115, ~1:38

Expected outcomes what after l.jpg
Expected Outcomes/What After?

  • What happens to beneficiaries after this program? – Many beneficiaries have moved on to government run secondary schools. Out of which many have passed matriculation and few have gone to the University.

  • Measures of Success – Don’t have database of all the former students and their current state.

  • Evaluation Methods – N/A

Budget for requested funding l.jpg
Budget for Requested Funding

  • Total amount requested - $2986.00

  • Educational costs: per year (in dollars)

    Writing books 750.00

    Pen, Pencils, crayons 382.00

    Teaching material 273.00

    Recreational items 136.00

    & First aid supplies

  • Operational costs:

    Teacher Salary 1187.00

    Rent 205.00

    Administration 54.00



Budget for requested funding10 l.jpg
Budget for Requested Funding

  • Other optional costs:

    Warm cloths and blankets – 250.00

    Hand pump for the school and villager – 250.00



Other funding sources l.jpg
Other Funding Sources

  • Previous/Other Funding Sources – Asha Stanford, Trust gets funding from various sources.

  • If funding has been discontinued from another source, reasons for the same

  • One-Time Costs/Continuing? Plans for self-sufficiency – Trust has some land where they grow cash crops. No other plan mentioned.

Project big picture l.jpg
Project Big Picture

  • Education Components - $2986.00

  • Non-Education Components - $500.00

  • Funding

    • NGO:

    • Project:

    • Our Component:

Site visit report l.jpg
Site Visit Report

  • Site visit was done last year. No site visit done this year.

Swot analysis l.jpg


Providing education and opportunity to communities which otherwise don’t have one.

One of our first project in Bihar/Jharkhand region.


Input/Output type of project

Can not become self sufficient in near future.

SWOT Analysis

Steward recommendation l.jpg
Steward Recommendation

  • School has been run without any issues in the last year.

  • More students have enrolled this year.

  • Trust seems to be doing a good job with the money.

Discussion 10 minutes l.jpg
Discussion (10 minutes)

  • Questions/Thoughts

  • Arguments for funding

  • Arguments against funding

Decision 5 minutes l.jpg
Decision (5 minutes)

  • Round I: Need more information/Can decide today?

    • If ready to decide:

    • Round II: Fund/Do not fund

      • If decided to fund:

      • Round III: Fund full amount/Fund part amount

  • Notes:

  • Please vote only if you are familiar with the project details and our overall funding philosophy

  • Decision to be made by 2/3rd majority. Quorum of 5.

  • All projects must be resolved by the 2nd meeting